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The Emptiness Within | Full Album Lyrics

De Profundis - The Emptiness Within cover art

The Emptiness Within

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Extreme Metal
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Lyrics > D > De Profundis Lyrics (22) > The Emptiness Within Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 6 Draconian (2015-07-28)
1. From the Depths (Intro)
2. Delirium
The downward arc of the sun fills me with fear
As the heavens change their hue, I dread the sight of dusk
Lengthened shadows rise from their graves to haunt the blackened hours
And I tremble as my fear is confirmed
The death of light and the birth of hell
Piercing my soul
Haunting my dreams
Visions swirl around me, crashing over me
I'm immersed in disembodied voices
Dissonant screams echo through time
Ghosts of thought drift through unconsciousness
Half-forgotten memories linger on the periphery
A delirium of fractured images
Piercing my soul
Haunting my dreams
Slick with sweat, the bed sheets cling to my body like a shroud
A sodden and tangled web of restraint
I yearn for the sweet oblivion of silent darkness
To gather me up and embrace me in its velvet folds of bliss
Burning up in a sphere of madness
Edging ever closer to insanity
Finally the black sky pales
Sunrise a vampyric onslaught
Bleeding her substance dry
Vanquishing her domain
Reanimation of the catatonic
Morning spawns a day like any other
Will terror reign again in twilight's Autumn
Only time will tell
3. Dead Inside
The mirror reflects a shattered man
Afflicted by poisonous bile
Ravaged by hidden scars
Empty eyes stare back at me
It’s time to harvest the seeds of discontent that I have sown
Failing to heed a skewed perception
I am my own worst foe
I grieve for the life that I once cherished
My only friends are pain and woe
So I must swallow this bitter pill
As I’m devoured by sorrow
This bed I have made I must lie in
The ravens return to roost
I can’t take it any more
Nailed to the cross that I bear
No martyr, but a wretched fool
I can’t take it any more
With bitterness and blame, I decry my self-pity
With anger and disgust, I vilify my weakness
Strangely detached, I despise what I’ve become
A broken man with nothing left to live for
Lost to me, everyone that I hold dear
Forsaken as they turn their backs
So quiet
The silence is deafening
So cold
Emptiness all consuming
With bitterness and blame, I decry my self-pity
With anger and disgust, I vilify my weakness
Strangely detached, I despise what I’ve become
A broken man with nothing left to live for
These demons I face on my own
Why must I face them alone?
Long have I borne this crippling burden
Misery is all I feel
I will not speak of my torment
Anguish laid bare for all to see
Look into my eyes
You’ll see I’m dead inside
4. Unbroken (A Morbid Embrace)
It tears us asunder and lays us to waste
Voices like thunder, a morbid embrace
Descending into ruin, all credence defiled
Casting aspirations, all love swept aside
Lifted up into her arms
Crushing the life from me
Benighted to all her charms
Perpetual dichotomy
Disintegrating schism
Lost in a reverie
Tumultuous conundrum
Elucidate this mystery
She is my nemesis
Bringer of woe, and my death
She is my succubus
My rebirth and every breath
Desecration – these wounds bear no scars
Desperation – an exercise in self-abuse
Degradation – smoke and mirror masochism
Self–deception – cloak and dagger sadism
From the smoldering embers there springs a tiny flame
Into a radiant phoenix reborn through death again
Deep beneath the debris a new seed takes root
From whence a towering oak will flourish once more
The brightest light casts the deepest shade
And in her night, with sanity frayed
Never from this dream awoken
Somehow the circle remains unbroken
5. Release
Wasting away, another day, closer to Death
Bursting with rage, longing to take my final breath
The living dead, bound to a bed, gaunt and grey
Seeking reprieve, in the comfort of the grave
Release me
Set me free
Life has no point, every breath a burden
I am but a shadow, imprisoned by my wretched flesh
A ghost haunting this pathetic ruined body
I do not wish to see life out to the bitter end
Release me
Set me free
Body corrodes, ravished by disease, wreckage of flesh
I cannot move, drained of strength. Paralysed
Fully aware of my surroundings, mentally sound
But unable to communicate my wish to die
The end cannot come soon enough
Please let me die with dignity
Now dry your eyes my dear
Do not weep
Do not shed a tear
Let me bid you a last farewell
The time has come to take my leave
The drugs they only dull my mind
My body tortured by disease
The end cannot come soon enough
Now let me die with dignity
Please let me swallow the poison that brings the cure
So that the agony drains from my tortured shell
I welcome the reaper
Death is my destiny
Break these chains, set me free
Let me soar infinitely
Let Death take my hand and lead me away
Release me, let me drift into eternal sleep
6. Twisted Landscapes
Twisted landscapes of the mind
A wasteland of desolation
Buried deep within the subconscious
No escape from the madness that gnaws
My perception degenerates
A cerebral disintegration
Compelled by incessant whispers
Malicious diatribes castigates
I would like to kill a man. To have him die by my hand
To feel his life drain away. Extinguish light from his gaze
Twisted landscapes of the mind
A wasteland of desolation
Sickness coloured in shades of black
Diseased thoughts dwell in isolation
Mental collapse in tribulation
Nowhere to hide from myself
In the throes of violent affliction
I can’t control the beast within
Blighted by this fragile state. Mind scarred enraged with hate
I should be locked away for my own good ‘til the end of days
7. Silent Gods
There is night to be found in the light of the age
Look within and discover the truth
The power of men manipulates the weak
Submission in fear you’ll never see heaven
I will not yield
I bow to none
I shall not kneel
Thy will not be done
There is light to be found in this age of darkness
Look within and discover the truth
Pressed palms and vain pleas forever go unanswered
In this spiritual void, your gods remain silent
I will not yield
I bow to none
I shall not kneel
Thy will not be done
There is no strength in servitude
There is no sense in faith
Constrained by the yoke of belief
I choose to remain unfettered
With no grave concern for repercussion
The journey ends at the same destination
I snap the wings of the raven, blue black and broken back
No light shall guide my way, I can see in the darkness
I wring the neck of the dove, crimson stains my hands
My path is my own, I find my way alone
I will not yield
I bow to none
I shall not kneel
Thy will not be done
There will be no day of judgement
Your gods remain forever silent
8. This Wretched Plague (5:13)
Devouring the virulent potion
Ingesting the foul concoction
Voracious appetite for destruction
Malignant, the cancer that destroys you
Swallowing the poison that is also our cure
Your body is polluted and your mind's a mess
Immersed in an intemperate stupor
Ignorant, unaware of damage you do
Inflict pain upon yourself and the ones you love
Impetuous deeds and vile tirades
Trapped in an endless cycle of self-abuse
Obsessed by this wretched plague that consumes you
Where once I felt compassion
Now I feel only contempt
The distance between us grows
With every word left unsaid
You are feeble and weak devoid of honour
I cannot bear to suffer a fool with no self-respect
Escape from the rotten thrall that enchants you
Freedom calls sever the toxic veins
Liberate, cast off the yoke that enslaves you
Save yourself, snap the chains of addiction
Offer your hand
And I will receive it with joy
Let me in to be part of your life again
A new journey begins
Together we fight
9. Parallel Existence
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