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Into the Lair of the Sun God Full Album Lyrics

Dawnbringer - Into the Lair of the Sun God cover art

Into the Lair of the Sun God

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > D > Dawnbringer Lyrics (46) > Into the Lair of the Sun God Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-15)
1. I (6:39)
Up on the seaside
Gaze down at the waves below
Standing so strong and high but my
Spirits so low
What now for a warrior?
Cry out in the burning light
I’m feeling the fire but I
Can’t find my fight

So where is the glory
Who sings my name
Like heroes before me

From the horizon
The sun now speaks to me:
You’re just a simple man and that’s
All that you’ll be
Your courage is foolish
Forget those dreams of fame
No triumphs await you so just
Find a new way

Silence you bastard
I know my way
Into the ocean

Perfect water
Silence in waves
Quiet as a grave
Enter darkness
Take a deep breath
My destiny is death
And so it is done
I am the one
To murder the sun
2. II (3:05)
I’m the one you never thought would come for you
You say I’m just a simple man
Soon you will discover that’s no longer true
As you’re dying by my hand

Spirit hunter
With fire in my heart
Going under
And now my story starts
Coming toward you
Your ending has begun
Killer warrior
Assassin of the sun

I will send you to the cosmic cemetery
Avenge the ugly and ashamed
My aim is singular and solitary
For centuries they’ll know my name

Deep under the waves
On how to find a way
I feel a calling
And I know that I am right
A star is falling
I’m coming for the light
3. III (4:54)
Suddenly I see a battlefield
A lonely boy dressed for war
The enemy gleams with their savage steel
Promising slaughter like before

With fear in their eyes the men start to rise for the fall
The battle begins and terror sets in for them all

The lonely boy soon meets his fate
A deep wound from a deadly blade
And as he falls down to the dust
Smelling blood and tasting rust
He knows no help will come
All alone his life is done
And as the dream is ending
He’s calling out my name

Into the lair of the sun god
Into the lair of the sun god
Into the lair of the sun god
Into the lair of the sun god
4. IV (5:42)
She’s just a haunted woman
They look away from her
She understands their silent curse

They say she knows the devil
Invites him in her home
But she’s not evil, just alone

I watch her wander slowly
All through her darkened house
It seems there’s one else about

But then I see a flicker
A flame runs down the floor
And someone’s slipping out the door
She looks to my direction
With sorrow in her eyes
She gives no confession
Silent as she dies
Now she’s gone
The fire takes her home
My vision fades in flames
And another dream is done
5. V (4:27)
I am not alone now
You’re lying next to me
But you’ve got very old now
And you’re dying I can see

You don’t know I’m with you
Diseased and deaf and blind
And although you can’t see me
There’s still sadness in your eyes

Because I know you remember
How it feels to be free
But for now and forever
In darkness you’ll be
Looking for me

I can’t believe you
Too sick to say goodbye
And when I come this way again
I won’t find you alive

Now I see your lips move
You’re praying for death
Here comes your answer
To seal up your breath

Oh no!
6. VI (4:39)
I stand amazed and watch your spirit rise
A constellation over me
And now the boy and she are at your side
I hear you speak to me as three:

You are the one we’ve waited for
And we can lead you anywhere
Our fate is in your hands
Here in the sky

We know the one you’re searching for
And we can help you follow him
But if you go and fail
Then we all die

You’ve lost your peaceful life
Become a man of violence
Your pride is lethal
But your journey is long

I start to reach my knife
They see and sense my loyalty
We died for you and we will
Carry you on
Carry you on

We are disciples of the sun
We are disciples of the sun
We know the way up to the sun
So we will take you to the sun

My ghostly guides align and start to travel on
A sea of black surrounds us all
Now left alone I realize all my fear is gone
I meditate on glory’s call

For soon a hero will return
The kind of man your spirit yearns
My time is now
Up above the clouds
I will destroy the sun that burns
7. VII (5:19)
Return from oblivion
Alone once again
On a shore of shadows
With a storm coming in
Have I come to conquer
Or is this hell?
A lightning flash
Seems to tell

The ghosts are gone
I must go on
How will I know?
Where will I go?

Just down the shoreline
A stairway of stone
Did I take it here?
Will I take it home?

Like a mountain before me
It rises high
Cuts through the clouds
Up to the sky

I reach the stairs
And look up there
And in my sights
There burns a light

With blade in hand
I understand
Up toward the glow
I climb the stones
8. VIII (3:41)
Into the chamber
Into the lair
I see a sad old man
Just standing there

Feels like I know him
He looks in my eyes
And as he starts to speak
I lower the knife

I know all about you
I know all your fears
I knew you as a child
And why you think you’re here
You think you can kill me
But you don’t have a plan
It won’t be much longer now
Til you understand

So now you’ve found your failure
Stand down and try to swallow your shame

Cause you have no power
Just anger and pride
Strong on the surface
But hollow inside
You won’t be a hero
It was not meant to be
But you had one last chance
I wish you had seen
9. IX (5:44)
As he takes the blade
He shows no pain
The light starts to fade
And suddenly his face is mine

Now he starts to cry
He bows his head
Starts to say goodbye
And all the light is washed away

As I sink to my destiny
Filled with water and grief
So damn deep was my vanity
That the sun god was me
Three ghosts are now doomed to be
All abandoned by me
And my life ends in tragedy
At the bottom of the sea
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