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Khagan Lyrics

Darkestrah - Khagan cover art


GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-13)
1. Saga of Temudgin (9:28)
"I had no place to hide from the thunder...
So I wasn't afraid anymore."

The dust was swirling, the steppe was restless,
Piles of strange corpses could be seen
Under the snowdrifts,
In the unseen space.

There, where the shore was glaring,
Where you can't see the road in darkness,
Mongol dressed in silver furs has spoken :
"We will flood the earth with blood, all the steppes and all the meadows."

He was riding hard, crossing the landscape
Of the scorched earth,
And everywhere in the steppes the name was resounding : the Great
Genghis Khan.

The dust was swirling, the steppe was restless,
The columns of warriors were marching afar,
And the wind waving the banners
Whispered softly into their ears
That many years ago
On the grey-yellow shore of Onon...

"Lord of the Blue Sky, Great Tengri!
I bow before you.
Give me the strenght.
Mongols need laws. I will make them obey...
...Even if I have to kill half of them.
Our laws will be simple.
Don't kill women or children.
Don't forget your debts.
Fight enemies to the end.
And never betray your Khan."

A forlorn child was standing
Over the body of his dead father.
How a youth put into socks
Was lagging through the snow clad earth,
About the nameless distant lake
Where Temudgin died and Genghis Khan was reborn.
Genghis, Genghis, Genghis Khan.
2. Onon River (2:58)
3. Khagan (10:55)
We have trampled into dust,
The emptiness of endless steppe.
We have filled with the ring of blades,
The space of the continent.
We were galloping towards that distant line,
Where the sky closes up with the earth.

We were dethroning princes,
And ruining walls of the palace
And it seemed that we were swiping the cities away,
Just with a wave of a hand

Winter is my name.
Time has come again.
Memories of the past day, have gotten cold and ask for fire.
Ground,is a flesh wound, open for the winter sleep.
In the expanse of the high skies, the gates are already open wide.

In his voice there are steel and fire,
And tramping of hundreds of thousands steeds.
His will is the will of Tengri...

"You know your future, Great Khan"

"We rode back home. My father didn't talk.
Finally he said to me : "You did good. A man has to choose his wife."
I didn't know that day... would change my life forever."
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