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The World I've Lost Lyrics

Dark Princess - The World I've Lost cover art

The World I've Lost

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresGothic Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-14)
1. Fight With Myself
Night... I'm waking from a terrible sleep.
Light... and now I see clearly - it's real.

You are leaving my home
and burning my world.
Take away my dead soul
There's no sense to hope
I know it's the moment
to declare war

Mortal fight inside
Blood will spill every night
You've betrayed my dreams!
Pain is all that I can feel

Fight with myself...
and nobody wins
Fight with myself
Please, heaven help me!
Fight till the death,
Till I shall forget that you live,
and, at last,
Till my heart shall forgive

So, the morning comes
The game has just begun
I will kill my love hatred
Help me win this war
(This War)
2. We Can Not Fly So High
When you smile into my face,
I see only empty space.
When your eyes burn hot like fire....
Yeah, I feel so alive!

Being close... There's something wrong...
We are a not a single whole.
What you feel, you hide inside?
So can we...

Stay free? Nothing else
Can bring happiness.
But never say: "Goodbye".
We can not fly so high!

Passion in our hearts
This is all we have for now
Never say: "Goodbye".
We can not fly so high!

Through your flesh I see your heart...
It will never be enough
You can feel my in the air... Yeah?
And there is nothing strange...

'Cause your soul lives in my veins.
And my breath lives in your plays.
Still we aren't a single whole?.
So can we...


We can not fly so high...
We can not fly so high...
3. Fields Of Youth
I know that my life
Would not be complete
When the borders of time
Are ready to relieve

I can hear them call
The grass painted grey.
They need us to run,
But sometimes it's too late,,,

To roam this way again

Trying to pretend
All the time we spend
Never been so close to the past.
Symbols of the end
Make us understand:
Time is out, we've gone too far.
Trying too pretend...

We're stuck in the days,
Searching for life,
Alone in the space,
No one to say good-bye

I can hear them call
The moon wraps me up.
When stars are to fall,
When our time's to stop...

And no way to go


Fields are faces
(I can read your mind,
I can recognize
Words come back - the echo of the end

In these places
(You'll be left behind
Weight for your turn to climb high),
Where we hid from time dancing with the
4. The Key
Where the northern winds are blowing,
Drying my tears,
Freezing oceans, tell their stories,
No one hears…
Where you'll see no human trails
On the snow,
Yet, I'm looking for the key
To what we've lost…
The world I've lost…

Where the storm won't break
The silence, stifling my cry,
On the endless way to heaven
Truth means lie…
Every single step we've made to run,
It burns you down…
It burns me…

Sky…is waiting for the end of times…
I…need nothing but to see your eyes!

Sky…will never let us be apart…
I…know all the keys are in my heart,
My love!
5. Everlasting Pain
Stranger from my perfect realm,
Could you ever be my wicked dream?

All the fears I ever find,
Now are but the chains we cast aside,

Getting closer to the end of time

Try to catch some falling tears,
Just to heal my bleeding scarsm
For the bitter joy to win the fight again,
With no reason to give yp,
With no energy to stop,
Yet we're craving for this
Everlasting pain

Who are you to make me cry?
Who am I to know we'll reach the sky?

Burnt to ashes in this war
Ain't we gonna break the rules no more,

Getting closer to the end of time?


Try to catch some falling stars...
(To heal my scars)
With no reason to give yp...
Yet we're craving for this everlasting pain
6. Paradise Land
There where plains are filled
With the shining sun,
Where the fast blue rivers run,
Where the grass is green,
The air is sweet and clear,
Only in this land we're near.

Let's try to pretend:
We are northern winds,
Our life is the foam of the endless
Timeless sea.
Take care of my soul immortal and high
I'm breaking my heart
and aspiring to the sky...
Into the skies.

I used to tell you about this sacred land,
Where love reigns and music plays,
In my fairy-tale, you're the king and
I'm your queen.
Let this fairy-tale be real
7. Point Of No Return
I Can be the one,
Who won't let you down
Tired of useless war,
Should we pray for more?

Drawn into the sky,
Never asking "why",
come and touch my flame,
Wanna play this game?

And I have no reason
To escape a new chance to burn.
Pain's so sweetly teasing...
Trust me, this is the point of no return

Let me go to see the light,
Don't be scared to break my heart,
As it shall be broken anyway tonight.
Love is a beast we'll never tame,
Simplest way to go insane,
But I know for sure it makes me breathe,
It makes me alive.

Wounds are open wide.
Passion's locked inside,
Try to understand
This is not the end.

Waking from your dreams,
Take it like it is,
All the signs we've got
Never mean the same...

'Cause we have no reason
To escape a new chance to burn.
Pain's so sweetly teasing...
Take my hand, it's the point of no return.
8. The Temple Of Darkness
The temple of darkness
So much pain and it's so strong.
No more desire
To live and to breathe
It is all gone.

So, ashes to ashes...
I feel the chains of emptiness
There is nothing ahead

You will come as
The savior of souls,
To specify the way and never let go,
You will say:
"Let's pretend we are dead
There's nothing to fear, but now
We must live, you know, we must live"

I should open the secret
The temple of darkness in my soul
How can I keep it,
When you give so much light and hope?

So, ashes to ashes...
Now I can break the chains of pain,
Follow me till the end


My temple of darkness....
Now I can break the chains of pain...
9. The Last Page
The snow is falling down
Hiding the traces...
I've left the somber town,
I've left you alone

Will my name be erased
From all the pages?
or will it stay in memory?

When our passion's gone
No one will beg for relief.
Is this all... the end?
So give me a chance to forgive.
Now let the days go by,
Stoking the flame of my fire,
Hiding deep inside signs of your pain
and desire...

So take a look around
Our world is fading
Make no sound to cry.
Just turn the page.

Northern lakes dry up
As the feelings between us
You know it's time to say goodbye.


I Wish I could say more than a lie,
To come back and heal your despair....
I still don't wanna leave...
But who is to blame?
10. The Way Of Passion
Could never dream of pleasure
So deeply teasing my heart....
You seemed my only treasure,
When passion tore us apart.

Building our castle on quicksand,
Melting like wax in your hands,
Changing my guise like snakeskin,
I wish you'd know what I mea.

Try to pretend
That we gonna live forever,
Never ask me
Why don't we try to escape from
What we fear
Just say the words I used to hear...

From some the way of passion
is the only way to survive
You're still my dark obsession
So fragile but still alive

And every time you're crying,
Your tears are more than lying.
No one's to blame for that sin.
For sure you'd guess what I mean.
11. Caruso
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