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Calling the Legend Full Album Lyrics

Dark Opera - Calling the Legend cover art

Calling the Legend

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 11 Duncan TB-6 (2012-11-01)
1. Koyanis Quatsi /From the Hopi Prophecies/ (6:03)
2. To the Ashes (3:59)
Sing your song of destruction
For that very first time
Ask your Gods
To forgive your crimes
Wait for the beam of light

I know who you are
I know your origin
Now I will decide
Of your death

Where are you in this
Neverending emptiness
Through your fingers
The glimmer flows

So cold in these walls
Of marble
Only death hears your call
Take me away
And let me

Let me live in your heart
I'll never betray you
Let me cry real tears
My old hands believe it
I beg you not to try
Divide my anger and pain
There is a land somewhere
The land of no emptiness
The eternal way to the source of knowing
I'll come there someday
I believe in it

There is a land somewhere
The land of no emptiness
The eternal way
The source of knowing
3. The Road to Shallah (5:45)
Through the years I've lasted
I thought there would be no light
I looked for gentleness

Promising to all
I will be yours
And show you the way
To eternal happiness

And now I'm no longer
On my desert
Under leather skins
And lime brew
I discover with fear
That I was told
For the last time
To remember that I have to
Talk and feel
Everything that is unknown

Shallah is my destination
The last road
Straight to the truth
We'll take the road to Shallah
4. The Fall (3:56)
I am the silence
And unspoken word
Rising above me
In the dark rain
Is the history of mankind
In the dark rain
I am the silence

I'm a scream
And a thousand verses
I inherit
The darkness from the hearts
Of The Great Cezars
Their darkness

I'm a quiet whisper
The false oracle
The mist and the possession
The clarity of fate
The clarity of fate
And the tears of Ariadna

I'm the blackness
I'm the night
I'm the witch
I have to avoid
Human tears

I'm a man who
Can show you the way
Of eternal hope
I know your eyes
Know your eyes

I'm the light
And the darkness
Of the Great Cezars
I'm a scream

I'm a man who
Can show you the way
Of eternal hope
5. Farthest Shore (2:02)
Stretch out your hand
To touch softly passing time
Through your tears

Forget all the faces
If you still exist
You'll receive a prize
From the God-betrayer

The endless and biggest hope
The endless emptiness
What are you looking for
In the space of the eternal

There where the salten wind
Drawing on your body
The songs of death

There where the salten wind
Drawing on your body
The songs of death

If you'll go there
To the farthest shore
Don't come back
Everything is dead
In the farthest shore
6. The Key to Unknown /+The End of Crimson/ (3:49)
You're sleeping on the warm
Sand of your ancestors
You hear their whispers
Of deep dark suffering

I'm looking for this place
Among glow. This place is
The last one

And now it's raining again
The steal the rain of history
I have hope in my mind
Till the end of the world

I'm shut in my shell
My eyes have been fooled
I think of the passing time

I'll be there
Waiting for my fate
In the deepest pain

I'm the slave of my God
I'm the master of my soul
The cries of the child
The unholy faith
Of my ancient God
7. Calling the Legend (5:49)
The rhythm of pagan drums
In a shower of eternal lights
The dance of mystic bodies
In a void of grass
You who sets the rules
Call the legend
Of innocence and coincidence

I've sold my soul
To die
From the deepest voids
I heard a scream
Which reminded me
Of a long forgotten legend

Scared by hate
The dark sides of your souls
Tales of future times
A legend among man

No one fights with fear
When your call the legend
The one that feeds your body
Who'll believe without asking
Who is behind it

The forgotten dreams
Still living in your mind
Call your legend
To live in you

No one fights with fear
When you call the legend
8. Sins of Thunder (5:47)
Is it not law
To fight for yourself
Who told you
To breathe on your knees

Straightening your twisted fingers
You try to hail eternal fear
Degraded by power

You suffer for the sins of thunder
That have fallen upon you
For the years of contempt
We've been given nothing

Through misty eyes
You feel the last breath of hope
For the sins of heavens thunder

You feel the sins of heavens thunder

Around your soul
Bad dreams and Things
The Dark Corners of sadness
You've built your wall

On the ancient ruins
On the altars of Gods
I've lost my name
Golem with no fears
I see in the mirror
The golden bars
From the old gallery
It's an endless secret

On the ancient ruins
I'm waiting for the wind
9. The Darkest Stone (5:16)
In the darkest stones
There are hidden secrets
Hidden we await miracles
We search for the nonpresent God
Who will show us the way
Straight to paradise

Thousands of years of delusions
And thankful prayers
We carry our offerings
In hope of buying peace

In the blackest of stones
We discover that
We are no more and
That time cares not for us
That we are dying
With no hope

From my mind
I hear the voices
From the deepest abyss
My soul burned out
In the fire of cold
In the darkest stone
I tried to find immortality
10. Throne of Tears (5:18)
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