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Your Darkest Hour Lyrics

Dark Haven - Your Darkest Hour cover art

Your Darkest Hour

GenresMelodic Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-01-26)
1. Nightmare (5:19)
From the outside looking in
Thing are peaceful and cold
But the sleep has taken me
For this dream I cannot...

Break the binds that hold me in this place
Of shadows, and things that haunt my mind
Horror and insanity are now my friends
Nightmares have killed my dreams

They rise into the night
The darkness is now mine
I feel the end draw near
Its time to end this fear

Starless night, a shadow lurks through the halls
Waiting there to end my life
I must awake, for in this dream my end is near
But I am loosing hope

I find a place within these fears
A place of comfort, a place so clear
But when this internal hell shall end,
Will I still suffer?
Its time, to go my friends and leave this place behind
I will not suffer
2. Revenant (4:35)
3. Blackheart (5:10)
This hole, runs deeper than you see
Malevolent eyes, have put this curse on me
This cold, overcomes my very soul
I'm torn apart, and left out of control

And then it all seems the same again,
I'm out of my head
And now I'm left with the same...the same F***ing Nothing

This time, there's nothing left to do
I ask just one thing, I ask of you
Take away the pain and the lies, that I received from you
And leave me here alone, in a dark solitude

A gift, turned out to be a plague
Infecting my mind, with restlessness and rage
I yearn, for your cold embrace
It's surreal to me, this dilemma I can not face

And this circumstantial pain
Will turn from me someday
for now I am left to wonder
how blind one can be

I try to push this from my thoughts
But I try in Vain
You've taken me from my world
And left me here alone with nothing
4. Inter Dementia (5:38)
See through these eyes of frosted glass
The horror consumes my every last breath
And the parasites eat my mind
Until I die and wake up feeling nothing

So listen
And breathe the lies of power
Can you hear it?
It's beckoning call for you

For one second, see what inspires, the other side
And lose control before you return to reality

Welcome back to insanity
It's hopeless to fight or to flee
Sift through the dementia
And realize you're in a world of your own

For one second, see what inspires, the other side
And lose control before you return to reality

Inside these eyes of burning rock
Lies a curse to which there is no end
Gaze at the moon to comprehend
Nothing but a waste of time

Welcome home to insanity
It's as clear as writing on the wall
Embrace the dementia
For this time you are in control

Its time for inter dementia

Overcoming this path of grey
Is impossible to concur
So just accept it as you own
Personal prison for one
5. Your Darkest Hour (5:31)
The dark clouds form overhead
Painting a masterpiece of sorrow
Guilt and Shame

Realize everything
As the blackened woods start to burn
Thinking of something
But turning to nothing

Fade into the unknown
The light is slipping away
From the other side
Darkness kills the light

Look for a sign of life engulfed in flames
Try to escape time, there is no hope
A castle of stone, walls prevents sanity
The Darkest Hour waits in this tomb

It waits forever
Stalking every single move
It relents never
There's nowhere left to hide

You from yourself
A victim of your own pain

Cut off from the world
Vertigo seems to make sense
Thinking of something
But turning to nothing

Hate is an inspiration
A fuel to kill all
From the other side
Darkness kills the light

The hours approaching
The end is near
Worry no more
There's nothing to fear

The clouds of grey turn black
The hour is now here
Your life will fade
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