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Dark Haven Full Album Lyrics

Dark Haven - Dark Haven cover art

Dark Haven

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
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1. Wake Me... (3:14)
wake me
from the depths of hell, will you come back and save me
am I still alive
wake me
peel open these eyes, cause this nightmare may break me
am I still alive

wake me
from the depths of hell, will you come back and save me
am I still alive
wake me
peel open these eyes, cause this nightmare may break me
am I still alive

wake me
2. ...After the End (4:14)
Reawaken from the slumber
Cast your doubt aside
Embody the elements
That make you pure

We all see the world
Through our own glass
Emphasize the flaws
Invisible to the rest

Hide behind the curtain alone
Dreaming of the wildest wonders
While the wishes blacken in your hands
A dream it will only ever be

Until your rest escapes
Your progress is nil

Entering the void
To wither and die
Does not excite the mind
Live before you die

After the end, when it all turns black
The soul sheds its skin, unchained from it’s mask
3. Divinity (3:34)
As the dawn approaches
The warmth of light lifts me
From the depths of the dead
To rise from decay

Rise, your rest is unearned
Your purpose is unfulfilled
Forsaken in the flesh
Destined to bare our sins

Take haste and don't delay
Our lives rest on you
The battle awaits your return

Wide awake from the other side
Your divinity will shine
Time to take what was left behind
Your divinity will shine

One, lead the fight to their door
Leave none left to stray
Battle glory belongs to you
It is yours to lose

Chosen by the higher beings
You are to slay their foes
Your reward is their warmth

Warrior of light
Dispense the shade
Wield your courage
To victory

4. Up! (4:30)
the moon shined bright
as I arrived
all signals clear
but I'm still here

I look up, to a universe that I can trust
while we all stare into the void
a million years away from me
will I ever make it home

a sincere fear
extracts a tear
who am i to be
where should i go
5. Violent Delights (5:06)
A fire in the sky
Rains death and decay
sent by few
upon the innocent land

take a seat for the ride of your life
it'll be over soon enough
the stage is set for the battle to blaze
all kings shall fall today

Brace yourself, for the end, hell has been unleashed
and if the heat don't kill you, the nuclear winter will

Dancing in the ashen snow, with no cares left to give
mankind's struggle ends by his own hand

The end is near, no escape is in sight
as the night lights up with eternal light

moments of clarity before it's over
do the cares i had matter now?

incinerating moon, shines bright
it blinds you
so close your eyes
before we die
6. Break the Silence (3:47)
Through the endless endeavors
Witness the circle renew
Sleep with nightmare again
Confront the somber roads

Through the pain the silence opens the door to reconcile the past

The sound, breaks the silence and takes you down
Down where you belong, back to where you found the sound

Into the woods of sacrifice
Waits a cabin of stone
Within, a safe place
So long as you follow
7. Quarterpounder (4:43)
you stabbed the hand that spurned
but the blade it found return, on you
open up my eyes (and see)
the error of disguise

You're rage incarnate
for those you blame, for those you shame,
but if you fill your heart with hate
who is it that burns?

Taking death from life
a haven was denied, by you
mirrors in the night (shine bright)
reflections of this plight (I must make right)

Wallow in your self pity and
sing yourself to sleep tonight
I'll be right there in your memories
a ghost inside your mind
but if you fill your heart with hate

Just hold on
Just hold on, with all your might
yea hold on
hold on for dear life
8. The Seven Gods (3:03)
We're all the same in the end when we turn to dust
The difference
fades into an ocean of stars
So what's the difference we all have now

The seven gods I will defy
No book will bend this knee
No lord will save this life

From the dawn of time
It’s been the same rhyme
About the lords that gave us life
So I’m suppose to change
existance rearrange
For something, I will never see
something that will never be

They’re suppose to be the solution
to man’s tragedy
We’re all born in sin
wishing for after life
9. The Temple (7:24)
as I open my eyes to a troubled sea
the cold sinks it's teeth into my soul
80 nights of frozen sails 80 days of rain
my heart beats on, I travel on

Heroes and villains alike have climbed
The steps of the temple that’s in my eye
These feelings are crystal clear
They’re stronger as I grow near

across the seas and over the mountain
I seek the temple atlas
mystery's light
divine or malevolent sent

Into the night I seek the light
that comes from the temple below

I awaken alone
on a megalithic throne
I descend
Into a belly made of stone

And thy will be done

The sun drags across the sky
I ache to my bones blood red fever grips mind
But still I just can't slow down
My will, there’s no turning back
10. White Noise (4:57)
Now a taste from the other side
True lies, force fed to cage your mind
A blank space, a well that’s dry
Now a taste from the other side

Endlessly sleepwalking through life
Under sight of the crown
Life lived as one’s and zero’s
There is no escape

It’s breaking us slowly
But it’s the only way we know
It’s breaking us slowly
‘Cause it’s the only way we’re told

We drain our souls to the machines
For their acceptance
Slaves to status, follow the orders of
Those pulling the strings

It’s breaking us slowly
But it’s the only way we know
It’s breaking us slowly
‘Cause it’s the only way we’re told
And you try to say goodbye
There’s a million reasons why
But It’s breaking us slowly
Yea it’s the only way we know

Open your eyes to the hypocrisy that surrounds you
The weak will abide to the instincts of all of the masters
11. Internal Warfare (2017) (5:13)
I can handle all your pain
A sadness lies within your heart
as I try to understand your sorrow
A weakness echos in my mind

Understanding the weight of the world
resting on your shoulders to bear
Takes a sign, for I am here externally
But a distant entity is my reality

So as I hear your voice again
I find it hard
I hear world that I have missed
A haven to rest my soul

But the monster inside me is taking over
It's the cycle
of internal warfare
fighting against the world i'm losing
just to stay alive

plunge into the pool of eternity
the water burns as blind eyes see
giving back the time I took from you
the end is all that's left for me

taking a stand against the demons that infected you
before the demons destroy me too
nothing more than a spec of dust to the planets
the worlds we never knew, but you see, I'm in this place, without you

it's all a game
it's all the same
you are perfect
and I am hollow
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