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Return to Deep Lethargy Lyrics

Dantalion - Return to Deep Lethargy cover art

Return to Deep Lethargy

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Black Metal
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Lyrics > D > Dantalion Lyrics (32) > Return to Deep Lethargy Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-21)
1. Pain and Lethargy (8:41)
In your bed, you vanish.
Pain and lethargy,
suffering and rest.

From your life you depart.
Permanent deepness,
listless feelings.

An instant,
a moment.
You don't exist,
nothing disturbs you.

In remembrance, nothing.
In nothingness, everything.

In the past, suffering,
In the present, infinity.
2. Onward to Darkness (9:05)
Towards the immensity of the megalith,
only a path of unrelenting darkness,
The cold stone that grips
hopes of another reality.

An ode to unending obscurity,
the dark and lonely path of life.
The inner darkness of thoughts
sums you up in desperation.

Existence is your own adversary,
a path full of pain and madness.
You struggle with the load on your back,
it's not worth the wait.

Don't cry for help above,
the ears that you await can't hear you.
Cursed mankind,
condemned by the weight of time.

The scythe claims for its capture,
Grim Reaper's hand behind.
A cold bleak farewell,
the dust covers the megalith.
3. Until My Time Comes (6:16)
Loyal to my convictions,
I follow the path of my life.
Always surrounded by darkness,
I don't try to find a way out.

I know this is my truth,
no one would change it.
No light at the end of the path,
it's only the end.

The path is dark,
this is the way I've chosen,
with no promises of a different life,
which make change mine.

This is my truth,
nothing else matters,
until my time comes,
the true eternity.
4. The Arrival of Silence (8:46)
I feel a battle inside me,
Confused thoughts take me to desperation,
Plunged into darkness created in my mind,
I can’t distinguish where reality is.

I know I’m not alone, but I can’t see them,
I can hear their voices whispering at me.

They all say I'm mad, that no one is besides me,
I know they're lying, I feel them, they're here.

They never stop tormenting me, I'll must end with them,
I don't eat nor sleep, I hear them inside me
I've got a gun, I’ll cut them down
the barrel in the head and, finally, I stop hearing them...
5. Ode to Nothingness (6:01)
Passed the final frontier,
into the infinity of emptiness,
nothing left behind,
nor nothing before us.

Just a far echo,
with the cries of those who stay.
A heavy layer of oblivion,
covers remains of a futile existence.

In the horizon, nothingness,
looking back, nostalgia.

A void of silence,
an abyss of solitude,
the deepest darkness,
unending travel to nowhere.

Only dust left behind,
in the horizon, nothingness.
6. The End of the Path (7:58)
Laid on a bed, I can not even move,
I try to sort my mind and assimilate my fate.
Death guides me, along its longest path,
to take me with her and end my torment.

Days and weeks pass by with tremendous agony,
but the end of the path never seems to arrive.
Please, terminate me!
Grant me rest, grant me peace.

I only hear the laments of my beloved ones,
who watch my life slowly fading out.

Don’t cry for me! This is our fate,
I see Death’s hand, this is the end of my path.
7. Murder (Katatonia cover) (5:22)
Fallen idol,
Hanged man,
Great winds,
Rides the mill,
Further into the vast,
Limits do not exist.

Five day pain,
Closer now than ever.

Birds escape,
Mute flock of winds,
One with weather,
Sight is getting dim .
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