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Reborn... Full Album Lyrics

Damnation - Reborn... cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-09-16)
1. Pagan Prayer / The Antichrist (3:49)
I look at the abyss
On the altars of blasphemy
Hate, pain... Fruits of reality
My tears fill the soul's emptiness

Demon in my mind
Pagan prayer...

Sinful whispers... Sinful face
I surrender to Dark Side
I bow to unholy cults
Pentagram shines in light

lead: BART

I trample the cross of hypocrisy
I derive the might
I despise weakness
My will exterminate everything!!!
2. The Land of Degradation (4:35)
The last battle, the God's fall
Colliding legions of hate, all against all
Carried away by possessed wave
Bloody madness

No winners

Absurd horror, dying without consciousness
United in fear, massacre and blood
In blasphemous rapture, wasted senses
Apocalypse of merciless rulers

No winners

On the edge of times - HATE
Existence died - CALM

lead: BART
lead: LES
lead: BART

Darkness unite in brightness
The next abyss is coming
Crushed faces, fire and torment
The last battle... again!!!
3. Leaving into New Reality (3:46)
Following the own perfection
I unite with you (for you)
Leaving into the new reality
I become damnation

lead: BART

I promised and believed
I found the real sense
I revealed the mystery of power
I conceived the magic of deeds
I trusted in my own destination

lead: LES

I tasted the fruits of rapture
I sacrificed my existence
I drank the chalice of bitterness
Leaving into the new reality

Here I am - for you
Waiting for your nod
Longing for my performance
Here I am - with my blood

lead: BART
lead: LES
lead: LES
lead: BART

Forever... with you
4. From Broken Cross (Bleeding Jesus) / Time of Prophets (6:01)
Boundless dreams tousling the mind
A space that terrifies
Sunken in fog of scorched ideas
I am waiting - Time of new prophets

Birth of life...
Crash with death...

Another world,
Another state of consciousness
The road of chosen ones
Lord of blood, Lord of duration
Heretic reign

Birth of life...
Crash with death...

lead: LES
lead: BART

You bring darkness
Lust fills my mind
Young beast demands a pray
Blood is the reward of time of illusion
5. Infestation / Maldoror Is Dead (4:55)
Purple heaven
In a blaze of darkness
Creator of destiny
He was father to me

My obsecrations - please hear me lord
Obscure magical flame's burning
Effigy of ignorance is vanishing
The other gods, the other side...

Infestation of sacrificials to Inferno
Shadows of blood appear...

Worship in black
Scorned sanctities
Lost conscience
Dominion of conquerors

(repeat verse)
(repeat chorus)

lead: LES
lead: BART
6. Forbidden Spaces (4:36)
Tangle of dark thoughts compresses my mind
Diabolic visions sculpture my brain
Slowly I am crossing the unholy gate

lead: BART

Blasphemous illusions assume fantastic shape
Terrific chasms lead to forbidden spaces
Inscrutable passed time

lead: LES

Maybe I died, maybe I born
I am on the edge of evil and goodness
Misunderstood whispers, countess shadows
They prompt me that the end became a beginning
7. The Rulling Truth (5:17)
To know to dare
To have the courage to want
And to want to receive
And to reign - must keep silent

lead: LES
lead: BART

(repeat verse)

lead: BART
lead: LES
8. Behind the Wall of Tears (3:49)
Behind the wall of tears
You can't see the sunbeams
Your consciousness surrounded
by the reef of oblivion
Prayers, supplications are the only hope

The hope of survival
Chance of salvation

Behind the wall of tears
You lose the sense of existence
You'll never hear own thoughts
You can't overcome your defeat

You've fallen down
Fallen dawn

Smashed into the rock of bitterness
You can't see the brightness
Your feelings - behind the wall of obscurity

lead: LES
lead: BART

Revelation of weakness
Wasted ideals
Walking the paths of hope
Remove the chance of existence
9. Reborn... (1:05)
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