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A Patient Man Full Album Lyrics

Cult Leader - A Patient Man cover art

A Patient Man

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSludge Metal, Mathcore
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-11-10)
1. I Am Healed (3:56)
Bleeding hands claw at the dirt
I am eating the earth
It tastes of fear and desperation and I can’t get enough
I will feed
For the void devours all
There’s no cure
I can’t stop
I was born to become a blackhole
In a blue sky
Heal me
Please heal me
Please heal me
Please Please Please
2. Curse of Satisfaction (3:53)
Mutilate me, cut me open
Let me spill my truth into the dust
Divination through blood through the viscera
The path will reveal itself
If you crawl inside and see the world through my eyes
Suffer this hate
The unnamable depression
Slowly grinding against your skull like shards of broken glass
I will destroy who you are
Leave you broken and wanting more
The path’s disguised as love
Let it bring you joy
Believe it’s real
So I can take it all away
All I want is everything
3. Isolation in the Land of Milk and Honey (5:18)
The air is close
The dark is closer
Windows shut out the light
What bleeds through illuminates nothing
I don't know how long it’s been
Time passes by and pays me no mind
My bones are crawling inside my flesh
I'm made of snakes that hate the sun
Extend your hand
I won't take it
Extend your hand
I will cut it off
The world seeps in through the cracks
As distant laughter
A spreading plague of joyful corpses
Warmth, wealth and love lay outside these walls
I am all I need alone with my enemy
4. To: Achlys (6:15)
Arise mother of misery
Arise as divine sorrow
I offer up all I am
So that you may feast on me
Pass through me like dark light
Make my burden yours

Let this pass from me
Daughter of the dark
Dance with me to the sound of God's infinite silence
And when the sun rises again
I will be made new

Safe from your touch
From your poison thoughts
And your heart breaking power
If I could see the sun
Just one last time
I would be made new
5. A World of Joy (5:57)
In a world of joy
A light will fall on the hearts of all mankind
So full of love but not for me
From atop the cross
Poison flowed from Christ
Now I wake up numb
In a world of joy
I will not weep
For the dark has come and fear has passed
I surrender
There’s no place for me a in a world of joy
I will not weep
In a world of joy I will dance on my own grave
6. Craft of Mourning (2:10)
In the shame of youth stood the lion's ghost
Black eyed and smiling ignorant and innocent
It was my first taste of death
A violent sour loss and the guilt is eating me alive
My memories of you are worth more than god
A string not broken by the indifferent hands of fate
But by my fucking need
For never ending pain
I should be dead not you
7. Share My Pain (2:56)
The words are sick but sweet for my lungs are full of roses
And my mouth's full of thorns
As a boy they taught me how to hate
As a boy they taught me how to hate myself
With the sanctuary they forged a mournful blade of flesh and guilt
I speak the language of violence
I know the cost of guilt
The empty throne to which it leads
I’ve become the thorns in the crown of christ
He will share my pain
Together we will weep
8. Aurum Reclusa (3:23)
Behind somber eyes of muted silver
I cultivate my pain
For they are shields
And my tongue a weapon
Cut deep and lick the pain
A sharpened edge through soft skin
A human shell of venom
I shine this golden light upon you
Let you call it life
Beautifully crated words mean nothing
They carry no weight
For pithing my heart you’ll find no purchase
I’ll leave you just as dead as me
Golden, empty, full of venom
9. A Patient Man (7:32)
Every sleepless night I freeze to the bone
Every sunless day begs for the thaw
But all warmth has gone from this place
My eyes open and the world is new
The weight of the sun
The cost of love
The fear of peace carved into my bones
Such sweet hell
If I give in I let him win
For within me waits a patient man
Look upon me
All the world
Behold thy pain and weight of fear
I will carry you
I won't give in
I will carry you to my end
10. The Broken Right Hand of God (6:32)
The road is endless and paved in misery
Tears fall and turn to glass
Yet we must walk on
Step after merciless step we’re shredded to the bone
We bleed
We grow callus
Our great reward is waiting
Shining bright in the distance
We must walk on
Passed empty houses, we must walk on
To the broken right hand of god
We must walk on
We leave or are left behind
We must walk on
We must walk on
We must
We will fail
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