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Dark Shades of Lunacy Full Album Lyrics

Cuckoo's Nest - Dark Shades of Lunacy cover art

Dark Shades of Lunacy

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPost-Black Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > C > Cuckoo's Nest Lyrics (18) > Dark Shades of Lunacy Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 12 멜레릭 (2014-10-05)
1. Case #1. It's Pain (Intro) (2:37)
2. Case #2. Guest (5:54)
Somewhat knocked the door
Knock! Knock! Knock!
My hand trembled. Why?
Probably 'cause of fear

Fear in my eyes
Voice and body

The door opened
There was shadow of my soul
Here only sins and me
What now? Who can help me?

And it sad:
"Your mans mine
You must die

Why? What for?
Why I must die?
Please, don't kill me
Please, don't touch me
Please! I implore you

Floor. Blood. Death. Laught
3. Case #3. Inevitable Future (8:57)
My eyes met your weapon
Pistol look hater
One shot and it's over
My blood stain your face

See ya in the burning river
See ya in the Hell
See ya in the fresh lava
See ya in the place without pain

Blood rage hope your brain
Mesmerized simple mind
Full focus on the hook
You forgot that I dont afraid of death

Your mind in the darkness
We'll meet soon again

See ya in the darkness
See ya at the home
See ya in the hot lava
See ya in the place without pain

This is not the end
Not a dream
Not reality
Do not moan
4. Case #4. After Victory (6:38)
We returned from the battle
The sorrow feels soldiers
We completed our task
And had payed a great price

Rise my soldiers, rise! Rise! Rise!
Rise my soldiers, rise!

We complete this part of war
Rise my soldiers, rise!

The faces of victims
Flow around us
The friends which have fallen
Cried in remembers

The price was high
The battle has over
And now we shall never
Forgot their faces
5. Case #5. Feel of Desolation Will Always Chase Me... (2:19)
6. Case #6. Escape (9:32)
I hate this place
One fuckin' point
On the huge map
Without any borders
I'm sick of all around
Including myself
Need some changes
To feel alive

I know the secret
How to do what I need
You wanna say that I'm crazy
But I believe

That I need only one flap of wings
And that's all, I am free. Free!
Of this rush and society
Everything what I have before

As I sad
Small jump
And flap
Of my
Huge black
Torn wings
For flight
Away from here

I got to take off
Flying through the earth
This people look like sucks
With their live
A lot of problems
In the daily bustle
Don't bother me
Because my drem in
7. Case #7. Broken Mind (4:19)
8. Case #8. Cuckoo's Nest (6:44)
The venom flows through my veins
It seems that I will die in vain
Shadows are getting me in
This is what I should have foreseen

Every moment is horrible pain
There're no blood in mine veins
Hands are shackled but I cant's see chains
Please, give me one. One more chance (to live)

Hey! Can you hear me?
Yes! I am turning to you!
Fucking red liquid in my body
If only I could live without you

Every moment is horrible pain
There're no blood flows throught my veins
Hands are shackled but I cant's see chains
Please, give me one. One more chance (to die)

Exhausted body
Asks of freedom
Confused hand
Destroys the flesh

This head is clean. And nothing want
The soul corrupted. But I'm feel it
Blood is still red. In half-dead veins
It's all the punishment. For my sins
9. Case #9. When Betray Us... (Outro) (4:15)
10. Case #10. Ensrouded by Solitude (Woods of Desolation cover) (6:58)
Entombed by the graven sky I lay
Reflecting within - of deepest emptiness
Enshrouded by solitude
And endless shades of grey

Isolation, the only comfort
As the shadows grow ever closer
Only sorrow shall know my name
Unable to break this undying longing
To bleed out this misery
To rot amongst the woods of desolation
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