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Chapter I Lyrics

Cryonic Temple - Chapter I cover art

Chapter I

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresPower Metal
Album rating :  86.4 / 100
Votes :  5
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-04-13)
1. Heavy Metal Never Dies (4:48)
Metal brothers raise your hands
Together we are strong
Spread the Metal through the World
We will carry on

Never do what they say
Walk against the wind
Always proud of what you do
Never need to lie

Always keep fighting, Heavy Metal never dies
Show them no mercy, play it very loud

Fight, fight, fight for your right
Fight, fight, fight for your right
To play Metal

Welcome my friends into the pit
Raise your fists and scream
Men and women, black or white
Together we will rock

We are unique one of a kind
Hammering our heads in the air
Stronger than steel, hotter than fire
Metal hearts desire!

Show them no mercy, play it very loud
Always keep fighting, Heavy Metal never dies
2. Metal Brothers (4:00)
They came to us and stole our gold
They told us to fight for the mighty lord
We raised our hands and we said no
Co's we are free we will not go

We are the ones, brothers of steel
And we are proud we will not kneel
We walk against you with the fists of steel
Co's we are strong we make you kneel

Live to Die

Metal Brothers, we fight together
Metal Brothers, we fight forever

Brake the chains stand up and fight
Tell them all that the Temple knight
will ride the earth and free us all
The metal sound a holy call

We will unite
3. Warsong (5:25)
Another great song from the Chapter 1 album Lyrics
The soldiers are blue and the indians are red
We're fighting so hard just to keep up our heads
Shooting and killing is all that we know
We are all unknown

Running trough smoke with the fear in my eyes
See all the soldiers they stare at the skies
They are all dead but I'm still here alive
I will never die

Slow... here I go...
I stand so tall....

I stand so tall, I will not grow old
I hear the song, the warsong
I face the truth, with the blind and the fool
We hear the song, the warsong

Blinded by glory I'll keep up the fight
Trough darkness I go and I've got you in sight
Pulling the trigger you are out of the game
I don't feel ashamed

Trough darkness and wind, fire and rain
I am going without feeling the pain
I am the last and I can't see the light
Killing is my right
4. The Gatekeeper (6:12)
Here I stand as a wall of stone
I'm the one who protects you
Metal armed leather clone
I am here to shock you
Keep away if your aim's not pure
There's no way you can fool me
Feel no mercy you better be sure
You most fight to get trough me

My heart is steel x2

All I want to do is standing at the Gate
Guard it with my life, I'll do it 'til I die
You will never know who I really am
The Guardian of light or Guardian of the dark

Here I stand, I don't care why
I just do what they tell me
Have no fear I'm ready to die
You will see what I'm saying
5. Rivers of Pain (5:34)
Corrupted corporations justifying genocides
Rich destroying the poor, entertainment at home
Well dressed freak shooting from a roof
Innocents that dies, makes interesting news

Gang wars entertains you from your TV screen
Body counts are much more fun to watch than facts
A TV queen is winning a shemale beauty contest
If you do not like it, change the bloody channels

Meanwhile a hungry abandoned newborn cries
while the rats draws closer
Meanwhile a homeless junkie dies of an overdose
Why care, since its not you?

Watch the arrows cross the sky
Watch the danger in the eye
Listen to the people as the cry/humans as they lie
At the rivers of pain

Staring at the TV, soaps instead of news
The remote control it makes you feel as a semi god
Living in a dream building up the walls
Exiled from the truth in you're internal world

Repeat bridge

Repeat chorus

Anger, anger, struck by wrath
Fire, fire, burns inside your soul
Pain, pain, kill the pain with drugs
Fire, fire the TV queen is lost
6. King of Transylvania (4:19)
As the sun is going down, on a dark and cloudy sky,
you can se there's something coming your way
A wagon lead by horses, so black just like the night
without a coachman and it's running on its own

He's back to take his throne again

So beware all my friends, lock up your doors tonight
from this moment you shall never be alone
Raise up all your hands, and hail the king tonight
the King of Transylvania is coming home

The legend talks about him, the returning of the Lord
a name that no one ever dares to say
Rumours told he's dead, killed in ancient times
but that's a fatal lie and you will know

He's watching all of us from his throne
7. Steel Against Steel (5:02)
The night begins with an awful sound
the screams of pain in the night
You are the one the only one
to make up this fight

Standing there in the rain
Fighting, you are alone

You try to grab your sword and your shield
but there's nothing there
And as he stabs you in your heart
You cry out in despair

Dying there in the rain
Crying you are alone

When the hammer beats the heart you'll know
The swords of metal that fights so strong
It's gonna be steel against steel
When the hammer beats the heart you'll know

Fading there in the rain
Crying you are alone
8. Mighty Warrior (4:40)
Remember a young man that entered the castle
Learned to fight and serve as a holy knight
Bravest of the all with a burning heart
Enemies, wizards, demons and knights

He will grow strong
The strongest of the all

Mighty warrior, fight for your glory
Mighty warrior, never surrender
Blood, victims and broken steel, battlefields are real
Faith in the Holy Lord and live or die by the sword

He fought all the evil with a strength so mighty
Stronger than iron, a true leader of men
He gathered the soldiers and they ride into battle
Enemies whispers his name in fear

When there are echoes of terror in the ancient land
Call upon the black knight for victory all again
The legend will tell about the black knight
The legend will tell about the black knight
9. Over and Over (3:31)
Once more I look to the hourglass
Realizing there is an ocean between u
s An ocean filled with promises
Of subtle words with no substance

Well sometimes promises are hard to keep
It's easier to die than to live full filled
My final mission has finally ended
Enough sorrow, its time to go home again

This promise I give
I shall return

Over and over and far beyond the sea
Those voices calling me
Over and over and far beyond the sea
Those voices calling me

(Repeat verse, bridge and chorus)

I will survive, I shall return x3
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