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This Nightmare Full Album Lyrics

Cryogen - This Nightmare cover art

This Nightmare

GenresMelodic Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-07-26)
1. This Nightmare (4:20)
restrains the mind
from what it can perceive
so desperate to deceive
to witness this
the face of all our fear
of that we hold so near

the time has come again
for all of us to end
our indecision
if we can not face it now
we many never know how
to end this nightmare
of confusion

of fabrication
when all the speech has soured
there is nothing left but cowards
help me see
set this victim free
held deep inside of me
2. The Pain We Endure (3:21)
I walk the path of understanding
but i'm beaten to the floor
everything around me
shadows my fall
I know the reason
behind your smile
your conscious fleeting
i'll watch you crawl

we will not stand back
while you hold us to the floor
we'll bring the contrast
to what you have in store
forever branded by this pain that we endure

your thoughtless contempt
is bound to be your fall
why not stop pretending
no one cares at all
I see right through you
can't mask what you've become
your free reign defeated
the revolution has begun
3. Man Is War (3:44)
me under control
of the tyrants
high on their throne
is what they seek
I can not understand
this selfish greed

conquering our prey
we begin to slay
in the name of god
man is war
preying on the weak
power that we seek
overcome the odds
man is war

this morbid vision
won't abandon me
so I can breathe
declining vision
of this fallen empire
bathed in stone

power, control
this is what we seek
power, control
preying on the weak
4. Fail to Exist (3:39)
Blind eye to disagree
ignoring validity
grasping to, this relic of time

losing stability
into obscurity
disrupt, divide, this monarch of lies

throw away your empathy
into this barren sea
the hour's near, omit all the signs

feeding on anxiety
wide-awake now you will see
deception is, now staring you down

surrender impunity
for your security
stand in line, conformity abound

shoot the remedy
nothing left to see
neglected mind, we all bide our time

all of the ones who bow to this
might take a second look to see what they missed
distort our mind leave us blind but persist
we are the ones who fail to exist
5. Shades of Meaningless (3:26)
Escaping, from this impossible horror has brought me further away
from the meaning of this truth now unspoken, it will soon die away

shaping, my conscious into this mold of ignorance
fueled by anger, my distrust has uncovered, a trace of humanity

pure shades of meaningless
life filled with utmost regret
all to feed the open sore
but it's not working anymore

we've found the path to clarity

raping, our very existence as I turn to look away
through the window of altered perception, as I long for better days
6. Break These Chains (3:17)
Superior manipulation
devouring our mind
victim of precision

beast of repetition
spreading to the weak
infecting our decision

break these chains
twisting your mind
you owe them nothing
failure to mankind
break these chains
force fed these lies
how much will you take
before you break

eye of institution
teeming with our fear
synthetic revolution

constant disillusion
fabricating truth
feeding the pollution
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