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Psalms of Deceit Full Album Lyrics

Cryogen - Psalms of Deceit cover art

Psalms of Deceit

GenresMelodic Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-07-26)
1. Faith And Suicide (4:59)
Seek to contemplate
as they
prevail upon our mind
the end
nothing more, than your fear

as they congregate
they will
plan to circumvent
the truth
ignorance, drives the weak

locked behind the veil
13 reasons to kill
one by one we crawl
to die alone without divinity

as our savior speaks
the blind
seek to purify
a truth
sanitize our blood stained hands

beneath us forms a cage
we climb
as the storm denies
no one
sees our kingdom slowly die

sing your praise
from the psalms of deceit
bow your head
to the terminus

i’ve seen the promised land
built upon our fear and lies
i’ll buy repentance from
merchants of faith and suicid
2. Man Is War (3:47)
me under control
of the tyrants
high on their throne
is what they seek
I can not understand
this selfish greed

conquering our prey
we begin to slay
in the name of god
man is war
preying on the weak
power that we seek
overcome the odds
man is war

this morbid vision
won't abandon me
so I can breathe
declining vision
of this fallen empire
bathed in stone

power, control
this is what we seek
power, control
preying on the weak
3. This Nightmare (4:06)
restrains the mind
from what it can perceive
so desperate to deceive
to witness this
the face of all our fear
of that we hold so near

the time has come again
for all of us to end
our indecision
if we can not face it now
we many never know how
to end this nightmare
of confusion

of fabrication
when all the speech has soured
there is nothing left but cowards
help me see
set this victim free
held deep inside of me
4. Omega (4:23)
Reaching out
toward the new world
rise again
from your shattered dreams
we all must carry on
the devastation has begun

burning eyes
staring through us
paid in blood
for the revolution
we all have paid the price
soon the world will cease to be

where is your savior now
sinking with the unbelievers
we only hope to find
what our eyes could never see

baptized and left for dead
all along the shores they rise
waiting for the morning sun
but the dawn will never come

shifting through the endless night
we are the legacy
analysis of humankind
the blind led the sheep
breathe in the black of death
from the ashes we return
tainted we sacrifice
to a thousands deities

breathe in the black of death
from theese ashes we retur
5. Forever Broken (2:46)
the last chance
for us is
we are not the chosen ones

the one hope
can not give
for our sins
we are forever broke
6. Break These Chains (4:56)
Superior manipulation
devouring our mind
victim of precision

beast of repetition
spreading to the weak
infecting our decision

break these chains
twisting your mind
you owe them nothing
failure to mankind
break these chains
force fed these lies
how much will you take
before you break

eye of institution
teeming with our fear
synthetic revolution

constant disillusion
fabricating truth
feeding the pollution
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