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The Steel Is Back! Lyrics

Crying Steel - The Steel Is Back! cover art

The Steel Is Back!

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-06-11)
1. Kill Them All (3:17)
2. Over My Sins (4:06)
My spectre around me the night and the day
wiId beast on my way
Seven more lovers weep all night and day
tomb where my loves lay
Seven of my loves have tasted your knife
and lost their poor life
Seven more lovers will stand every night
shining with bright light

And never I return
For victory I burn
I all alone I'll have
And I will be your grave

Over my sins you are sitting and moan
No sins of your own?
Over my sins you are sitting and weep
lull your own sinss sleep
Follow in a storm iron tears groans of lead
poor tomb of my head
Scratching the wall of transgression of sad
I broke the holy bread
3. Raptor (4:18)
I was there standing on a corner
with the face looking at the wall
and the voice screaming from the backyard
"you don't have to do it, no more!"
What a mess only for a little trick
and the poison wasn't really strong
but the path is clear and I will follow
with the blade my buddy long

No one else can do my job because I like it
and I'll do with, all my best
Yes I'm here and you prepare it's time to die
And the last name you will cry out

Raptor - this is what I am
Raptor - standing on your back again
Raptor - always in the dark
Raptor - and you will not run too far

After all this is not a bad job
keep the blade clear and very sharp
this is all the thing to remember
now it's time to go it's dark
And the next victim is ignoring
that the time sands are running low
no vampires aiming at your pale neck
there's a Raptor watch your back!
4. Hold Her (3:37)
Shooting places evil on the ground
Looking faces rumors with no sound
I'm on the top of the field
and I'll be gonna kinda pride
Spirits closer touching all around

Screaming people this is not a game
Killing riddle no I'm not the same
I'll take to the liar
and you are on the seventh sky
Nested fire I will be so might

I dont need ya
I don't seek ya
Hold Her Hold Her
Bring me down I'm right
Hold Her

Colder fire stormy wind around
Getting higher I want touch the ground
I've heard the filthy brave sound
if you want treat me all alone
In your dreaming I'm proud
over the stone
5. Next Time Don't Lie (3:45)
I was just wandering around on empty streets
My head was full of things without meaning
No direction nor shelter for my feet
Inside this world I've got no more feelings now

The stars the sun the moon
all is shrinked away
A desert vast without a bound or border
Nothing left to eat or drink
all is swept away
As the cloud that bring the snow
I'm colder

Now I'm waiting for the next age
Yes I'm waiting
But I've got too much rage

Next time Don't lie
No one can live forever
Next time Don't lie
You said we'd be together

And in the cries of birth and in the groans of death
I suddenly heard His voice like a roar breath
“In pain you live in pain you work in pain you die
Don't be so angry it's only a joke and now cry!"
6. Let It Down (3:48)
I can't lie my little babe
I will get you as my bride
But there is something I would ask you
are you ready for a ride?
Please do not so be insecure
I'm a really serious man
Yes I know I'll be the first one
but you'll like and you'll understand

Let it down
Let it down

Overhastily you could trust me
but don't worry I'll get you high
Yes I love you little babe
love you till the end of time
Yes I know you are thirteen but
doesn't matter about the age
So come on start sucking babe
overflow me with your cage
7. Three Times (4:33)
Three times I had the lust to kill
clutch neck so young and fair
'n squeeze with all my might 'till
no life was there
Three times I drove the demon out
I was so evil sweat
I know beyond a doubt
he'll get me yet

I know I'm mad I ought to tell
doctors take cares of me
Drop me in a padded cell and
don't set me free
But oh how cruel that would be
for I am young and comely too
Yet dim my demon I see
there is one thing to do

Don't lie don't cry there is a reason
You crossed the gates of hell
No sign no line no new spring season
No matter what you tell

Runnin' Runnin' away
Runnin’ Runnin' away

Three times I beat the fiend back
the fourth he will prevail
And so I'll seek the train track
my head upon the rail
And sight the dark and fait train
and hear it’s louder roll
Coming to crush my cursed brain
have mercy on my soul.
8. Night Owl (4:09)
Pain will never go away
Wounds will never heal
Evil that was done to you
now is in your eyes, in your soul
Black will never turn to grey
The blood will not congeal
Damage you received inside
when you was still too young to die

Witness victim
of a dark soul
Child of despair
Now it's over
But you still fall
Through the dense air

There isn't armour you can wear
No wall or fortress you can build
No force of arms no shield of fear
The vengeance time now it's near.

Now you're waiting
For the right time
Like a night owl
Vengeance ready
Is the right rhyme
Thirst of blood soul
9. Hands High (4:01)
Take a look in the shadow
tell me what you see
look around no bright light
right for you and me
One for the midnight
gonna loose control
sinners going to prime
the evil and his soul

No one's for ever
run to the light
It's now or never
wrong life or right
just drive yourself out of the night

Calling the spirits
is a real bad thing
now close the door
and don't let them get in
Having no mercy
but you cannot blame
trying to get them out
from the dark of pain

Hands High - break the circle
Scream Shout - when it's done
It's Time - to go for the miracle
Dirt Words - you have to learn or you'll burn

Take a look in the shadow
tell me what you see
there's a light now that shine
just for you and me
Life to salvation
is not a sacrifice
walking hand in hand
to a world more sweet and wise
10. Agony (4:41)
Yes, you can't believe your eyes
a memory from the skies rescue me
Please do not forget our time
a burning candle light it's all I see

A shooting star above
A lover without love
A twist of fate is loosing you at all
No cover on the run
Discovered how was done
Your ringing laugh around

Hold Out Hold Tight all right
Hold Out Hold Tight forgive (to me)

Learn, you've got to learn or burn
this candle light will turn please believe
Dream a pleasant place to live
a universe to please all for me

A riding on a cloud
Your smell is all around
That light is bright and draw my attention
A rippling tear on cheek (now)
She's crying over me yes I was deceased
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