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Unparelleled Majesty Full Album Lyrics

Crucifier - Unparelleled Majesty cover art

Unparelleled Majesty

GenresDeath Metal, Black Metal
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Side A  
1. Sodomy of Angels (3:15)
Riving heavens shower raping throng
Harbingers of Apollyon
Invitation though war’s cannonades
Panderers in irreligious charm
Serenaded by the angel’s shrills
Glory of hircine splendor
Thou art thole humble shrift
At thrawn funereal knell
Falling blazing pennons
Cosmos of dead cherubs
Sodomy of angels
Ravished and scorned
Sodomy of angels
Raped and burned
Archangel of eunuch laws
Last Judgment for Providence
Sodomize volar fairies
Descry my reviling
With Hell hailing tocsin
Incorporeal ruins
Snarling angelic night
Sodomy of angels
Sodomy of angels
Fulsome ornament on Loki’s altar
Chalice of God crushed gruel
Nourishing bestial messengers
Swollen bethels of Heavenly rubbish
An evening pyre of Satanic delight
2. Spirits (5:44)
Caress spectral apparitions
Sigil of clairvoyant entity
Archaic channeling
Paean to what lurks among us
Ghosts of wisdom
An uncanny evanesce
Into Topheth
Brothels of cloven-hoofed whores
Hold séance in blackest faith
Circles of backward latria
Summoning shadows
With the Devil’s grace I am venial
…Grant osculum infame
Pagan spirit blind in the darkness
The blessed Throne of the Nine
Wailing jackals in berserker rage
Damn abode of God
Drink as wine His surrendered tears
Side B  
3. Demons of Filth (3:15)
Vomit forth Despair
Inhuman malevolence
Inscribe the pentagram
Take me beyond the grave
Into mystery
Back to when Christ died
To spit on his tomb flying wickedness
Spew fourth agony
Inhuman malevolence
Inscribe the goat's head
Take me beyond death
Into the unknown
Back to when Christ walked
To witness his ending
Behold! Hordes of hate, Lethal spawn, Permit me fly!
Ineffable worlds of pain
Molten evils leave lands bloodstained
Deformities bludgeon towns
Shieks of gloom the only sounds
Creatures ill reign in hatred
Putrid swarm Demons Of Filth!
Behold! Jesus Christ, Nail him, To the cross!
Malign savages, Demons Of Filth!
Silhouettes cover the earth
Monstrosity a morbid curse
Satan's tool Christian end
Winged sect the Reaper's friend
Travel time capture souls
Into the graves the demons roam
Soaring quietus
4. Something Wicked This Way Comes (4:33)
Enswathed by the four winds of theurgy
Hell-born wizard conjuring
Calling chasmal heralds of darkness
The dooms of worldly ailing
Haunts of barb heaved up from the gates
Fiends and devils the ouphes of the seven
Broken crust of paltry being
Phantasmal shades engulf God’s sweet Heaven
Sailing on storms the baneful spooks
Eidolic shrieking the wicked have come
The threshold of apocalypse
Barra! Something wicked this way comes
The charlatan of cheerless legions
Calls the profane ghouls of anguish
Tranquil cathedrals of the Godly
Fall by the Stygian witches
Ancestry of malediction
Invocate from text of evil
Marduk King of Aberrations
Swiftly crushes dismembered earth
Something wicked…
Something wicked…
Something wicked this way comes
Furnace Gate of the Fire God
Black vomits of vim magick
Stirring oceans of sin
Stirring skies of death
Something wicked…
Something wicked…
Something wicked this way comes
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