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Stronger Than Passing Time Full Album Lyrics

Crucifier - Stronger Than Passing Time cover art

Stronger Than Passing Time

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Black Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-07-29)
Side A  
1. Sodomy of Angels (3:06)
Riving heavens shower raping throng
Harbingers of Apollyon
Invitation though war’s cannonades
Panderers in irreligious charm
Serenaded by the angel’s shrills
Glory of hircine splendor
Thou art thole humble shrift
At thrawn funereal knell
Falling blazing pennons
Cosmos of dead cherubs
Sodomy of angels
Ravished and scorned
Sodomy of angels
Raped and burned
Archangel of eunuch laws
Last Judgment for Providence
Sodomize volar fairies
Descry my reviling
With Hell hailing tocsin
Incorporeal ruins
Snarling angelic night
Sodomy of angels
Sodomy of angels
Fulsome ornament on Loki’s altar
Chalice of God crushed gruel
Nourishing bestial messengers
Swollen bethels of Heavenly rubbish
An evening pyre of Satanic delight
2. Thine Enemies Destroyed (4:58)
Reap after reap
When the seeds will not sow
Call upon magick
The plants they shall grow
Govern those blossoms
When they cling and latch
Then let them run free
For they’ll be unmatched
Foul deeds didst rise
And the battle begun
My children set free
To finish what’s won
The Lord up above
Has ruined my home
Now with Satan’s anger
My demons will roam
Litters of sewage
Of years quickly passed
At forefront of Hell
That is known as my wrath
Sorrows of sorrows
Will infest the genes
Fast with a terror
All whimpers to screams
Thine enemies destroyed
Reverb from the pits
Mock the cries
Pile in more souls
Of their kindred
Feast on kings
None are supreme
Digesting laws
Spit it out
Bury it with them
Traveling on
Thine enemies
Hunted until day dies
Forever more
Prey to my kids
Drop like flies
Maggot heap
My helpless foes
Scorched beneath
Choke for air
Sleep atop soot
The grin I have
Is haunting you
My enemies
Swarm’s upon us cover up
Swollen from the pelts
Tornado’s tame compared to me
Hour has come to strike
Thine enemies have lived too long
The Devil’s wrath leaves welts
Talons dig and tear at will
Hour has come…strike
Thine enemies destroyed
Thine enemies destroyed
Celebrate the fall
Hasten time to eat
Gluttonous surprise waits
A feast at the table of God
My family links hands to pray
To Satan what feast this be
Our arms outspread for Him
He has destroyed our enemies
Thine enemies destroyed
Thine enemies destroyed
Thine enemies destroyed
Thine enemies destroyed
3. Kneel to Lilith (3:19)
My queen goddess
Upon a throne of human limbs sits
I dip my bread into
Thy unholy sweet juices
The bottomless epochs hath forged
Thy honour and mighty grace
My soul covets to bathe in
Thy unclean odours
Devourer of men I kneel in lustful idolatry
I shall possess thee
Thou fruitful legions
Lick the wounds of the pale Lord
Amongst the torments
Burns the God of Heaven
A thousand woes to God
For He hath angered Lilith
The creeping holy plagues
Stoke the flames of Her revenge
Kneel to Lilith
Sing in praise to Her
She of darkness drapes my soul
As a canopy of blackest Hell
Thou art stronger than passing time
My Lilith paramour my God
The spawning one bourne of goat
Solace of the wailing virgins
Thou wretched Lilith take me whole
Unto my knee I give you praise
4. Something Wicked This Way Comes (4:29)
Enswathed by the four winds of theurgy
Hell-born wizard conjuring
Calling chasmal heralds of darkness
The dooms of worldly ailing
Haunts of barb heaved up from the gates
Fiends and devils the ouphes of the seven
Broken crust of paltry being
Phantasmal shades engulf God’s sweet Heaven
Sailing on storms the baneful spooks
Eidolic shrieking the wicked have come
The threshold of apocalypse
Barra! Something wicked this way comes
The charlatan of cheerless legions
Calls the profane ghouls of anguish
Tranquil cathedrals of the Godly
Fall by the Stygian witches
Ancestry of malediction
Invocate from text of evil
Marduk King of Aberrations
Swiftly crushes dismembered earth
Something wicked…
Something wicked…
Something wicked this way comes
Furnace Gate of the Fire God
Black vomits of vim magick
Stirring oceans of sin
Stirring skies of death
Something wicked…
Something wicked…
Something wicked this way comes
5. A Mourning in Nazareth (5:41)
Christ bore the Devil's mark.........Nine!!!

Fallen cradle in elegant burning.
A searing crib to hymn His God.
The dearest prize in His trophy case.
Holy scion, the begotten one!

From the cryptal howls at Calgary,
To where the nasceny was prophecized.
Partake of the flavors of Christ's hold,
Crown yourself on Jordan's Bank!

Upon the whisper's winds at Galilee,
Hearken the Madonna's sadness!
The Land of Nod bides for sibling's blood,
For Abel's cold flesh we mourn?

Bold prayer of want,
Answered not!
Dismal religion,
A cruel hoax!

Grisly lament for the tattered shroud.
Endless desire for Paradise.
Why for that hallowed Necropolis crave?
Still!! I hear the Jeremiads!

Lord above in frozen celestial absence.
Give proof to mournings, yet not from Your bible's word.

Spider's webbed doubt bellows from my blackest throat!
Coffins through time, a mourning in Nazareth!!

By the false paronyms of the Holy Writ,
I do Your every loathsome bidding!

I rape Your countless rotten angels...
Trample on Your raven cross!!

Sainted Scripture,
Burning words in ash!
Praise be!!
A mourning in Nazareth!!
Side B  
6. Demons of Filth (3:23)
Vomit forth Despair
Inhuman malevolence
Inscribe the pentagram
Take me beyond the grave
Into mystery
Back to when Christ died
To spit on his tomb flying wickedness
Spew fourth agony
Inhuman malevolence
Inscribe the goat's head
Take me beyond death
Into the unknown
Back to when Christ walked
To witness his ending
Behold! Hordes of hate, Lethal spawn, Permit me fly!
Ineffable worlds of pain
Molten evils leave lands bloodstained
Deformities bludgeon towns
Shieks of gloom the only sounds
Creatures ill reign in hatred
Putrid swarm Demons Of Filth!
Behold! Jesus Christ, Nail him, To the cross!
Malign savages, Demons Of Filth!
Silhouettes cover the earth
Monstrosity a morbid curse
Satan's tool Christian end
Winged sect the Reaper's friend
Travel time capture souls
Into the graves the demons roam
Soaring quietus
7. The Rotten Whore of God (4:14)
Whore of God coming ‘nine tails in hand
Splattered memories of death rape again
The lust of her loins is the axe that falls
Upon the hearts of altar boys
Sleep my dear with wisdom’s breath
Wake with thrusts from the cross of Christ
Humble thyself unto His gate
Beg and pray for a holy fate
Crimson swirls in Devil’s eyes
Drooling slut hermaphrodite
Solemn vows of purest sows
Are dead as deepest night
Her grace is sworn illusion
Nightmare within a nightmare
Tombs buried amongst tombs
Of innocent bastard youths
Suffering of the hordes
An itching for her precious soul
Rending God from Satan
Kill that whore of God
Whore of God
Whore of God will melt below
Whore of God will melt below
The whore will burn
Her grace is burned illusion
A dream within a dream
Turning the tides to storm
Claiming a Hellish throne
Whore of God coming ‘nine tails in hand
Spending the lives of those bitter altar boys
With their blood come the spoils
Souls are fondled as toys
Sleep my dear forever more
Never to wake with the pains of Christ
Humble thyself unto thy grave
And beg and pray to be saved
Crimson swirls in devil’s eyes
Drooling slut hermaphrodite
Saddest vows of deadest sows
Are born in livid night
Whore of God
Exaltation of hordes
A binding with her life
Rending Satan from God
Love that whore of God
The whore of God
The whore of God will rule
8. Fire & Brimstone (6:39)
The calamity of fables to dire mysteries of spell casting
Wicked walks through sorcery treachery collides with calm
Fire and brimstone a prophecy in puerility
My fire and brimstone is indulgence and dissent
Waesucks! The jape in all its wounded pageant
Has etched its sincerity upon the witless knaves
A simper of collogue purport of diluents design
The emesis of comic comity is a solace to insane bent
The jesting stock of fantasy uncovenanted yet strong
Cries with intertwined battles of verity and verse
Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum
Thy dominion scalds sorrowfully
At the memories of Gabbatha
Dehisce the heads of the righteous release those captive minds
Through the powers of Balaam brand the truths of greed
By the wisdom of Bast and Thoth gather to reave life’s “sins”
Rebaptise thyself into rebellion and chaos with blood
Your Son shall not shine again
Dead murmurs at Calvary
A crimson cascade to man
…Fire and brimstone
Claimed my brothers’ freedoms
Revenge the autumn of deceit
…Fire and brimstone
Joyance for our triumphs He of right has fell
Epistler scripts the legend bawls into his hands
Forswear the Prince
Toilsome is the way of the cross powerless against
Our enemies are destroyed victory the prize
In original sin…
Fire and brimstone
9. Spirits (7:09)
Caress spectral apparitions
Sigil of clairvoyant entity
Archaic channeling
Paean to what lurks among us
Ghosts of wisdom
An uncanny evanesce
Into Topheth
Brothels of cloven-hoofed whores
Hold séance in blackest faith
Circles of backward latria
Summoning shadows
With the Devil’s grace I am venial
…Grant osculum infame
Pagan spirit blind in the darkness
The blessed Throne of the Nine
Wailing jackals in berserker rage
Damn abode of God
Drink as wine His surrendered tears
10. Plunging Pitchforks Through Paradise (6:43)
Storming cosmos from mind to mind
Thunderous maim Black Death three tined
Poisonous prayers lead not to peace
But to a place where Devil’s feast
Witness above in the falling doom
The prophetic swords and witch’s brooms
Within a sin that reaps ten fold
A ravenous demon of filth so bold
Beating the bodies of angels fine
Piercing the countenance of swine
Worlds apart yet worlds of twin
Raise the war betwixt our kin
Ideas the same but front to back
As pitchforks crush and hammers crack
Mental whirlwind to hide instinct
The fists will kill and pitchforks sink
In a pine box locked by time
A chapter closed children’s rhyme
Parchments bleed the ending sign
Pierce that countenance of swine
…Plunging pitchforks
Through Paradise!
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