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Charnel Passages Full Album Lyrics

Cruciamentum - Charnel Passages cover art

Charnel Passages

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-10-14)
1. The Conquered Sun (The Dying Light Beyond Morpheus Realms) (7:33)
Eternal is this night
As crepuscule aeons unfold
Set adrift upon an ocean
Of swarming, fathomless darkness

The lugubrious stillness seems alive
Wit the clawing of unformed shadows
The silence arises to deafen
With mute screams of buried shades

Drift into the sphere,
(All is but) a reflection in cracked eyes
Leave behind the light as
Painlessly, the flesh erodes

Traverse infinity's winds, transcend beyond
The darkness of purgatory and the cold light
Of a dying sun
The ocean now frozen, behold! Kaamos eternal!

In natures' death throes, the sun's final canticle
Collapse to disharmony and into utter nothingness
2. Necrophagous Communion (4:59)
3. Tongues of Nightshade (5:29)
Labyrinthine passages of consciousness
A journey through euphoric heights and abyssic lows,
Swarming surge of Chaotic forces,
At odds, yet inseparable.

Light's illusion dissolves under the eclipse of the black sun.

To abandon yesterday's self,
And explore the limitless horizon:

Drawn like insect to flame,
The gaze of The Dying beckons us,
To stare into infinity.

From desolation of the Nightshade,
Come, mentors of sinister truth.

It is revealed: the anguishes of the past are keys,
To gates of divinity.

The 'I' shall shatter under the gravity of nothingness.
Surrendered, to indifference eternal
Sinew and Flesh cast to fire,
Foundations crumble to the four winds.
4. Rites to the Abduction of Essence (6:00)
Break the waters holding thee
Waters conceived and created through sin
Born anew of air, earth and spiritual fire

Oh cosmic demurge, foul creation
Through the pulsating sphincter of spirit made flesh
Look mercifully on this child
Dry him with the breath of troublesome life

Be degenerate, dead again of water
Sanctified, the washing away of mystic life

The aid of all those weak
The crutch of all that flee to thee to suckle
The death of spirits that believe
Damnation of the dead in the realm of flesh

The shepherd's bell tolls the lambs
Take, eat, this is my spirit, which is broken for you
Drink, this is my lifeblood, which I am drained of for you
5. Piety Carved from Flesh (5:20)
As the fires burn, noxious fumes arise...
The blistering of flesh and asphyxiation
Are the edict of this shrine to agony
Where blackened beyond recall, I reside
As one with vermin and leprous corpses

The sacramental infliction of wound upon wound
Agony divine - through flagellation purified
Arisen and reborn in profanation.

Through flesh and sinew I carved out the adoration of gods...

Vermin abode, repugnance personified
Blaspheme the holiest of temples
I held communion with corpses
And in repulsion ascend

Beyond this shrine of madness, there lies revelation...
6. Dissolution of Mortal Perception (7:29)
Drown in that which lies amidst the graves,
Deep within ancient soil
And which slithers in dark cascades
Throughout the earth

Terrestrial temples reverberate
With primordial echoes whispering my name...

Embrace and envelope,
Enraptured by the burning veil
Consume and immure,
Evolve into dissolution

These tombs are sacrosanct,
Gates to transcend beyond Morpheus realms
Where revelations await

Death prevails over life
I leave my earthly remains behind
And through the Earth's cervix, I emerge

Relinquished, all attachment to the burning husks
I rejoice in death-like bliss...
7. Collapse (7:57)
In lucid slumber,
Dimensions of time and space melting simultaneously,
Memories of yesterday's merge
Into sub realms of mind

It's turbulent waters drag the 'I' to abyssic depths,
Chaos currents drown cries for control.

With outside side vision,
Innumerable eyes witness the death of 'I'
Movements, imprints, limbs, trails...
Being bursts into,
Kaleidoscopic psychosis

With each gesture,
Wading through mud and dirt
Hallucinations: from terror to nothingness
Memories: from joy to abject sorrow

Negative trip to the bowels of anxiety,
The shadow self obscures ego,
Crushed by a force of unseen might
Victory to the tyrants of the night

As the waking world beckons me with it's light,
Chains of surreality chastise will,
In the rays of hope,
The black sun eclipse, obscures the self I once knew.
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