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Return to Light Full Album Lyrics

Crown of Asteria - Return to Light cover art

Return to Light

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Black Metal, Doom Metal, Folk Metal, Ambient
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-02)
1. Radiance: Illumination Unveiled (5:36)
2. Catharsis in the Womb of La Loba (11:52)
Decay, gatherer of bone
Wanderer, Mother of all

Flesh of the mountains
Bones of women
Chaser of the horizon
Healing wounds of old

Clay and dust filled marrow
Rib and broken tooth
Singing death into life
Soothsayer of the deafening night

Dreaming totems alive
Women of the wolves survive
Singing over the bones
In moonlight shifts come to life

She is the all Mother
Dawn, day and night
Priestess of the dead
Hekate, ancient Seer of sight

World between worlds
Nod, home of the Mist
Impresses upon our flesh
Ancient order of the sacred
River beneath the river

La Loba
Hear me now

Decay, gatherer of bones
Wanderer, mother to all

Flesh of the mountains
Bones of women
Chaser of the horizon

Buried deep within
Memories of primal past
Mending roots of kin
Shape shifting we emerge from ether again

Drawing in the night
Thriving in secrecy
In illumination all stand

Wildness grows severe

Hunting among the stars
Ageless transformation scars
Escape from this world
With the sharpness in spirit
We must all adhere
The presence of her odor
The sweet decay of rotting wood
A homeland lost to arrogance
I'm alone where others once stood
3. Wolf Jaw Anthame (15:29)
Cleansed beneath the full moon
Bringer of renewal
Broken from a Mother, whetted on amethyst
Incantation, rite
Invocation, light

Lunar Goetia, summoning serenity
Honoring the rebirth of the Queen
Becoming one with the primal
the scent of awakening Earth
Breathing in the Petrichor
Wearing the skin of ancestors

I cleanse my voice to purify the word
Falling asleep with archaic sword
Returning from darkness, awakening North

The scent of lies no longer exist
Cutting cords of betrayal, the tongues of cowards
Anthame invoke protection against black blood

Ferns align with molar and canine
Onyx blade send out a curse
The body a vessel for grimoire passage
In the dirt candles sputter
Tongues flayed with blackened sway

Keeper of secrets, child of the Moon
Guardians of ghostly lakes come to gather
The energy of waxing to full
Breathe into me the knowledge
The primordial existence
Cycles of reverence, I offer in cedar smoke
4. Hunting Among the Stars in Artemesia Transformation (4:21)
5. Priestess: Moon Carver (10:09)
Lineage of the sleeping one
Ether drinker, caller of spirits
Crone, midnight walker, beyond the sun
Roots of felled trees, owl, raven, kinship

Blood scent
Tracker,huntress unseen
Cracked skull, wine femur moss
Praising passing seasons
Praising old hag ways

Keeper of woven lights
Lantern in the dead eyes
Twilight shifter, between worlds wed
Artemesia transformation

Not of this world, isolation
Renewal of essence

A sickened world of life diseased
No longer reverence for the unseen
Wayshower, life mapped on bloodied hands
The wolf's jaw, the deer in which they feed
Engorged roots and rotting water
Carrion feeders, perpetual starlight gate
Burning away all that stands between

Arsenic in the words of prophets
I'am the only one who speaks
My voice is known by the seekers
Bowing down to Huntress Moon
Feeding the soil with invocation rites

Between the realms, I'am alive
I'm the one behind wood smoke hides
Among the stars, I call my throne

I will not slave
I will not bow
I'am the wild fire
I'am the one now
I'am the forgotten
I'am the shadows past
I'am decaying flesh
I'am the bones collapse

Succor to wolfsbane, my life sap
Entrails of the hidden paths
Lay covered by birch and pine
Pentacle carved on tooth and nail
Raising praise to the frosted Mother
She dies and renews, crowning all the sky

Aventurine I bring thee
The light of one fire, darkness reborn
6. In Favor of Atavism and Destruction: Crushing Bones for the Funeral Pyre (3:02)
This place I dwell is no longer home
I’m crushing my ill-fated bones
I’m puncturing my lungs in order to purify
I vomit these toxic words, brainwashed suicide

I’ve left the ruins and decay of modernity
Wishing for severe regrowth and validity
I wear the skin of the wounded stag

No longer is this home
No longer life of death
No longer dust or bone
Atavism, All are dead

This place is ruined by avarice
Ignorant price for gluttonous fulfillment
I’m bleeding in order to understand
Why we kill that which fortifies us

My veins are tarnished, darkened by the haze
We are all digging our own graves
Bury me unmarked beneath oaken shade

Ignorance is breeding
Burning and raping
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