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Spectres of Revocable Loss Full Album Lyrics

Cross Vault - Spectres of Revocable Loss cover art

Spectres of Revocable Loss

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal
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Lyrics > C > Cross Vault Lyrics (6) > Spectres of Revocable Loss Lyrics (6)
Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-10-02)
1. Void of Old, Void to Come (5:50)
As my hollow hull lays down to rest
I acknowledge there is no "forevermore"
Only withering and vanity
Void was before and void will be

Every trace I made is washed away
All the words I spoke gone with the wind
My monolithic fortress razed to ashes
Disciples of the ravages of time

But this bitter vision holds the truth
The solemn secret of my drive
May my proud words enrage the storms
And may my flame ignite the world

And so I raise this chalice of entropic wine
To finiteness and vanity
2. A Query in Chains (7:04)
She child of winds, me son of stones
in summer nights, we watched the tide

The dungeon summons me aloud
Our summer nights will ebb away

"Are you afraid to climb the walls?"
I hold my peace, she walked away

There's no way out from dungeons deep
And yet one question bothers me
"Why, as you left in tears that day,
You did not ask to share my chain?"
3. Home (8:40)
Ancient clime beneath unsettled skies
Old face weathered by many a gale
Stunted pines bowed down with grief
Forlorn willows weep and mourn
In unkempt heathlands, harsh and sere
Weeds mildly shiver in death throes
Thy oaks and beeches stood the test of time
Thy sleepy meadows braved each flood

Enchained by ice, the stream and brook
Hoping for spring's reviving look
Weary eyes seen seasons change
Seen sowing, reaping, lying fallow
Alas! Old mother, gray and weak
Each lived through battle, left its trace
Thy once splendid house in ruins
Thy offspring scattered in the winds

With teary eyes I'm gazing back
In foreign lands I pine for you
Thou art my heart, thou art my bones
Wherever I may go
I stand humble before thy gates
And long to walk those cobbled streets
Lose myself in thy half-timbered maze
For thou I yearn
I dream of sand and rivers deep
Ghastly graves of stone and moss
Of sun-bathed fields and shady groves
I can't forget
So I swear to you I will return
To where I once descended from
Lay down my head and find my peace
I will come home
4. Rails Departing (6:31)
Iron posts, hands on a dial, piercing miles of tiles
Not coarse, a rest to hold a ghost, descended with a dawn

Glistening autumn rails departing, those of winter riding in
'Tis the grime again to cover, tar, adhering matter waiting
For collapse or unchainment
'Twas matter that had paid, receipts, crumbled crossing cracks
In cursed gusts returning eyes, to sockets greased to plenty a time
A single hair afloat in breezes, connecting useless shoulder blades
Warped, entangled, bones and iron, yet never to stand as one

Bones and iron parting, unsteady limbs aligning
Senses frying on foreign tongues, these of most despicable descend

A mind returns from hell
With hands too many to bear the words
With words too many to spew the curse
With curses too many for a day
With days too many to curse
A mind turns back to hell

No more are the waves through which to be caressed,
By delicate souls, departing on autumn rails...
5. At Our Bleakest (8:28)
Twas the bleakest, the coldest of days
Those of orifices running
Light had changed from grey to yellow
And we stood amidst, in most taking winds

I tilted my temple, took a tree above in sight
As did I the loins I held a thousand times before
But it was not the strongest grip they lay in this day
That with a manifold of fingers could not take control

"Twas here I sold you!", quoth the raspy voice
Under this very chestnut tree,
For I was put to the test and did not stand the wave
"Twas two that sold one another!", quoth I
And spoke so in a voice stripped to the bone
For my words too were put to practice
And stood neither temptation, nor screams, nor fists

And as we stood we saw a phalanx of stars above
In which there was no betrayal, as was it devoid in us
And we all had sworn alliance, had it not been for pain and fright
And the peace of mind, the overarching bow
The most severe betrayal, the most severe denial
6. Footprints (Warning cover) (7:13)
I am not feeling the green burning flame,
As I gaze back along footprints you have made

And I am not dreaming of more than you have shown
You are not a foundation, you are not a stone

But I'm afraid of the way that I'm feeling
Afraid of this new understanding now
Afraid for the beauty within me,
And that which I hold within my hand

And this is the ultimate secret
That many before me have ever known
So capture me while I am weakest
I want to know, I want to know

Here I am wide open,
Surrendering to your side
I have laid down my armour,
I have no sword at my side

I leave behind me the ruins
Of the fortress I swore to defend
I leave behind me foundations,
I'll leave you a man I'll need you to mend

And through all the battles around me
I never believed I would fight,
Yet here I stand a broken soldier,
Shivering, naked, in your winter light
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