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Iron Guard Full Album Lyrics

Cromlech - Iron Guard cover art

Iron Guard

GenresDoom Metal, Heavy Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2017-05-12)
1. Iron Fist / Iron Will (9:56)
These men left an altar of glory on their lands,
That we have raised ourselves to defend
But though they died They indeed are not dead,
for their courage elevates them in splendor,

We awaken unto the eternal battle,
out of loss, out of life, unto long glory.
and honor the flame of our fathers.
We hail the blood of our kin,
and recall that there are only two paths,
that lead to our everlasting destiny

Kneel before the majesty and might,
and cast a stoic glane upon our primeval progenitor,
Persevere in the purity which destroys the effeminate maledictions,
and finally storm the internal gateways that lead to victory

A Hostile virility becomes corporeal manifestation
The will to create anew, that which once was,
And shall eternally be again, Pro Patria, Pro Infinito

Our citadel may fall, but not the honor we shield
And though quietly we wait, with our rusted swords,
And fallen blood, each of these speaks silently in granular dispassion,
The Purveyor of a unity, through which our race shall once more become divine.
For we shall not fear the black mists of death, nor the arrow that flies by day

Neither shall the armies akin remain embattled, standard to standard, spear to spear
Nor eagle to eagle, for the shadow that culminates shall insinuate our furies vengeance.

Sustain the beating wave of the assault and you will cross the thresholds of virtue
And Though the fig tree do not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines,
the produce of the olive fail, and the fields yield no food,
the flock be cut off from the fold, and there be no herd in the stalls,
I shall rejoice in the song of my fathers, And slake the soil with my blood in their name

And he who so falls and loses his life,
blessing with honor his city, his father, and all his people,
with wounds in his chest, where the spear that he was facing has transfixed
that massive guard of his shield, and gone through his breastplate as well,
why, such a man is lamented alike by the young and the elders,
and all his city goes into mourning and grieves for his loss.
His tomb is pointed to with pride, and so are his children,
and his children's children, and afterward all the race that is his.

Go, stranger, and to our forefathers tell
That here, obedient to their word, we fell.
2. Unshakeable Weaponthane (2:27)
3. Lair of Doom (7:39)
Men at arms
I stand before you this final day
my life in the balance
three norns decide my fate
the doom of battle
may bear your lord away
i trust in my shield
my sword shall never stray

under grey stone
let loose a mighty odin's hail

into the lair of doom
reclaim forefather's heirlooms

a coiling ruinous form
insane with gold lust
ancient bane of my race
venemous thief
the strike comes hard and fast
smoke obscures the fray
terror instilled in all hearts
as battle unfolds

under grey stone
let loose a mighty odin's hail

into the lair of doom
reclaim forefather's heirlooms

king beowulf strikes the first blow
battle-fire billows and spews
his sword crumples under his might

the hearts of men turn to ash
but in one the valour still swells
wiglaf lends arms to the king

king beowulfs final attack
naegling shatters on the beasts skull
enraged, boiling frenzy
serpent bite to the neck

Cruel poison, rank ichor flows free
The Hope of the Danes nigh falls faint
Yet still his eyes will not dim!


All breath stands bated at once
Ecgtheow's Son lies prostrate
His kinsman rises to the task

Wiglaf and King stand as one
driving their steel through the scales
the obscene beast breathes his last

terror slain
the gods demand the price be paid
the blood of the king
mingles with ashes of blackened earth
wiglaf the last of his line
unquenchable destiny flows through his veins
fated to triumph
fated to rule
fated to reign!
4. Vigil at Earneness (From the Raiment of Flesh) (6:48)
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