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Blind Nation Full Album Lyrics

Croatoan - Blind Nation cover art

Blind Nation

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal, Groove Metal
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1. Heathen (4:53)
Waking to a nightmare, see them asleep in time
All eyes on you, all eyes are blind
Shifted blame, the slate wiped clean
Every word a fucking lie
Leaving us a future thrown to the sky

Tell me what to believe
Tell me what to see
Tell me now so I can be

Devout in the eyes of the savior
Without judgement again
Pathetic, blind sheep men
Bring them their tortured end

Greasy palms, empty eyes
Serpents tongue sheepskin disguise
Leeches on our side
Brainwashed children of brainwashed children
Your minds are sour ground
Indoctrinate, proliferate with rhetoric so profound

With pride I stand on my own
But I don't stand alone
All I know, all I see
Held at arms length
The power of belief

The wolf is at your door
Wanting more, wanting more
Don't break, you can never break
Don't turn your eyes, see it straight
Convince you to kill, surrender your will
Now shed your blood for what's real
2. From Eden to Ash (3:53)
Moving to fast to see the sign
As locusts swarm and darken the sky
Monuments weeping tears of stone
In our final hours we are left alone

Black heart bastard committing legal crime
Profit margin turning green to grime
Death now creeps in our veins
The winds that howl through radiation trees

Look forward and never look back
Watch as it falls, we turned Eden to ash
We should have known none of this would last
The curtain falls on mankind's final act

Let the dollar eclipse the sun
In twilight we are left to run
Destroy creation with a simple mindset
Sinking as low as it gets

Living through the new dark ages
All our lives locked in cages
Now let fear grip your spine
See what's coming with eyes wide

Hear them howling, the dogs of war
Always so hungry never knowing what it's for
Two steps forward, one step back
A blackened future comes to pass

Revelation falls from the sky
No time left to ask why
Shadows moving in the fog
What is now will soon be gone

We all wear the mark of cain
Share the blame and fade away
Drown together, down forever
In a sea of blood
3. Blind Nation (5:33)
This weight cannot be carried by one man alone
With our lives directed by self righteous fools
It's always coming back around

No higher entitles, no law handed down
When the wolves have circled and the herd won't move
An example of blood must be made
Have it shown for the cowards above
Kill your congressman

This weight cannot be carried by one man alone
With our lives directed by self righteous fools
It's always coming back around
Disinformation, force fed lies, far past the time to rise
Between the lines you'll find their meaning
Pull the blade on a blind nation

I step back and watch from the outside
Anger and shame
Cover my eyes
The thrall of distraction
The media is government extension
Open your fucking eyes

The empty lull, the painful wait
Scent of a changing season
It's a battle born from desperate reason
Rise and burn everything, the night will glow with flame
4. Bloodgutter (4:45)
Separate by race, faith and class
Keep the fires burning, relive the violence of the past
Pit man against his brother, turn one against another

The tension grows
An infected wound
Bone grinds against bone
As the eyes all close


Now tell me, what do you see?
Tell it to to me, are you free?
Once again they were let in
And the people turned their heads

A mind held in a vice
Tightened by hands hidden in plain sight
Led to the end by a failed ideology

Fighting a war no one can win
Ignorance built to last
The future screams from the past

Empty whispers of revolution
Hollow words did not bring change
Promise failing to the pressure unyielding
You dance like puppets on a string
Servants of the cause, elimination of the law
They came, they saw, they took it all
Not right, not wrong, all judgement gone

The cost we only count after we felt the loss
Do you know pain?
Or would throw it all away?

Watch as it grows
Eyes wide with fear
As we're slowly drained
Of everything
5. We Carry Our Dead (5:20)
One more time I'll cross the line
And step into the unknown

Spirit by my side, my light, my guide
Voices from the divide, the ghosts in my mind

So lay me low and let me be
The lost, the forgotten in faded white linen
Hold back tomorrow

Forever the greater of pains
The loss without gain
In fever we dream

In the night we are alright
Walking a path none would follow
As the serpent watches from shadow
The memory that stains our days
The misery that never fades

Baring the weight of ages in the service of sorrow

By degrees we regain
Taking back but then it's never the same
So move on down the road
Weary to the bone

One by one the colors fade into a gray insane
The fist once clenched now relents
The fire fades as I repent
As revelation shines bright
I'm terrified
6. By Initiate, By Rite (2:50)
Watch it all from under the hood
Dust in the rays through stained window pane
Moving through centuries, sideways to the top
Carry the arcane and all that you forgot

Undone by all of us
Whispered in shadow, hunted down in light
Spoken so hallowed, by initiate by rite

Human ouroboros
Infecting with corruption, living to destroy
As we were, without form and void
Moving slow but gaining fast
In a world of cobwebs and ash

Power within, invert the will, collector of debt, insurrection and sin
Beyond human, sun after sun, a scorched land between the ages
What its become cant be undone, death saves none, the sacrifice
Barring the weight, beyond the gate, carry the message, apostate

Breath deep, hold tight
Bleed out into the howling night
Lay in wait for the coming dawn
And rise now by the light of the morning star
7. Virus (6:00)
Drifting, seething, rising from beatings
Could be the end we're always seeing
Damned from the start, hatred choking all our hearts
Numb to understanding, reason left us far behind
Craving isolation, feel yourself going blind

See without seeing, think without thinking

Waiting for a savior, someone to set you free
Speak the word, make me believe
Before the hallowed on bended knee

Deaf to the common language, rejected before the fact
Everything that they've taken you'll never get back
It's getting colder here, the walls are closing in
Bodies on the t.v. screen, the virus under your skin

See without seeing, think without thinking

Good enough to teach, good enough to reach for
But always just outside
Nerves shaking, shocked to the core
Fixed stare of death, the marching hordes
Bones stabbing out from skin, now the message comes again
Living sorrow, evil words

Scream with a whisper, live in dread

Hunter of the mind
Harvester of soul
Reaching out from shadow
Bring the blood freezing cold
Do you see your bright future?
Carried on servant wings
The new world waiting will eat your dreams
8. Sundowner (3:55)
Waking to unrelenting hatred, sickness with every breath
Drag along with the herding masses, to the rhythm of the deaf

Dead leaves cover your heart and give you strength to bleed
Reach for the bootstrap and crawl back to your knees

The witching hour, demon delirium, I've got the cold sweat blues
Moonlight through open windows, shadows accuse the fool

There is no cycle breaking, there is no guiding light
Left slumped, twisted and poisoned
Tripping with no end in sight

There is no reason, don't ask why
Haunted retrospection, from visions I cant hide
The rising tide

Dreaming of cold hands reaching, blindly searching
To find your throat and exact their price at last

Dead leaves cover your heart and give you strength to bleed
Reach for the bootstrap and crawl back to your knees
And out beneath the pines mother is crying in her grave
The glass is full again and its only you to blame
9. Hostis Humani Generis (3:12)
Black rot vein burst in bliss
A stare lit with revenge
Sweating visions, final ride into sonic suicide

Everything that matters is here
Wasted space
Bleed yourself to separate

Crawling back to start, the weary children
Ask for something or nothing
The candle in the skull burns low
Worms in the mind, fire in the sky

Death on the wind, giants among men
Obscured forever
Secular devotion leveled the age
The mist and the maze

Twist your heart for all it's worth
Make it hurt, now make it hurt
10. Full and By (11:37)
Obey the call from shaded places
You can absolve what you were
The silence is long but can be ended
With the yield to desire

At the edge of none, in the heart of one

All forgotten, all betrayed by me
Without this pain you never see
The haunted that waits inside
Watching behind my eyes

The desert sun, skulls in piles
Wander alone, dragged for miles
Now follow me, I will set you free
What I can give, what lies beneath

I'll tell you once, the most you could lose
Is everything

I can't carry this weight alone
It's always coming back around

The fire comes, then you see
The rise and fall, is it you or me?
Face the reflection, occupied destruction
In the cold, vivisected soul

Hear the thunder, split the sky
Carry on now, full and by
Endless abandon to the last emotion
New resolution to leave it be
The future seed

I can't carry this weight alone
It's always coming back around
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