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Oneironaut Full Album Lyrics

Crimson Moon - Oneironaut cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-01-05)
1. Gossamer of Arachne (8:53)
Velut Luna | Semper Crescis | Aut Decrescis | Rota Volubilis | Velut Luna | Semper Crescis | Aut Decrescis | Obumbrata | Et Velata | Mesmerized in Direction | As the victim lays into the web | Entwined within the Silk of the Shell | Drowned in Perception | The Vision is Born | The Twisting of the Serpent | The Chaos of 8 forms | A knot in all the Currents | A Force beyond Perception | We who Celebrate the Birth of Anunnaki | We who resurrect the light from Above | They shall find the fire in the Sky | The first step of the left hand Path | The Inner light is devoid | IA IA - The Blind Chaos | IA IA - The Lord of Lies | The Temple is a Cycle | Through Flesh and through Death | The 7 strands intertwined |The silver chord wraps as a noose around the neck | Oh weaver of the 7 planes | Dimensions entwined as a labyrinth | As an epitaph of a Fallen Star | The body is transformed into Being | That which once animated the flesh | Illuminates as the Aura of the Monadic Plane | Devachan - The Dwelling of the Gods | Is entered through transcendence | Rites of Initiation achieved | The wheel of Ouroboros | Turning perpetually
2. Molding of a Spell (5:31)
Sculpting away at the flesh | A surgical apathy | towards the mortal shell | Sculpting away at what is not needed |Blood Returned to Sacred Temple | Spirit satiated | The Astral Cross | As Blending of Space, as twisting of Time | Vendetta is Gnosis | Vendetta is will | May the Nemesis find no air to breath | May their bones turn to Glass | May their flesh be punished with disease | May the sulphur form their fate | As they beg for Azrael's mercy | As sigil, as cuneiform, as a mark | as a reoccurring dream | In the form of salvation | far from the path out of reach | Unto clay, faith is carved | By the wind has molded to form | 3 are the watchers, 1 comes, 1 goes and 1 still remains |Forever the clay shall be your stone
3. Seeker of the 7th Gate (8:10)
The Blood of the Sacred | There is only one Spawn | Standing strong, vigilant, watchful | ... to storm the gates | IA IA AZAG | IA ŠURPU KIŠPU |IA ANU NEKELMU | From the blood, of the sacred | There is one Spawn standing strong | Vigilant, Watchful | ...To storm the gates, the depths of the seas | Fathomless, Infinite | Conqueror of the mind |or slave unto the flesh | worthy of apathy thrown into the depths | twisters of fate | we will dwell in KUR-NUGI | We who see Lapis Lazuli | The spirit ember shines | Up towards the planets as the divine | The absence of flesh | as we ascend the Ziggurat | And we approach the 7th Gate | and we march upon the veil of the Abyss | as we cross over into the depths | Below the seas | ...and we shed our flesh| those who seek the Ziggurat | ascending through the 7 gates | worshipers of Tiamat. something, those who seek the Ziggurat, ascending through the 7 layers |Rise with the ancient smoke | into the senses of ascendance (through ancestry) | Evoke the Reptile of Chaos | Invoke the venom, from her veins
4. Weaver of the Web (7:55)
Oh 3-Fold Goddess | Weaver of the Web |Bringer of the Crossroad Gate | To touch the world and the Spirit |A path wet with the tears | of Magick and dissolution | The bitter sting, the venom of fate | Weaved within her Web of Wyrd | Transverses throughout the limbs of the Astral | A grand maze of perception (a labyrinthe of Dreams) | Infinite to those who shall seek their path | Light years beyond those who cannot seize time | Such as the daemon Star of Algol | deceiver of true distance yet breathing down the neck | Infinitely giving signs of Light | It is written in constellations |and instinct, a map of the gates | signs shown to the reptilian Eye | A Gate of transcendence | a key to the stars | It is then you witness the cosmos collide | and the wars within Pantheons | ageless and formless like sand, sea and stone | and the time and light | which once slipped through your fingers| HEKATE! χαλάζι χαλάζι HEKATE! χαλάζι χαλάζι | Bringer of the crossroads | To cross the gates | and touch the spirits world | a path wet with tears | This is the first light of dissolution | This is baptism towards the second light | The shedding of the skin | Crossroads of the power of your magick touch
5. Urilian Worm (8:16)
From distant stars descending |from heavens ripped wide open | Beneath the floating rock |The horned serpent rises | IA IA ZI AZAG | IA IA ZI AZKAK | IA IA KUTULU ZI KUR IA | The watchers of the zonei tremble | as the liars in wait surround the 7 gates! | Those who once Protected the ARRA | and left behind a shell of DNA |left to be covered by Sand and Dust | Forsaken between what was severed to be crushed | within the conjoining bearer of the fangs |Colliding once again upon tail | The serpent which forged the cosmic blood | As the priests who read from the Magan text gather | when the great bear hangs lowest in the sky | Exalting the shattered vessel of the sages | They chant the words of hidden power | Spirit of the moon remember | Master of the IGIGI swing open the gate! | Spirit of Mercury Remember! | MARZAS ZI FORNIAS KANPA | Spirit of Venus Remember! | IA GUSHE-YA IA INANNA! | Spirit of the Sun Remember! | without darkness there is no illumination | Spirit of Mars remember! | Spirit of ARRA and AGGA | Spirit of the Great Planet Remember! | Son of Enki, Lord of Magick | Spirit of the wanderers of wastes |Remember! knower of the pathways of the dead | Veiled is the Night | The temple is quiet and dark | Father of the Fatherless Shammash | Has gone to his chamber of Sleep | servent star of 7 powers |The abyss yawns wide open |broken are the gates |the 7 elder Apkallu | of shining swords now turn to rust
6. Oneironaut (19:45)
Submerged in the depths of NAR-MATTARU |Where one may sleep death below the seas |drowning in a cosmic whirpool | bound by Gravity that pulls from the Ego | One must sacrifice to transcend | Metamorphic ascension | Through the current of the Serpent | That which becomes One within the Dream |The dreamer has awoken | Eyes of vigilance evoken
as a predator of a dream | descending from offerings upon Morpheus | Split the soul from the body | entwined is spirit from the flesh | All for the universe to absorb | The Oceanic experience, the fog of perception lifted | The sigil of Saturn | Metatron's Cube | Sands of time diminished | As time ceases to exist | The serpent of subconsious rises | To rejoin it's tail in the depths below the seas |a rising and descending cycle | As space is dissolved into light | The Sun, SHAMMASH, blinded by INANNA | The symbol of the shadow |Devourer of Daylight |The veil of the dreamer torn | A spell cast into the stars |As eyes in the shadows | as fangs of the serpent | ascending the astral planes as the Oneironaut | The Dragon speaks | The gates are open | The Dreamer reaps | The spoils of Sleeping prey | As shadows descend |and Ruptures the light | the skin of sleep sheds to a cycle of death | Sleep shall drown you | In the river of death |Baptism in the Styx | Ego unto the underworld | The veil is broken | From spirit to flesh |The Eye is open |of the Oneironaut | Serpent of Salt Waters | Predator of the Dream | Serpent of Awakening |lay death to the ego |Oh Serpent of Vision | Illumination | Sender of signs |quench me with wisdom | Awake within the Dream | As life becomes Death | Mountains of enlightenment |The Threshold of Death |The Horned Serpent rises | The Winged Serpent descends |The Oneironaut is Awoken |As Lucidity is evoken |Quintessence of Alchemy |From Spirit upon the Flesh
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