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Towards Eschaton Full Album Lyrics

Craven Idol - Towards Eschaton cover art

Towards Eschaton

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-04-03)
1. To Summon Mayrion (6:29)
Black impieties traced in the ashes
Serpentine smoke encoils the Holy Cross
He has arisen through the flames of necromancy
Called from a slumber eternal

Awoken beast unmarked by the crucifix
Coerced by the names of the angelic ones
Rise from the circle of ash
Rise from the circle of ash

Born of the dark, sworn to obey
Mastery is mine to attain

Awoken beast unmarked by the crucifix
Reveal to me the hour of death

Mayrion - Create the voids

To summon Mayrion
2. Sworn upon the Styx (2:27)
Chants from Mors Anime
Servant of the blackest arts
Shades reveal the path
Souls are turned from the Lamb

"Azazel - Guide me in the killing arts
Abraxas - Speak to me of life and death"
Oaths sworn upon the Styx
"Camulos - Eternal blades are needed now
Azerate - Sum of the eleven parts"
Oaths sworn upon the Styx

Clutching for theosis
Gods formed in clay
Mysteries unveiled
Evaporate and fail

Bitter Eucharist devoured
Poisoned ministry resounds
3. Golgotha Wounds (4:16)
Crimson nectar cascades from stigmata wounds
Staining the slopes of Golgotha
Ruptured vessel of false divinity
Dark clouds suffocate the ailing sun

Blood-soaked mount of Calvary
Tattered shroud of mortality
Weep not at the sepulcher
Hail the moon of Geburah

Sanguine tears flow from empty sockets
Temples run red with unholy wine

Lust of the Magdalene
Slavery's birth
Blood of the Nazarene
Blackens the earth
Dawn of apostasy
Heavenly death
Witness the Trinity
Stripped of all sanctity

Choking incense wreaths the tabernacle
House of relics vomits forth it's mysteries
Superstition casts it's deadly shadow
Splinters enshrined to decay
4. Craven Atonement (3:59)
Trumpets of war, heralds of destruction
Clarion calls, who will answer now?
Onwards to ruin and hollow grace

Feeding the flames, banners of perdition
Drape the deceased, slain and interned
Forward to suffer celestial blades

Craven icons burn in the abyss
Shattered doctrines ashen and denied

Virgins are raped in Zion
Blackfires blaze in Sodom
Beacons alight the paths to craven atonement

Sermons in blood, prayers of damnation
Idols and incense swept away
Watch the wolf approach it's prey

Craven icons burn in the abyss
Shattered doctrines ashen and denied
5. Codex of Seven Dooms (6:11)
As brazen knells proclaim
The dawning of the end
As Eschatonic winds awake the dead in Christ
Seven dooms descend
Seven dooms descend

The codex of seven dooms

As holy corpses rise to meet the promised land
Abominations poised to feast upon their faith
A chilling fog descends
A chilling fog descends

Emanating putrid aura
Pestilential litanies pervade
Shadows engulf the faithful
No mercy for the meek

The codex of seven dooms
A rapture for the damned

Seven seals
Break upon the End of Days
Seven plagues
Consume the carcasses and tombs
Diabolic visions arise
Seven plagues
Consume the carcasses and tombs
Betrayer! Betrayer!

Vigils fade in the night
Tapers gutter in the shrines
Seraphim descend to snuff the candles
Only dead wax remains
6. Aura of Undeath (3:04)
Fallen from birth
In embryonic sin
Tainted and cursed
An inherited disease
No salvation
From the Father, from the Son
Serpent's blood burns in the veins

Scars of Genesis endure
Still the gates are sealed
Final judgement pre-ordained
Epitaphs ingrained

Fruits of Eden rotten
Twisted and decayed
Banished, abandoned
To hatred and chains of misery
7. Left to Die (4:49)
8. Orgies (2:32)
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