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Forsaken Lands Full Album Lyrics

Corrosive Carcass - Forsaken Lands cover art

Forsaken Lands

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2016-05-09)
1. Blood Ritual (2:32)
Argh! Poke a hole watch them bleed
Out, scream of pain perfect game
nothing seeps nothing reeks
nothing reeks nothing seeks

Argh! Leave a trail hellish pain
Live it out suffer your
fate, nothing seeps nothing reeks
nothing reeks nothing seeks

Pray to your god that your blood will last
Pray to your god, or hope to die fast

Argh! Find your way win the game
In the deep and dark
In this land blood is law
Reek of death fills your breath

Pray to your god that your blood will last
Pray to your god, or hope to die fast

Blood ritual...

Blood ritual...

Pray to your god that your blood will last
Pray to your god, or hope to die fast

Rlood ritual...
2. The Ghoul (4:37)
The night falls over the sands
I am born again
I am a skin-walker
No longer humane

I am the ghoul

My teeth dig into the flesh
All I want is your blood
Dragged out into the desert
Lain down into the mud

As you blood runs down my throat
My flesh is changed
A copy of you
Improved, yet deranged

This is what I live for
To consume your very life
Feared for centuries
Yet my methods are rife

As you blood runs down my throat
Your flesh fills my stomach
I scream in victory
I let myself run amok
3. Prosecuted at Birth (5:52)
A stormy night of deadly proportions
Hidden in an old barn a peasant woman lies
About to give birth to a bastard child

Wanted for a crime she never understood
She's just a scapegoat, they say she's but a whore
Killed her lover, hung him by the neck
Now the witchhunter lusts for her head

Going into labour, she just can't keep still
Screams of pain echo in the night
The vengeful mob breaks open the door
The finger points the order: "Kill the whore"!

Rusty knives are cutting though her neck
Carving up her stomach, ripping out her son
"Take the bastard child away
it will be dealt with, within time"!

As they march down the road
Back to city hall
An eerie voice wails;
"I will have your children's souls"!
4. ...and So She Dies (In Sacrifice) (4:40)
And so she dies,
In sacrifice
Spilling blood
Will bring us grace

Holy water is splashed on the ground
The sacred oaths are sworn
A lifeless body is placed on the stone
A godless rite is born

A maiden is brought fourth
And hung above the remains
Attempting to escape
She rattle her chains

The girl struggles and screams
But the shackles hold her tight
The priest inserts the blade
A cry erupts into the night

Awaken to a priestly choir
Reciting words of innocence
Covered in the maiden's blood
He devours her essence

In panic the girl looks on
As the once dead man roars
"I am immortal"!
Her life fades as the blood pours
5. Of the Flesh (3:35)
Prick of the needle
Affecting the senses
Sharpening the knife
The skin tenses

Numbing of the limbs
As you shake
Inserting the blade
Kept awake

Covered in blood
The blood surges
Blood all over
Satisfying my urges

Cutting out tendons
Ripping out flesh
Deafening cries
Enjoying what's fresh

Removing eyelids
Inserting freas
Bleeding uncontrollably
Eating your ears

A bliss, a gift
Violent care
Don't you worry
6. The Seven Princes (6:09)
The seven princes are embodied in them
Slick with Mammon's lust
The victim is humanity
They'll do what they must

They become sluts to their own desires
They'll enter the temple of sin
Where walls stretch towards the heavens
Here the end will begin

The creation is complete
The price is set
Eternal slavery
Eternal debt

Baal's desires will be met
A glutton for the end
Their hands move in shadows
Hell is what they intend

Hell's doors are open
Now they are here
Devouring our souls
Feasting on our fears

Belphegor rises inside them
Drowning them in sloth
Seeing the world fall asunder
Just letting it happen is their wroth
7. Residual (3:53)
8. Memories (8:02)
Rivers run
Thick and slow
Deep red
Life shed
Wounds run deep
All the dead residing in your head
All the dead residing in your head

Faint it glows, the dawn of your mind
Thoughts so bold
Faint it glows, but will it still shine
Life takes hold
So give to me
All the dead residing in your head
All the dead residing in your head

Rise from your grave, rise for me
Rise and take place, high above
Far below, life takes hold
Far below, life is foretold

Take from me, all the dead
In your head, know yourself

I am you, you are me
In your head, so far from dead
9. The Prophet (1:03)
Through a fog of hate
Gazes the insane
Before you stands a man
With no single name

Thousands voices
Tearing at his insides
Conquered by demons
That only bides their time

The prophet asks him his name in envy
"My name is Legion, for we are many"

Deranged and twisted
What a delight
Conquered by demons
What an unfathomable might

Before him a prophet
With a wicked creed
Hosting greed
Corruption and need
10. Forsaken Lands (6:02)
Surrounded by headless men
A river slithers through giant walls
I wade through the crowd
In the darkest of halls

By the shore Kharon stands
His boat rests easy on the waves
Of screaming souls of pains and woes
Wanting to be saved

I present him an obol bribe
And Medusa changes hands
Kharon ferries me through hell
Towards the forsaken lands

I've come to move the underworld
The will of heaven will be mine
Taking my life was easy
For he who controls Hades is divine
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