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Composition of Flesh Full Album Lyrics

Corrosive Carcass - Composition of Flesh cover art

Composition of Flesh

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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1. The Flesh Is Not Enough (2:29)
His hands shake uncontrolled
He can't take it no more
Yet he digs in for another bite
Nothing heard but stridor

The blood runs slow
As he cuts another piece
Disgusted by his own existence
Ugly, vile and obese

He commands himself
The flesh is not enough
He is not hurting enough

The craving for an end
Is too strong
Crying out to his god
The screams become a song

Numbing of the limbs
Is a gift from God
He doesn't want to life
His life is a fraud

He commands himself
The flesh is sacred
He drinks his own blood
2. Butchershop (3:48)
Welcome to my butchershop
Here are my tools
A big, big, chop shop
And blood thirsty fools

They stand at a podium
Only puking bile
Promising opium
But giving only smiles

Democracy for everyone who can pay
Such disgusting words stun
Yet you stay

I'll eat your hopes
And I'll crush your dreams
You will never cope
I'll feast on your screams

My knives are ready
And now it's time to cut
My hands are steady
Society is dead and rots

Join this union
And I'll promise to kill
'Cause that's what you want
You crave for the thrill

Yes, that's what I think
'Cause you aren't doing a thing
Nothing to stop it
Not a god damn thing
3. Self Mutilation (2:53)
Disgusted by the lies
The greed, the pain
I gut myself up
To stay sane

Soiled with hate
Swayed by anguish
I drag my entrails out
To be vanquished

Covered in bowels
Blood and vomit
I am happy
As I bleed away quiet

The pain subdue
Suppress and quench
I grab my beating heart
Crush to cleanse

I lose feeling
And I fade away
In my last breath
I refuse to pray
4. Born in a Casket (2:23)
Born in a casket
Locked away from the day
Infant of the sacred one
The one who knows the way

Born in a casket
These predetermined days
Have grown accustomed
In my final resting place

Born in a casket
Locked away from the day
Born in a casket and
I am already dead
5. Necrotizing Fasciitis (2:28)
Something burns beneath my skin
scratch the rotten parts

Flakes peels off of my body
Use the plane to shave away the pain

Necrotizing Fasciitis
Flesh-eating disease
Bacterias in my body
Hungry for some flesh

This parasite eats from inside out
Only solution is to take my life

Can´t stand this plague
Please take me away
6. Awesome Nuclear Power (3:39)
The clock passes midnight
Everything is set alight
The sky is burning
And it's raining soot

Cities are in ruins
By awesome nuclear power
This is not God's judgement day
This is man at it's best hour

Be proud of yourself
See what we can achieve
The prosperous killing us all
For something as empty as greed

You were a piece of the puzzle
We all accomplished this
Inhale the ashes
Burn in the fiery bliss

This is the eradication
It is enough
Inhale th ashes
Return to stuff
7. Twist of a Knife (2:21)
The shadows guard me well
My hands move fast
Placed under a spell
Calm at last

My mind's so deranged
I want your life
Everything changes
By the twist of a knife

Blood on the blade
Gives power to my soul
My cards are played
And you'll take your role

Twist of the knife

My eyes keep the focus
This is a bliss
Saviour every moment
A final kiss

Your body is exchanged
As is your life
Everything changes
By the twist of a knife

As you die
I bathe in your blood
My blade is the icon
And I am your God

The feeling is strange
As I take your life
Everything changes
By the twist of the knife
8. Chainsaw Dissection (2:35)
Dissecting your living corpse with a worn out chainsaw
Your guts flow free as your face twists and curls

Into a pale horrid smile you spit and groan
With a hate for all life and a thirst unquenched by your death

Bones crack twist and break ribs stand on edges like the teeth on a shark
And your innards have surely changed just like your eyes seem to stare
And then you spit vomit and gasp for air

I draw the screeching saw through the murky, rotting flesh
I split your jaw in half from bottom up
And still you spit as your tongue´s ripped out
And now, piece by piece you still don´t rest
9. Avatar (1:08)
Avatar the touch of God

Final judgement avatar

So his will be undone
For such is his will
So gods will be undone

His will be done
They are undone

In this final moment
In the blink of an eye
I take your lives
Yet no one judge avatar
10. Collector (4:57)
Sorting by size
Ego and narrow-minded
Sorting by lies
Deaf mute and blinded

Beautiful corpses
Slicing piece after piece
Placed in a box of Pandora
To be at ease

Breaking the bones
And counting the hours
Eliminating vile greed
And collecting powers

The box will open
When the time is fresh
Delivering truths
And devouring flesh

The collector of evil
Filling a box
Gathering their eyes
Under heavy locks

The collector of evil
Burying the dead
Gathering their eyes
From their heads
11. Dawning Death (1:24)
Screams of pain
Young and old alike
And a horrid stench
Floating thick

Low moans of words untold
Sadistic torture
Better lay low
In this safe haven

Dawning, dawning death

Screams of anguish and pain
Bring my thoughts astray
Gurgles brings me back
A slurp like sound

I lose my breath
As I crawl back
In the putrid gas
I am as good as dead

Dawning, dawning death

As I wake
Dawn is calm
So I leave my sanctuary
And enter a sleeping wake

No traces of blood
Just stinking people
Was this just a sick fest
And a waking moan
12. Hunger (3:37)
My hands are rotting
My guts are melting
Eaten from inside
Rancid all over

Infecting those I eat
Spreading the virus
Walking in masses
Disorder is brilliant

The feeling is sublime
I hunger the more I die
I can no longer control the urge
To chew on flesh

Infecting those I eat
Spreading the virus
Walking in masses
Disorder is brilliant

Now when I am dead
I am finally complete
A purpose has been given
It is to eat

No longer pain
Only the hunger
Which is ended
When I consume your brain

My jaws have grown
My muscles are stiff
A strong and powerful grip
Infection is a gift
13. The End of Us All (7:46)
The waters will boil
The earth will shake
Fire will devour the soil
And mountains will break

Incinerating shepherd and lamb
I am relentless
You know who I am
The blood-red sun that set in forever darkness

You will not be here
Nor will your kin
As I engulf everything near
From without and within

A giant will rise
A giant will fall
The final demise
The end of us all

My end will be yours
The apocalypse is true
But not the one from lore
Still many knew
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