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The Darker Shades of White Full Album Lyrics

Corpus Christi - The Darker Shades of White cover art

The Darker Shades of White

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Metalcore
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 4 Metulomon (2018-10-30)
1. Parade of Scars (3:37)
Righteous engagement of thoughts set forth the crumbling of our souls.
Business knows no end, even to the death.
Friend or foe, raising its unnerving head, tormented by the gestures unknowing.

I see the lies behind your eyes.
Puzzling how it comes to this, but I guess I had it coming.
Stabbed in the heart again,
the charade of life and a knife from a friend watching our dreams fall apart.
Caught up in the parade of scars.

Humanity only breeds death, yet continue to believe in each other.
Put my life out on the table and let them feast upon it.
Inked in pain, a reminder of what they do, heading not by contrast.
Is this the course never ending?

If this isn't hell then bow me now.
I lay my life out for the vultures.
They pick me up and tear me down.
2. It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn (3:19)
Tonight I take my chance.
Tonight I make my own fate.

Tonight another statistic makes the gravest of mistakes.
I wonder if they'll even notice when I'm gone.
I wonder if they'll even care.
Temptation... it taunts me.
The urge for escape, the taste of cold steel on my lips, the rope around my neck.

These bitter pills and razorblades seal my fate.
Demons resolve me.
Another voice whispers,
"This is not your choice, there is more to this if you hold on."
Temptation... it taunts me.
The urge for escape.

Hesitation means something.
Am I stronger than this?
I choose to hold on.
I am not my own.
I will not let go.
3. Marilyn (4:09)
The silence echoes through the empty halls.
No salutations, something was very wrong.

She went searching for signs of life, but nothing was found.
As she turns to face her life she says, "I will not run away,"
and as she soaks the ground with tears she says, "I will not run away."

On the floor he lay.
All the air went cold, the gravity of all her fears taking hold.
The bitter tears of despair streaming down her face.
Shattered by the mourning cry, his soul taken away.
She embraces reality with hope in spite of the pain
4. Baptized in Fire (4:51)
I walk the streets again tonight blinded by the actions of the fight.
The fire biting at my heels,

my God I've forgotten how it feels to live by grace, now in this fallen state.

Once there, this new life can't compare.
My God, where are we?
How can this be?
I've felt the flames and they were cold.

We've been apart so long.
We've been apart for so long.
I'm baptized in fire, sanctified by flames.

This heart of stone breathes new life and beats again.
I walked away from you tonight, denied the knowledge that you're real.

My God, I hate how this feels, the pain of this empty heart.
Please, breathe new life in me.

Consume... fire.
5. Until the Day (4:52)
We've been transfixed before our encounter will ever take place.

We've heard the stories and the words that have entered our hearts forever.
And with every effort we make preparations and pursue on with the passion and the love.

The love You've shown us with no end.
The death of every passing day is only another step closer to uniting lovers separated by this wicked world and wicked men.
United souls screaming, "How long," over the sound of our hearts breaking.

How long until the day we become one?
How long until the day? When it all comes together, we'll know.

Our time was spent accordingly.
We've been forgiven, set free.
We'll know its true love.

Rising above, screaming until the day.
6. Fight for Your King (4:19)
I've fought the fight, I'm black and blue.

If only now just to pursue the things I thought were right.
My only fear is you'll see right through me at all the things I have to hide.

What has this cost me now?
Full-fledged denial, self-gratifying,
to live and die with no regret would be just fine for me.

I have fear in deep emotions.
Come and lift me out of the dark.
Blissful, ignite the battle.

We know it's not eternal.
We know.
Our father, in heaven, we know.
I fought the fight, I'm black and blue.

This is the way we are.
Beat down and scared it's nothing new.
We choose now just what to do.

This is the way we are.
Live trying, die fighting.
We know that this is the only thing worth fighting for.
7. Starry Nights, Cloudy Hearts (4:11)
Hope reigns in a drowning song tonight,
gives way to the possibility that no childhood thoughts were true.

No bodily pain so cold as the knowledge of ones own faults.

Seeing you is a mirror to myself.
The night is black and the TV's blue.
Torment the hand that writes these words.
Will tomorrow a new voice be heard?

Maybe this existence is a dream.
Or maybe this dream is existence.

How could this be?
The night and the stars speak for themselves.
The light at the end of the tunnel is strong.
I can see your face as it guides the way.

Reach out the hand that holds me near.
When you speak, its truth I hear.

When the music fades and the romance decays
and the buildings have fallen down, you'll find me...
and the hope you seek cannot be found, you'll find me
8. Western Downfall (4:12)
One day at a time now, to figure out my mind.
Rigorous mind games of American kind.
Get out, stand up, give us something to believe in.

Find me, pick me up now.
I know it's not another dead end ride.

I have seen and I have tasted all that you have shown.
I have followed, I have led and this is what I know.
You have nothing I need.
Can't you see that this is something to be taken serious?

You have set us up to fail.

Step out face what you know.
The door is wide open.
Unknown is the next day.
Give me passion.
I know that you don't see the same.
This is harder than it seems.
I know that you don't see the same as me but we do agree on this.

Instinct speaks loudest.
Guidance from the heart.
I have seen and I have tasted all that you have shown.
I have followed I have led and this is what I know.
You corrupt the innocent and smile, laughing as you go.

You have nothing I need.
Tear me down.
Build me up.
9. Sacrifice (3:59)
How do you measure cost of that which can't be bought or sold?
The giving of which bears the price, this is my sacrifice.

The price I'll pay for you alone... sacrifice.
Let not winter's ragged hand decay the beauty of the heart.
Not even such a thing as death can keep our souls apart.
And I pledge my devotion to you.

In life or death, my all for you.

There's no price too high, this is my sacrifice.
Live and die for you, no hesitation.
Live and die for you, no reservation.
Were it mine to give, I'd give you the world and seal it with a kiss goodnight.

There's no price too high; this is my sacrifice for you.
10. I Will Forget (3:49)
You cut the chord between us.
The knife is bloody in your hands.
The blame's on both our shoulders.

But you cut and ran.

You have forsaken everything we shared.
All the pain that you can't forget is all the same as all of my regrets.
I will never forget you.
The look on your face said a thousand words.

And when you walked away silence was all I heard.

The last day I saw, you never even said goodbye.
I will never forget your face.
So sorry I made you cry.
I will never forget your face.
11. Prodigal (3:25)
Rise up.
It's time to go home.
My child why are you weeping?
You have wallowed with the swine too long.
Since you left, I've been dreaming of the day you would return.

I would give my eyes just to see you walking down the road to home.

Come home.
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