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Abysmal Thresholds Full Album Lyrics

Corpsessed - Abysmal Thresholds cover art

Abysmal Thresholds

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-21)
1. Invocation (1:12)
2. Of Desolation (4:39)
Triumphant storms
Ravaged above

Now remains
Eerie winds
Whisper of horrors
Carrying screams of annihilation
An afterglow of eradication

Where towers once spired
Towards the skies
Now lay shattered
Crushed like trampled bones in myriad pieces

No stone left upon stone
No epitaphs to mourn over
A vanished moment
Now forgotten in the eyes of the cosmos

May the earth swallow the remains
And conceal the scars of what once was...
Buried in a forsaken dream

No one will remember us
3. Trepanation (4:28)
And the skin shall yield
Metopic excoriation
Drill works the cranium
Receive the trepanation

Forcefully open the portal
Unlock the hidden potenital of man
Trespass the mundane vision
Tear the third eye of intuition ajar

The gate that locks the voices outside

The blood flows in increased streams
Weaving gushes of lucid visions

Glare of the pulsating auras
Behold with extrasensory perception
4. Sovereign (5:43)
What once was pure is defiled by a usurper

Anxious to rule your blind herd
Sanctums glorify sovereignty
Hatred embraces despair
Diffidence embodied in scorn

As the feeble become your prey
Segregated from reality

I will not internalize those false words of poison tongue
Expand your realm for one cause
In the name of a higher force

Always bowing to your lord
Pulverized by the void of a nonexistent god

Puppets dance to your pipe
An exaltation of the one

Never forget it
Marionettes incarnate against
the views that you aspire

This is my fight
My own thrust
No redemption
Embrace the fire
5. Necrosophic Channeling (6:57)
The bell resounds in the sepulchral tomb
Fumes taint the air, incense of gravemold
And rotting bonedust

This eerie canticle
Lulls me into the corpsessed state
A low rumble resonates the lair
Underneath the earth of decay

In the vaults below
By the trembling flames
I begin my descent

Drifting towards nonbeing
Seeping into death
Perilous meditation
Reaching the void of gloom

Emanations, bestow me your secrets
Wisdom beyond the grave
Channeling the necrosophic
Show me such sights
No eyes were meant to behold!

My life begins to drain

Struggling I begin the ascent

Release me from your grip
And let me return with deathly knowledge

I close the ritual with the 13th knell
6. Ravening Tides (4:39)
The morning dawned upon our wretched company
Who laid cursed on the tides of the austere sea
Aroused to the perfect sense of forlorn
Scavenging in vacant idleness provisioning for deliverance!

Despondent in vacuity
Castaway to a certain demise
Exertion of body and mind

Bodies on the deck
Reflections of the beast below


Creeping awareness of torturous decease
Horrendous visions of a mauling beast


Passed companions' corpses will nurture
The ravening hunger of the ones left

The morning dawned
Upon few of the company
In the grip of madness
With no salvation!
7. Apotheosis (4:37)
Consummate the Apex Crown
Imbued with energies of sulphurous conduct and mercurian fire
Divulge in stygian illumination

With me rages the potent flame
A promethean will of becoming
The Center of Vitriol is a mirror
Universal solvent of the Divine Self
From the worldly flesh

Exaltation, coronation
A pivotal point of rectification

Dissolvement of Former Being

Concentrate, coagulate
Traverse all Seven Gates

Disembowel the serpent
And rise with lions jaws

A sphere within the sphere
The purified astral body emerges
In the infinite ocean of darkness
A star is awakened
8. Demoniacal Subjugation (3:11)
I ascend... through the spires of thick mist
Perception perishing
Bereft, gasping for... air

Teeth gnawing
Nauseous nightmarish narcosis

Black and white tiles on the floor twisting
Calling to join them, to a dance in depravity

Wide awake
Thresholds of sanity falter
Eyes shut
Tormented by fiends

The curtain falls
Darkness reveals
The face of my father
Effigy of demise

I descend... through the clouds of searing ash
Perception perishing
Existence, or am I dead?
9. Transcend Beyond Human (4:13)
Grotesque vision of throne
Construct of death and vile
Horrific pile of limbs and bone
My vessel to ascension

Foul deed of sacrilege
To abandon all morals
Transcension to godliness
Through abhorrence of gore

Horrid throne of bones
Monument for death
Veil of humanity falls
Now I am immortal

Conquered death
Only a masquerade of man
Conquered death
Transcend beyond human
10. The Threshold (7:18)
IÄ! Yog-Sothoth! IÄ!

He is the Gate, He is the Key
Watcher that knows and sees all
The ominous lurker at the threshold
Eldritch hideous tentacled horror

Noxious spawn, frothing primal slime
In crawling nuclear chaos
Beyond the nethermost fringes of space and time!

Its mask, a congeries of iridescent globes
Hear the incantation of summoning

Break through of old O' Ancient Ones!
Seep through the threshold
The black flowing protoplasmic flesh
Tread the Earth's fields
Once more
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