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IAO 269 Full Album Lyrics

Corpse Garden - IAO 269 cover art

IAO 269

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2018-04-01)
1. Aeon of Horus (4:21)
Dawn of the flame
The awakening
Those who dare to seek the Path of the Wise
Revel in the mysteries of Life and Death
In deep meditation
Channeling forces of nature our vision is clear
Mistress of the Words of Power
Nourish our spirit with magick
To manipulate the essence of the Earth
Worshiping the Sun's perpetual sacrifice
Occult rites of necromancy
Conquering death He shall rise
And spawn life from his blackening
The age of rebellion
"The crowned and conquering child, who dieth not, nor is reborn, but goeth radiant ever
upon His Way. Even so goeth the Sun: for as it is now known that night is but the shadow
of the Earth, so Death is but the shadow of the Body, that veileth his Light from its bearer."
2. Death Hex (4:34)
Conjuration of wrath and chastisement
Projecting ineffable intentions
A piercing gaze with eyes of fire
Shall be the first sign of the curse
Disinterment of emotions concealed
Evocation of negative aura
Dark current flowing with vehemence
Immersed in a vortex of violence
Woeful intent from the depths of the mind
Manifest in waking consciousness
With incense and a ceremonial blade
To invoke the powers of Saturn
Igniting the black candle
Visualizing a somber landscape
With the howling of hounds
Announcing her presence
May all plagues descend upon you
Unspeakable horrors and unnamed diseases
Left to dwell in everlasting torment
Sostengo la guadana de la vida y de la muerte
Del platino en mis ojos, el mandato Esmeralda!
3. Ain Soph Aur (5:09)
Black emptiness aura
Great source of it all
Vast ignition of consciousness
Intermelded with all, yet they are not
Without boundaries or limits, father Chaos of it all
Unity of opposites in complete ignorance of differences
Ain Soph Aur
Limitless light, limitless thoughts, limitless matter of limitless source
You writhe our souls towards the negative force
The wisdom, the knowledge, the endless and void
Keep calling our spirits, our old ancient souls
In thee we find our own paths
Paths of death and paths of light
For Daath calls our names, with eternal intuitive force making its way through old ancient
For it doesn't matter how much one fights it
or if it's not understood
The negative veils of existence, within and without
Will never cease its work on our souls
Until thou both will unite
In eternal fire
4. Selenomantic Ecstasies (5:30)
Gazing entranced
Into a myriad of shifting shapes
Your halo of blinding light
Mezmerizing yet so revealing
Ominous visions
We accept the gift of your knowledge
Both blessing and curse
You have witnessed it all
I have seen the manifestations of Hecate
Goddess of the three paths
Lay down your veil of silver upon us
Potnia Theron
Master of the wilderness come forth
Supernal presence
I raise my glance to the night sky
To receive unearthly wisdom
May your flaming torches be my guide
Through this thick fog of poisonous illusions
May your flaming torches light the crossroads
Leading to the secrets of the Void
Separarás la tierra del fuego
En la detonación del tiempo
La fuerte fuerza de toda la fuerza
Consuma absoluta la operación del Sol!
5. La muerte: Principio y redención (6:09)
6. IAO 269 (4:51)
Summoned by inertia
Wavelenghts of depraved origin
The call of the Void
Echoing since inception
Transcending in unity
The cycle of eternal return
Incorporeal death, ceremonial
Spiraling outwards infinitely
The cult of the Serpent, the Left Hand Path
Isis, Apophis, Osiris
Earth and Fire becoming one
Witchcraft opening the Third Eye
Energy in balance
Arcrimony, melancholy,
To keep silence
The cult of the Serpent, the Left Hand Path
Isis, Apophis, Osiris
Earth and Fire becoming one
The gates open with synergy
7. The Elevenfold Vibration (8:44)
Abraxas, the great archon
The power above all and First Principle
The cause and first archetype of all things
Sabaoth, betrayer of Ialdaboath
You that gave birth to the mind
Cosmic oversoul omnipresent
The synthesis of energies
Architect of matter
Semes eilan Abraxas
Spirit concealed between light and dark
Sun King, holds the key of frequency
The cosmic matter that gave us...
All in one
The crowning of the spheres
Force of coagulation
Consecration of the Universe
Azoth of philosophers
Thy golden beam eternal
Marches on and on and on
Guardo en mí el tempestuoso anillo del fuego
La magia oculta del viejo pasajero
Corriendo en reversa hacia mí para siempre
Los ojos se tornan blancos ante la gran verdad
En 5 puntas perfectas ofrezco el gran pentáculo humano
Apuntando fijamente hacia la infinidad del pensamiento
Y los ojos se tornan blancos ante la gran verdad
El anochecer es inevitable!!!
El gran carruaje anuncia su llegada
Iluminando los cielos del rojo platino
Que los ojos se inviertan ante la gran verdad
Y así... las estrellas caen a la tierra!
Mi cuerpo se eleva ahora hacia lo alto!
Alcanzando lo que hay más allá del Sol!
Y si! Lo veo fijamente cruzando fugaz entre los astros esenciales!
Sellando el pacto con el Pleroma Universal!
Errantes en lo alto son movidos en el eje los planetas!
El Sol es el Padre de la Piedra, la errante Cintia Madre!
El cielo se ha tornado rojo y amenazantes espejos emergen de él!
Ventus ventre tulit natum, Terra cibavit eum!
8. Expanding the Vision Call (4:59)
Gazing into evolving fire
In me the axis of times
I command through vast dimensions
A star upon me is sealed
In flashes my lightning is clear
I behold everything that is
A portal of times I carry in
A limitless bond of fire and wind
The wind bloweth where it listeth
But cans not tell whence it cometh
Universal synthesis in effect it is
When sun entwines with the night
Our force is conceived in a cosmic breath
Expanding the vision call
The wind bloweth where it listeth
But cans not tell whence it cometh
9. Loathing (7:01)
Drowning in obscured waters
The cold grip of solitude around my neck
Paralyzed by this perpetual grief
The cloak of sorrow that surrounds me
This life is but the eternal celebration of misery
Doomed to endure this perennial suffering
Wounds that bleed with every step towards nothingness
Wander among wastelands
The abyss speaks to those with the ability to listen
But as it bestows, so it will deprive
Loathing, lamentations
A dagger piercing my heart
Anguish, desperation
Unchaining my essence
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