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Grievous Full Album Lyrics

Convulsing - Grievous cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-09-21)
1. Beaten (10:33)
Loom above the corpse
Dripping from closed fists
Soaked inviscous fluids
Body still convulsing
The sensation remains, frantic exhalation

Gaze upon the wreckage
The battle fought
No comfort finds me
Only hollowness

What's to become of me now?
Where is my enemy?
What foe to vanquish? What peak to climb?
Where is my zenith?
Vanishing point?
War waged, all for naught?

The lost, lost always
The taken, forever taken
The space within my skin; my kingdom, my prison
Lay in ruin

No vigor renews the shattered
No effort can hope to rebuild me
Vortex at the core where I am cast to suffer fate
And yet I am freed
2. Inert (7:50)
Withered hand upon the shoulder
Reaching through the shell
Grasped at the root
Unearthing what's been buried
Kept away from the piercing light
Out of reach and resolute
Azure shround, cobolt drapery
Smothers fleeing embers
Fibres emit faintest glow, diminishing
Encircles finality unrepentant

Inescapable gravity of loss
Lay upon the head

Atmospheres of pressure
Crushing searching self
Bound to sinking stone
In waters devoid
Cleaved of form within tempest depths
Frozen and inert
3. Relent (8:09)
A faded echo drifts here
Reverie amongst the hollow passages
Altars desolate, faintly tremble
Weakening in the stillness
Shaken by subtle resonance

As horizons grow dark, and despair descends
Perdition without warmth, the dissolution of moments
Emptiness erase the memory of us all
In the decaying light, anguished as our sight dims
A helplessness takes hold
The loss indesinent, entire worlds fall grey

Detached in thoughtless abyss, essence of the host
Eternity dreaming in an ethereal void
I relent
Lead into the null unwakefulness, meditation
Bodies lay cold and dead

Now unravels this woven earth
Falling in to measures beneath
And aperture to the parallel
As I behold the recission, I am released
Carried into the cycle
I embrace the end with no resistance
Leave this world to drown in its sorrow
4. Were (5:02)
I've longed for this
The taste of your flesh
Writhe as I constrict
My furores sewn in lattices
Forming the length by which you'll hang
Cry for me
I'll take all of it
As you fucking choke, I'm alive again!

No longer
Forfeit to me
It belongs to me
I'd forgotten
How it felt
5. Strewn/Adrift (9:49)
These final hours
Ending restless years

In a moment I am gone, tossed against the stones
Shattering like stained glass, into fragments of the whole
Carried beyond this hopeless void, merging with the earth

Silent soil, dead as dreams
Waits patient to claim the past
Stolen remnants of the lost
But I am gone
Shifted into shape unknown

Broken vows echo black
I am changed into another
Empty shell is burned, ashes strewn, adrift

Former is lost now, there can be no return
Cast the self into inferno
I emerged cleansed by the flames

Witness what I have become
Disparate shade passing through the firmament
Particles swept on by a solar wind
Dreaming in universal expanse
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