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Errata | Full Album Lyrics

Convulsing - Errata cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  100 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2016-12-14)
1. Descend Beneath (6:07)
Seethe, black
Beyond bounds
Deep within the innermost self
Deeper still than can be known
Lightless, here exists nothing

The purpose of flesh is to suffer
Unrelenting misery
To know the anguish of existence
Is to know the highest truth

Fall into anguish
Descend beneath, never to rise
Dismal thralldom awaits
Never to be released
2. Altered (5:06)
Confront the inner face
Deformed by indoctrination
Horrific vision of within
Ouroboric form writhing in agony
Underneath the foundation
Crushing gnosis. Facing desolation.

Strip away falsehood walls reduced to dust
Destroy. Let nothing remain
Consciousness forever altered

Piercing the veil of perception
To reveal what exists beyond
To be reborn, recreated
Uncorrupted and forever altered
3. Severed Hemispheres (4:55)
Halves of a whole
Pillars of sense united in filth
Cranial surgery to sever the link
Cerebrally split to sate the desire
Perception lost. Separated mind.

Solace in self-mutilation
Severed hemispheres
Phrenic dissection
Wake from the dream of self
Exit the lie and be released
4. Dis (7:00)
Sink further into aether
Vessel emptied, weight lifted
Becoming air
Existence transcended

I dissolve
As if into an endless dream
No earthly trace remains
Reaching final bliss

Drifting toward void eternal
Long awaited emptiness

Beyond the veil, bathed in white
Still and silent, there is nothing
At last
5. Eleven Sigils (5:33)
Breath of aeon
Echoes through chambers
Shade awaken
Take possession

Come forth, Apollyon!
In ancient rite I summon thee!
Rise now, fallen one!
Eleven sigils carved into my flesh!

Passage opened into shadow
Perfect hatred manifested

Breath of chaos
Whispers unto me lost words of woe
Servant to pain and death
6. Invocat (5:37)
Submit yourself to self-destruction
Surrender unto its will
Forfeit the soul. It will not serve you here
Embrace the emptiness within

Serpent crest ablaze, symbol of servitude
Burns the innocence to ashes
Flames of hatred engulf fragility
Until all life has been consumed

Perish, wretched one
Spawned of cowardice
Perish wretched one
You shall fall
All shall fall

7. The Sky Moves Sideways (Porcupine Tree cover) (6:42)
(Original by Porcupine Tree) (sic)

We lost the skyline
We stepped right off the map
Drifted into blank space and let the clocks relapse

Sometimes I feel like a fist
Sometimes I am the colour of air
Sometimes it’s only afterwards
I find that I’m not free

We laughed the raind down
Slow burn on the lawn
Ghosts across the downtown swallowed up the storm

In the dream dusk
We walked beside the lake
We watched the sky move sideways
And heard the evening break
8. Dragged (7:23)
Shut inside
Locked away
Blackest pit
I am left to rot

Time has passed, yet I remain
Waiting to die slow and pitiless death

Pulled ever downward, drained by every moment
Cursed to suffer
At every instant, dragged into abyss

Hanged from the neck above the precipice
Savage tumult below devours weakened souls

A helpless captive. Solitary burden
Total fucking blackness clawing at the threshold
Cannot be ignored
I will succumb
I will submit
Never was any fucking doubt
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