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Exiler Full Album Lyrics

Construct of Lethe - Exiler cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-05-02)
1. Rot of Augury
Raping auspices, surrounded by the plight
As Aegypius take flight the elder senses six
While the other sees twelve
Attacked by ancient plague

Tiresias' clairvoyance conveys from transformations
Burnt offering smoke
Eighteen illusions
Copulation with snakes, curse of impiety
While the parchment smolders
Plunge within augury

The past and present flow from shadows
Coalesce into the nethervoid wept of bereft eyesockets
Hung and dressed for the flay
Drunk on the veins of ritual sacrifice

The tympanic bequeaths vision to malleus
So the speech of vultures can be discerned
The elegiac hymns from the fore reverse their workings
Rot of augury

How the embrace of Tilphussa soothes
As the bolt nests in your heart

Exuded delusions, an entry to not
Witness before time as flesh lies tattered
Revolt in the pit
Attacked by ancient plague
2. A Testimony of Ruin
De profundis clamavi ad te Domine
Domine, exaudi vocem meam

Stare into the empty eyes of her
Hodegetria begins hematemsis
It flows over the pale skin of the acheiropoieta
Forged by no hands

Bury me in lapidation and shelter me from the light of the lamb
I see no more as Rajm casts dust upon the fire

Servants walk the threshing floor wreathed in pitted marble
Decay has set in, the stench of millennea
Thy gaze is fractured as a fissure splits the sclera
Pupil of black enters chamber
She whispers a faint apolytikion to the cradled maggot

Mary, art thou not a liar: why then dost thou not to the catacombs
And lay beneath a retamaine, praying for death
And dream of being held in the streams of Al-Maghtas
lungs heave, your son holds you under, he is no more nimbated
3. The Clot
Horror ubique animos, simul ipsa silentia terrent
Consecrated schema scorns naive novitiate

Conscientiousness undone
Penned within Euchologion bound in flesh
Each sticheron leads to megalynarion,
The laughter comprehends
Recite backwards Slotho d-Yeshu
Though you do not speak
Eastern formulae sleepless ones celebrate in perpetua

A corpse mound pulpit from which Axeinos spurts, oozing wretch
Rise 'alaq and fill the void created for thee

His wings are numbered hexakosioi hexekonta hex

Thrice the stigma is as ligature, tightened bout the throat
I undertake katabasis to descend to the Hetoimasia
Affliction amongst dieties
Crawl from the desert with phulakterion bound to the limb
Regurgitate the schema: listen, hear, do unholiness
Sanctify to me!

Retsu'ot coils tightly on the throat
None there amidst the black but my god
Rose the gallows for crows
"How manifold are they works?"
Who cover'est himself with plague as a mantle of gold?
4. Soubirous
Recumbent, lie as hewn gisant
Effigy in eternal repose, hands clasped in prayer
Hands with skin sloughing off
Await resurrection, await nothing
In the partial light, the transi seems to swarm

Vile supper for the crawling and gnawing
As I was above, as I am below
Shrouded, borne by pleurants eight
Insatiable, I delve into the thorax

Remove Soubirous' heart, her falseness intoxicates
Defile the incorrupt, wax face is mine to covet

Ribs snap in the course of inquiry
Ligaments I find still supple after all these years
Putrid odor of unsanctity condemns her glorificiation
Aquero spoke at the seventeenth vision
What whispered the wretch?
"Consecrate a chapel for my vanity"
Raped immaculately
5. Fugue State
Awake inside a rock cut tomb, perhaps a surgical theater
The light is so faint that I can't really tell for sure
What I am totally aware of however,
Is the small, disproportionately miniature head in my right hand
It is wrapped in layer upon layer of gauze
As I begin unraveling the first few
I come to the realization that i have in my hand
The head of Jesus fucking Christ

Though I do not see it, I know this is fact
One of those revelations one gets only in a dream
To know without knowing
Clear fluid begins seeping out from the Veronica, and I am terrified
I am drenched in what i assume is sweat,
Though it may also be pericardial fluid
And my heart is racing, going into hypovolemic shock
The head of Christ is mocking me
I struggle against the crossbeam
How did it come to this?
Now that asphyxiation sets in

I was always the crucified

Faces drain to alabaster sensing the wheeling of radius
Forcing hands to supine
Crawling to the standing, onward to the kneeling
Precious sepsis come quickly upon infelix lignum
Arbori suspendere
Supplicium more maiorum

A filled Ob around her neck, stretching taught, uttering lament
She revealed these things unto me, and I was unafraid
Inscriptions of Elohim and the watcher over the feasts of depravity
Are rooted in ancient tongues - pluralis excellentiae
Lead weights and leather cord lead to the coldness
Cracked lips
Faith's decapitant
Rise draconian law, come and smash the earth
Cleanse the weak by the means of storms
A disease, that will distort and shift the body
Augment the flesh by flames to travel asunder
Among bloody marble halls
Censer bearers moan in rags, the fume fails to cleanse the air
Another's savior they cry "come and see, he is beside thee"
I spat
My own requiem to a rotting coffin
I fester, seethe, and boil
6. Terraces of Purgation
Et in Arcadia ego
Ashes and flies mix in the choking wind
Blinded eyes behold that which is not
My inward nekyia reveals discarded ones

Voiceless angelic figures disavow with vomitous troparion
I summon the twin to the Metatron
Protect the sickened spawn of mine

I travel millennia to reach thy throat
And slash it with the left hand
Fall again cherub of Ark

Gather pitiful cries together as garland
And descend the enumeration of ten
Disgrace is thine to bear

Ad te suspiramus, gementes et flentes
In hac lacrimarum valle
Me immundum munda tuo sanguine
O memoriale mortis Domini
Vere passum, immolatum in cruce
Sicut erat in principio,
Et nunc
Et semper
Et in saecula saeculorum
7. Fester in Hesychasm
Fester in Hesychasm upon a tower of silence
The immolation reeks from phylacteries
Nasu bow to me
Nusessalars! Pallbears of the crypt

In speech, in tongue like Stentor the depths are called
Carving waste paths to the cloister
Holy whore
She beckons with eyes bleeding black

I see in statuesque ruin she holds his punctured corpse
Weeping, internally bleeding

Sacrifice initiates silence
Lies built upon a carrion shroud
Defiled eucharist fixed to five points

From him flows utter eternal decay

Utter blasphemies, inverted script
Whisper the urging of sins, beckoned by the liar

Constriction to suffocate
Insidious flesh abounds
Disbeliever upon the brow etched
What his breath touches all dissolves

She envenoms and ensnares the light
In a goat mask she's veiled
Inhale the abyss, lungs fill
With the abortion of humanity
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