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Observations Full Album Lyrics

Construct - Observations cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-08-05)
1. The Oppressor (4:27)
Say a word and i'll disagree
Eternal hate
You're my enemy
Growing rage fueled every day
Can not wait for your last breath

The oppressor feeds on our fear
Poisonous infection by the words you say

Free speech for you I can't defend
So tired to pretend
Can't stand a word anymore
Seen through your lies before

Disguised intensions I reject
Your illusions, fear they reflect
Soon you're gone,
all too late
We rejoice as you suffer in your fate

Enjoy this short lived glory
As you die, we're saved from purgatory
Your ego grows like cancer
A fact you can't disguise
as you drown in your own lies
2. Progress Into Depravity (3:36)
Onwards to an infinite emptiness
Chaos in our design
Altering fate, we shall fall
The loss of humanity in us all

Rushing through without a slightest thought
Compulsive destruction by default
A trail of failures in our wake
the nature we cannot fake

Progress into depravity
Creating our downfall with true intents
A scorched reality
Progress into depravity

Subconscious, mission to end mankind
A final act of vanity
Losing the battle against ourselves
The darkness in which we dwell

Born of disaster
Slave to damnation
Road to the end, last exit behind

Madness gone too far
Nothing left to scar

Progress into depravity
Creating our downfall with true intents
A scorched reality
Embracing insanity

Progress into depravity
Forced down this path all without consent
Now revere profanity
as we progress into depravity
3. A Lost Cause (3:45)
Merciless misery
is flowing through my veins
It will not stop
until I step into my grave

I compromise every thought
in my conciousness
Instinctive sentiments
hardly gets expressed

Questions dwell within my head
Silence wins once again

Whispers turn into war
tragedy we can't ignore
Patience might soon fade away
Seeing through the flaws
probably for a lost cause

Wondering how much
I should give of myself
Will I feel used
until i bid this world farewell?
4. Primal Weakness (3:32)
From the start
'til we depart
A neverending fight
to choose what's right

Immidiate fix you crave
Transforms you into a slave

All delight we must repent
Will you ever comprehend?
Drawn to death by default
Primal weakness in us all

The magic poison
becomes your sin
Temptation won't
never let you win

To self-destruction we are damned
This impulse we should withstand
Drawn to death by default
Primal weakness in us all
5. Neanderthal Inside (3:38)
All rationality has died and decayed
From this existance I immediately want to escape
Disconnect me from this great absurdity
Stunning headlines guides your lives relentlessly

Shock and sensation going gold
Just be first and uncontrolled

Made to belive
Allured by the first thing you see
Gullible minds
Still neanderthal inside

Your attention these flashes caught
Now spread the news around the world without a single thought
Make this lie your millionth excuse
Freedom of speech time and time again being abused
6. Introspection (4:52)
So used to carry the pain
All my thoughts I to you dedicate
Cold, black grief all that I see
Should I leave or welcome this insanity?

Constant hunt for a cure
restless soul so insecure
Damaged hope weakened day by day
Life-long, everlasting pain

I become lost without your fears
All my pride fades to memories

Your darkness I now demand
Habitual need
In sorrow I went on to find
my purpose and peace of mind

All the prayers I keep within
building up to a painful fall
Scars so deep it is sickening
Stuck in here, in need for an awakening

Trying to run from the fear
escaping without any sense
Or find a way to be sincere to yourself
'cause you can't erase inheritence
7. Relapse (1:40)
8. Indecisive Minds (4:22)
Far away and beyond
our reasonable minds
lies a key that unlocks
infinite bliss

Too much respect
corrupts ourselves
No determination left inside
Trying 'til motivation dies

Contagious circle of these repeating thoughts
Contamination is imminent now

All these choises got ourselves delayed
Indecisive minds fully displayed

Seeking with caution
for an option
finding contradiction
Can you see the irony?
We're trapped in freedom

All these choises got ourselves delayed
Now our minds are stuck for nights and days
Way too distant from our path we stray
Indecisive minds fully displayed

All too often we seem to overthink
how to kill the voice of reason
We linger on about this wasteful day
as if consequences will last a lifetime
9. Viral Disease (4:04)
Beyond our abilities
We should live every day
Limits set by evolution
Live in this new conformity
Trends followed perfectly
Only brilliance shown externally

Live for the momentary rush
Deny that in the end
every hit makes you weaker
Construct a new identity
Flaws hidden forcefully
Forget your true entity

of our fixation
on the virtual lies

hoax arise

Lost in the screen,
far from your soul
Where narcisism is in full control
Penetrating your eyes
a flawless dream
Soon this viral disease
reigns supreme

Feel the addiction grow
distanced from reality
human contact close to zero
Too much to take it all in
suffering in agony
let seclusion set you free
10. Breaking Point (6:14)
As we search for the light,
we blindly belive deception
Can we get through this darkest hour
before all hope dies?

Compassion subdued day by day
Now on the brink of eradication
We followed the wrong path for too long
Now our future seems so futile

In pitch black void
Without control
I strain to be

But all the weight of this
dystopic world
grinds me down to
a final breaking point
11. Terracide (3:39)
We take this scenic world for granted
Neglecting her demands
We have only ourselves to blame
and our own blood on our hands

'Cause we murder the dreams
of a better tomorrow

Living on the highest ground
standing proud and tall
Too convinced of our supremacy
egoism will be our fall

Slaughtering the innocent
the ones that can not speak
for our arrogance
their misery fills our needs

Polluting the clear blue skies
Building up to our own demise
Too addicted to understand
our vanity has gotten out of hand

Death - crawls out of it's cave
Life - soon nothing left to save
Attain - the loss common sense
Now - let our apocalypse commence
12. Mass Psychosis (4:29)
As i lay my head down to sleep
i feel the scars of this life
rushing back thru my mind
This is not how I pictured my paradise
Only way I could stay alive
is to turn deaf and blind

A neverending thirst for power
Bringing out the worst in us all

Born into slavery
Corrupt code in our stagnant veins
Mass psychosis engaged
Selling our souls each and every day

We choose this path ourselves
to be led into submission
'til the bitter end
This is not how I pictured my paradise
Only way I could stay alive
is to turn deaf and blind
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