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IV Full Album Lyrics

Conquest - IV cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
Album rating :  65 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-19)
1. Storm
Playing with fire
Gone up the skyline
Fearless desires
And freedom calls
Dreams, you've denied
Rised from the twilight
Sins you admired
And passion burns
The time is bluring
Now you have to go

Chorus 1:
Storm will set you free now
Even with your wings down
Hide the pain and stand still
Ride the winds of your will

Kissing the lightning
Lust you are hunting
Step on the sharp sting
To break the walls
Down in the highlights
Heaven in your eyes
Run to the sunrise
Before it blows
This flashing midnight
Will unite our minds

(Chorus 1)

Chorus 2:
Feel the sacred rainfall
In your mind and your soul
Strong enough to face God
Rise again for a new start
2. Last Battle
The smoke is rambling on the shining water
And songs of cannons glorify the death
The clash of steel is all you hear you're sentenced
And blood is running down the afterdeck
Battle rages on
And your hope is gone

Trapped in this hell your dying soul is trembling
Taste my soot, taste my blood
Nowhere to run now do you feel me breathing
On your back, time to die

The glowing sheets won't catch the wind of rescue
And broken mast can't hold your flag no more
The gallows pole is only dream you suffer
Again the living envy to the dead
Battle rages on
And your hope is gone
3. Godless Territory
Black rain is falling
My blood running down the face
My execution
Darkness embrace

The last in line never forgiven
Stand on my knees rope on my neck
Last sacrifice try to believe in
Unspoken god

My temple burning
Still I smell the holy smoke
Stone walls are falling
Sign of the cross

The last in line never forgiven
Stand on my knees rope on my neck
Last sacrifice try to believe in
Unspoken god

Condemned to madness
Unspoken god ... Asp
4. Metal Wings
Feel that strange
Weakness of your hands. It's
Part of your human role
Free your rage,
Search for any chance to
Change the core of your soul

Bridge 1:
Throw wicked flesh
To the pack of hounds
Find burning hell
And call it home.

Now your dreams
Spin like gear-wheels and
Current flows through your hear
Wear the skin
Crafted from the steel and
Find your soul torn apart

Bridge 2:
Alter your fate,
Change your destination.
Hunger and pain
Will light the way

Let the rain wash away
Sins from your metal wings
Hold your breath, let the death
Sing on your metal wings

Bridge 3:
Hide your desires
Under metal plates and
Wait for the wind
To spread your wings
5. My Special Way
No one tries to understand my soul
No one lets me start again the show
I have chosen this role, I'll be there
Because I'm strong to go

Struggling hardly with myself each day
I'm still trying to accept my way
If I could only know,
Is there any place for me to go?

I wish (to) find my own way
Who knows, who can only say,
How hard (I'm) feeling each day!
But now's not like before
I feel really something more
I hear the voice of my own soul

Don't remind me who I was before
I can never be the same once more
My new goal for today's be myself
And realise my way


I have lost my special way to live
I want it back
6. Seventh Gate
Light, I can't believe my eyes
Sweet lullabies
Memories deep in my
Mind. At last I can awake
I finally brake
My chains of slumber

I will set free my sacred brothers
Masters of earth and the sky
The dance and song create the spell
Lock the gate

Damn! It must be just mistake
For heaven's sake
I'm dancing between crystal
Graves. I'm slowly going mad
I must be dead
Forever lonely

How can I find my scared brothers?
Creators of earth and the sky
The song is whist the dance is lout

Gates and enemies unite
My hope os lost in time and light
And the Dragon will fly
Fate can never be defined
The high lord is so proud and blind
But the new dawn shall burn

Earth was destroyed
Worlds were created
Worlds for ourselves and the mensch
The Gates connect the Gates unite
7. Save Me
Time is rolling back my life
Who am I to all of you?
I can't decide.
Cut with the sharpest knife
All these moments we've been through
Left behind

Bridge 1:
In the ashes dreams remain
Waiting 'till another day

Home — another painful lie
Frozen flames of feelings gone
Dead inside
There I have lost your smile
Clear sky, where I belong
Guiding light

Bridge 2:
Can't you feel the past is gone?
Please, forget mistakes I've done

Save me fromm hell endless falling
Break midnight spell and I'll fly again
Can't see your face eyes are burning
I need your love to regain

Bridge 3:
In the darkness lives the pain
Every moment is the same
8. Frozen Angel
Life goes on
Right before my eyes
World of vice
And we keep it dying

Heaven burns in the children's cries
Roll the dice
As they keep on dying

Bridge 1:
Scared number of the beast I've seen
In the dirty hands of their false king

Slaves of flash
Lust is changing faith
Human race
Watch it keep on dying

War is near
Sacrifice your heart
Tear apart
Way it keeps you dying

Bridge 2:
The salvation for this world I've seen
In the power of their black king

Hear my farewell
Fallen soul forever stoned for all sins of the world
Caught by the spell
Covered with the snow pure heart longs for dawn
9. Be My Light
Be my light
Please, I beg you, be my light
I want you to shine my way

Winter night's
Never been so warm and bright
Heal me, take my pain away

I'm falling
I can't see your eyes
I'm falling
Give me my last chance to rise

Show your smile
Show your shy but shiny smile
I've been missing it, my dear
All the time
I was struggling through the lies,
Through the realms of doubt and fear

Chorus 1:
I'm falling
Try to understand
I'm falling
Save me now, I need your hand

Chorus 2:
When the nights are cold — let me warm you
When the darkness comes — let me break through the dark
When you fall asleep — let me guard you
Sweet and fairy dreams till dawn blowso ur the stars

(Chorus 1) (Chorus 2)

When the nights are cold
10. Intruder
Cultivate grief and pain.
That is your scared way.
Tears and nuclear rain
Watered your fields again.

Bridge 1:
Taste the smell of the burnt remains
Know your real name, Intruder.

Hatred and fear — enemy's near.
Swallow their dreams and gore, cause the gods of war
Are watching.
Legins of the damned heard your command,
Slaughtering more and more and the gods of war
Are watching you.

Those, who were doomed to die
Will never ask you why.
Throw out of burning mind
Echoes of children's cry

Bridge 2:
And the lips of the fallen will
Say your real name, Intruder.


Bridge 3:
But the mother who'd lost her child
Cursed your real name, Intruder
11. Forgotten Dreams
Shadows of the past corrupt my mind
Point of no return was left behind

Bridge 1:
I still can feel you
Can hear your breathing
Things will never be the same
Release me

I cry, I cry for you, my friend
I'll try. I'll try to find the land of my forgotten dreams

I will fight untils the suns turn cold
I will triumph as it was foretold

Bridge 2:
No sence to judge me
My feats and blunders
I will find the way, I hope
For wonder

I cry, I cry for you, my friend
I'll try. I'll try to find the land of my forgotten dreams

Bridge 3:
Who could forgive me,
Remove the darkness
Who could make my soul alive and dauntless?
12. Anthem
13. Bonus Track
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