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In The Mouth Of The Devil Full Album Lyrics

Conjonctive - In The Mouth Of The Devil cover art

In The Mouth Of The Devil

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlackened Deathcore
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-10)
1. Purgatory (2:44)
2. You're Next (3:57)
You're fucking next

Kill or be killed
Destroy your blood
Buried in the mud
Awaiting the killing

Bring your axes, put your lamb mask
Sharpen your knife and drink your flask
They say you're the deadliest cancer
This is their final hour

You're fucking dead
You're fucking next

We are the assailants
Conducting the massacre
To inherit the family fortune
Beat them to death
Kicking their chest
Beat them to death
Kicking their chest

Don't cry for your life, I will flay you with my knife
Don't beg me, I have no mercy
Your skin, without your body
Who's the loser, who's the winner?
Die, you, motherfucker

I am the wrath of God
Punish the traitor
Demolish the villain
I am the servant of Satan
3. Falling In The Mouth Of The Devil (3:43)
Lights are off
Discover the nothingness
Of this sad place
Music of life

Around me, calamity
Demons take control
Monsters eat monsters
Limits are reached

The future is written
Bittersweet savor
Is running
Through my throat

Empty and tragic
Falling in the mouth of the devil
Empty and tragic

The sickness follows its path
No barriers, no obstacles
Pain is rough as a rock
Pain is rough as a rock

The storm’s wrath
Brings down on us
4. Down Into The Abyss (4:16)
Descending into the abyss
Under the world, into the earth
A place without any sign of life
Everything is dark, everything is cold

You’re falling down, down, down
Into the abyss

Where the sun doesn’t exist
Where the predator becomes the prey
This is the law of the abyss

Surrounded by dozens of monsters
You can feel them, you can discern their shape

Blinded by darkness, they are not deaf, only starving
Stop crying, stop moving, stop breathing, they are coming

They consume all kinds of living creatures
Human flesh and animal bones

You’re falling down into the abyss

Hunt or be hunted
Kill or be killed
You better have to
If you wanna live

This is the law of the abyss
5. Let Blow The Grim Wind (3:49)
The new born of the world
Has prepared his sword
Made of sadness and anger
We have our revenger

Feel the greatness of the devil
This is the last judgement
Balance the insanity
Ask for your mercy

You will lose yourself
Watch humanity sink
Become suffering
Prayers are for the deaf

Accept the defeat
Bow yourself
Swallow your regrets
It’s breaking your neck
Open all the gates
Free the monsters
Let the blood run and
Feed them all
Let the blood run and feed them all

Everything turns into dust
Inhale the final
Lungs are black and rotten
Let blow the grim wind

This is the world’s glory
Finally it’s risen
You will lose yourself
Watch humanity fall
Watch humanity fall
6. The Cult Of The Shining Planet (3:54)
Write the dark history
The ritual is on its way
Swallow, this is our blood
Poisonous and delicious

Magic and lugubrious
It dazzles our eyes
This time we find ourself
And we’ll give you everything

It was sorrowful and glorious
All hail the King
Gorgeous and nefarious
All Hail The King

The majestic, the shining planet
Beats in our bodies
The offering is the answer
Kill the holy creature

Travelling in the nihility
Corpses are giving their energy
To the only one
To the biggest one

Rise up your hands
Acclame the celestial body
Rise up your hands
To the planet’s glory
Acclame the celestial body
To the planet’s glory
7. Burn Your Eyes (4:07)
Haunted by thousands of ghosts
You never sleep at night
Cursed by your act
This is the weight of shame

Burn your eyes and
Flee from death

You have to find a way
To get them out of your head
Never stay alone
Or you will see red

You made them suffer
They are waiting for you
Await your punishment
Watch out, you're gonna DIE

Waiting for dark days, weep and bleed
They are screaming, they are suffering

You can't handle it anymore
There is only one solution
It's time to take your responsibility
Reveal your secrets to society
8. Hills Of Abomination (3:59)
Somewhere in the sand
Protecting our land
Lost in this wide ocean
Watching the horizon

Results of decades of incest
We are the devils' blessed

Deformed and moronic
We are the heretics

Hills of abomination

Rubbernecks and haters are on our list
We will not let them persist
Our tribe cannot be exposed
At night we always attack


We have to protect our progeny
From the madness of society
We received God's punishment
But we bite like the serpent

We bite like the serpent
9. Defeat The Red Sun (3:41)
The end
The destruction
The dead
The Red sun

He regrets nothing except our pathetic life
We deserve the worst of the world
The end
The destruction
The dead

We’re walking on the way to nowhere
We can't see the end of the road
The blur’s on our eyes
The alignment of planets counts our last moments
The time of the sacrifice comes
It´s our turn
Everything is black
At the dawn of the night, here we are

Wake up your chaos
Give us your choice
Bring us the justice - Die
Bring us the peace - Die

It´s our time
The red sun

His anger is bigger than the world
The end
The destruction
The dead
10. Constellations & Black Holes (4:20)
Help, stars are burning our flesh
Silence! It's dark and miserable
Everything, is rotten and decomposed
Damned! The misfortune is on our heads
Can you save ourselves?
Can you save our souls?

Blighted by the hands of the obscurity
We're colapsing in a black hole

The sounds of our breaking bones
Resonate in the shadow

The earth rejects our bodies
We are the unlike, the parasites
We are the dirty plague
And we burn, burn, burn

Listen to silence / It's cold and empty
Listen to silence / It's sad and blury
Listen to silence / It's cold and empty

From blood to ice
From flesh to dust
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