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No World Order | Full Album Lyrics

Concrete Sox - No World Order cover art

No World Order

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresCrossover Thrash, Crust Punk
LabelsLost & Found Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-11-13)
1. Subliminal Thought Circumcision (5:58)
Shopfloor hierarchy, the slaves are a team
The imbecile security mimes the overhead music theme

Initiating the sermon, in the consumer citadel
The heavenly hymns, spew forth
Value packs for the congregation
This brainwashing semen we disgorge

Subliminal thought circumcision!

Languish in your squalor
Subcutaneous of your brain
Thrive on the products, that you need
Substantial bleach, for the non-existent stain

Subliminal thought circumcision!

Recreating the scene, receptive beings deceased
No absolution for your greed, all your life now your to blame
Parallel era, it's the dawn of the dead!
2. Senile (4:39)
I can see, despise in your eyes
I'm subversive, in my looks
You're pretentious, to the last
You're just forgotten, pawns of the past

Pertaining of great armies
Annihilated in your path
You tell of great heroes
Good looking psychopaths

Incubus, of your sleep, that you crave
Indelible, in your brain, now it stays
Then you march on Remembrance Day
Worshipping the burial, where the dead lay
3. Wretched Insertion (4:33)
Authorities of death
They are disciples of greed
Retching at my brain
My thoughts they bleed
A deliverance of sanctuary is my creed
The hope of life is my need

Persecution of my life
Is their cenobitical aim
But a cacophonous death
Is the final link in my chain

Convoluted thoughts impregnate my mind
Parasitic beings to the system preside
Wretched insertion of my brain
4. Disinfect (3:40)
New technology, festering in our brains
It has no hopes and putrid aims
Bar codes will be tattooed as names
A personification of their malignant games

Silicon chip implanted in your thoughts
Coca-Cola kids for the future that doesn't exist
Pushed through the system
Declared a waste of cash
You're now bio-degradable human trash

Desensitised in due course
While they take the applause
Now it's time to disinfect
Now it's time to disinfect
5. The Hate I Create (4:34)
Intoxicated trance, is the release of the other half
Reciting my dirge, emotional dance is my reportage

The hate now I create
I'm impaled in this trance

Always apologising, through the remains
This allotment of hate I create
In the mirror, both are insane

The hate now I create
I'm impaled in this trance

I have no self respect because of you
Extruding the need, for a lost cause
Fighting my inner self
Please I need a divorce
I need a divorce now
6. Bitter End (3:45)
A faded photograph of your past -
You were naïve in what you did believe
You were inclined to always question why?
But now you're content
You've reached the bitter end

Fine words you spoke
But now they choke
So mock your past
With hollow laughs

The light was bright all them years ago
A part of your chronicle still manages to glow
A decelerated shadow of your former self
An armchair cynic
A burnt out shell

Always one in the crowd
But you're really alone
Where did it all go
Where did it all go?
7. Alienation (4:41)
Divide and rule
Scrolls from the system tray
Black and white colour clash
Now faded to grey
Paradoxical barricades
In this graveyard for the living
The people and the concrete
Are so damn unforgiving

Obtrusive in my head
My individuality resumes
You made nefarious
That I can only assume

I'm not your fool
They divide and rule
Obscurely sedated
By methodical means
Ineptly blinded
Low life deceived
8. Sometimes I... (3:09)
When I see the morning sun
I know another day has come
I get up, feel so fucking mad
Maybe I'm stark raving mad
Should I succumb to the norm
Or can I be myself and feel the scorn?

Sometimes I have nihilistic ways!
Sometimes I have fornicated days!
Sometimes I have preterist craves!
Sometimes I have resurgent raves!
I have spasms now and again
I retaliate when I'm pained

Sometimes I am seldom right!
Sometimes I can inseminate all night!
Sometimes my dreaming can't stop!
But I will never trust a cop!
9. Tracy's Song (3:58)
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