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Somnium XIII | Full Album Lyrics

Cold Colours - Somnium XIII cover art

Somnium XIII

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Atmospheric Gothic Metal
LabelsThe Root of All Evil Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 8 Carlos Acioli (2013-05-20)
1. Agony (3:16)
lost in my own silent world of regret
paging through my life i know what it meant

i’m regretting - my life
i’m repenting - my pain
lost in sorrow - no more
i can see the lies
regretting - no one
repenting - it all
now i know - what i
must be to rid it all

i feel the life resurface
and as i lash through you i love the agony

i tasted the bile, i stared at denial
i’ve given my world to you

what can i do to throw you away?
what else is there left to feel?
2. Suicidal Somnium (3:36)
alone in a darkened room, in a deathlike trance
anticipation of suicide, one final farewell
the cold blade touches my skin
sweat drips from my brow
one slash, one more time
through never, this empty night - tonight

twil be my last goodbye, and now i finally die
lived my life in regret, lived life in pain, and now it’s no more

where did the happiness go, was it ever there?
how did i ever last? here’s my last word
banished those who said they were friends
your colours finally surfaced
no you’ll never have the pleasure
of killing my soul - never

this is my last goodbye, so here i die
lived my life in regret, lived life in pain, and now it’s no more

one last goodbye, so here i die
lived my life in regret, lived life in pain, for now i’m dead
3. Autumn Reign (4:38)
in the autumn reign i cry, holding back the life
that rests in my arms
visions of a beauty lie like the flames in my soul
she tastes my raging heart

i cry only for your tears, i die only for your heart
fill my heart and fill my soul
i dry all the tears you cry, while in my heart i slowly die
taste my blood and fill your veins

where has all the daylight gone? like a rose she withered away
kill my heart and kill my soul
lying in solitude, i flee the feelings i have felt
the demise of...

autumn reign - take me away
autumn reign - take me away

no more emotion in my tears, no more life within my souls
here’s your heart and here’s your soul
now the tears are only mine, and the life returns as well
you will never forget

autumn reign
4. Misguided Entity (3:57)
bowing to your graven gods
in fear of what they hold
a hell that is your bliss
paradise not what you thought
now your mortal life has ceased
for eternity here you will dwell
heaven. but not in your mind
your ignorance has condemned you

a black rose has fallen to your feet
serets of life you hold dear
why dusk you see the light when darkness is in your mind
misguided entity, what have you done?

a soul in which he hides
sapien not, for one you have denied
his soul you did not believe
and now you lay down on your knees
5. A Red Rose in a Blackened World (5:29)
i see the visions in here eyes, a lost world of bitter demise
i taste the nightsky on her skin, i piss the shit out of her world

raging inside i bow to her as due
laughing it’s stare like a fluent tragedy
no longer will i question why
no more will i delve inside

oh where are you this evening? i need your touch to light my world
product of man you hate them all, we’ll kill there world and watch them fall
watch me now as i lay me down in your arms of roses
kiss me deep and shun them away, love me now as we die
6. Lost (4:32)
searching through your eyes, staring at mine
visions of a time gone by
living without it, never again now
memories i can’t deny

as i pull you close, emotions flow
i could stay forever here with you
i felt so alone until i touched your skin
now i feel so complete

looking back now, i see the picture
a time when all felt this way
centuries on lonliness, hate and despair
are now memories as well

then she tasted death, the reaper drew near
goddamn all ye souls, burn in hell

now i no longer choose to live on
this world no longer will suit me
we’ll be together, joined in death
in serenity we will be
7. Wolfthorn (4:02)
from smoke like serpents to the water
alone i entered this world
full of pain, a world of sorrow
so many unanswered lies
into the arms of hope i lay my waking head
through the eyes of death, i reap my own regrets

no words to justify my strength to carry on
hopes of extasy fill my mind

staring at the moon in the sky as i lay awake in silence
a refuge to escape reality, wolven blood flowing through my veins
rip out the heart of man, fill it with the words of truth
carry on the love of life, bring back the thoughts of night

suckling at the breasts of mother earth
taking the blood from her heart
8. The Last Regret (4:45)
like a flame burning inside, raging hearts will never die
burning passion trying to be free, let loose your rage and fly with me
bastard sons of the blinded eyes will never see the bliss we feel
so let them follow their path, it’s paradise they will never see

raging deep inside like the clouds above
will you taste my heaven now? and ascend

why wait for the sun to shine again? i’d rather die
when all hope of living inside you has ceased, will you rise?

hearts of black will be reborn in the arms of crimson eyes
no book will say what i know, eternal dreams is where i’ll go
don’t preach to me your weakness now, your heaven has no place for me
we’ll just laugh as you wither away into the mptiness that is your life

when all hope is gone, take my hand and fly away
a shining sea of eternal never, ascend

why wait for the sun to shine again? i’d rather die
when all hope of living inside you has ceased, will you rise?
through all our lives we have shared all our dreams
into a world that they never have seen

now our lives have been complete, here is your life again
come and rest within her arms and dream away
9. Awake Pt. 2 (3:28)
i broke my will again, now i can’t remeber how it started
the pain of her still dwells inside

i clutch to the hands of death, balancing on the threshold of love
why do i harbor so much pain? why do i even try?
give me back the days of past when the world was so much more
now tomorrow no longer brings the hope that i will live

in life i can’t remeber a day when the thought has left my mind
when will i ever know? when i reach my destiny, it holds...

the answers to heaven and a blissful place of love and life
it’s all so far away from my mind, it has been taken away from me

why you even dare to touch me, the answers i do not know
why you even want to know me when the pain fills up my soul

it’s all so bleak the time i want to reach, it’s never been in my grasp
and now i ask why should i? when you killed my very soul

crushed my heart and buried my soul, left me to die in hell
no sorrow as you laugh upon my grave, unfeeling heart of black
give me back the life that i deserve and go to the hell you created
rub salt into your wounds to feel the way i lived my life

now the time for peace has ended, and the hope has been destroyed
now you lay pleading for love as i crush you in the palm of my hand
10. Autumn Reign (Reprise) (5:19)
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