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To Hell Full Album Lyrics

Cobra - To Hell cover art

To Hell

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-10-19)
1. Beyond the Curse (8:44)
Beyond the Curse

The war on the horizon
Came staining, fields with blood
Nor fire or iron
Could make it stop

The hordes killed the strong ones
The weak were torn apart
Children and women
Were toys of war

They crushed our bones to ashes
And ripped the flesh for blood
They threw us to the dark flames
So our lives could be eaten by their gods

Pain and fear through massacre
Drowned the spirits into void
There was no more light in thought
But a hellfire in the core

Within the pile of corpses
Left behind to rot
I crawled and fought
Against all odds

My mind denied the dying
Despair began to forge
Hatred, madness
And rising force

I’ve followed them through wastelands
Despite the deepest wounds
I’ve trained in reading black signs
I will hunt them anywhere until their doom

Blinding rage and thirst for blood
Guide the vengeance through the curse
Death still waits ahead the road
But ‘till hate and pain had gone
Until the pain has gone

Human strength seems not enough
Life’s a war that can’t be won
But there remains a force to evoke
Evil fire to burn them all

Father... Evil... Rise and burn them all
Inner... Demon... Rise and burn them all

Music & Lyrics: Augusto Morales
2. Fallen Soldier (5:05)
Fallen Soldier

4 a.m. and I’m still alive
Got to shoot my brother to survive
There’s no choice
Kill or be killed, this is war
I can hear the ones I killed
General, I swear you, I’m not sick
Mined paths
Everything is so different from home

‘Cause I know
Between life and death there's only a stroke
No, I won’t
Pretend I’m a hero when I’m only a man

Fallen soldier go and die
They have more lives to sacrifice

See the fear in my face
My comrades say “Go ahead! Be brave!”
I don’t know
If tomorrow I’ll be alive, that’s not sure
I start to see the beauty of the corpse
I might return inside a wooden box
Oh lord
I pray not to be one of those

War is over but not in my head
Only a bullet can make me forget!

Music: Nito Mejía
Lyrics: Harry el Sucio
3. Danger Zone (3:01)
Danger Zone

The night’s a trigger fire
And neon eyes are chasing my back
Desperation has taken me towards an unknown place
It seems like a danger zone that I have to face
I’m running down to escape
City alleys are a maze
Every step is uncertain, but street lights guide my way
Don’t know what’s going on, I got to go straight
Red code! Alert!
The sirens are screaming my name
Don’t hesitate or surrender, remember I chose this game
I follow my own rules, I'm not scared
No risk, no fun at all
The thrill rises on danger zone
Guts over this nightmare, I burn my last chance now
I look back in the shadows, there’s no trace of them

Music: Nito Mejía
Lyrics: Harry el Sucio
4. Rough Riders (4:16)
Rough Riders

Infernal fires collide in freedom at night
The boiling bloods have the fuel to feed the wildness
Riding rough to seek the might

Black leather skins, maniac bringers of lust
Perverted hogs releasing madness, malignant scorn
Riding rough with flaming horns

Speeding! Thrusting! Through the gates of hell!
Facing fire from the ardent depths
Slashing! Blasting! In everlasting flames!
Burning is a pleasure, is the way to hell!

In hellish strikes they summon demons to curse
They gather force to burst the pathway through molten rock
Riding rough, the asphalt hordes

Music & Lyrics: Augusto Morales, Cobra
5. Beware My Wrath (4:16)
Beware My Wrath

Fists and spikes strike like lightning
Hitting hard with shocking speed
We are savage beasts riding the Hades
A blazing force that fires at will
Pounding the earth with the devil's hammer
Whipping sound has blown all hope
Metallic storm amplifies the landscape
The voice of death spits flames of steel

Out! In the night!
Beware my wrath
Watch out! I’ll have no mercy!
Out! In the night!
Beware my wrath
Watch out! I’m ready to attack!

This sonic mayhem just started
Your brain explodes, your ears bleed
Filthy and furious Heavy Metal
There’s nothing more we need to live

Music: Andrés Rhor
Lyrics: Harry el Sucio
6. When I Walk the Streets (4:47)
When I Walk the Streets

When I walk the streets, the sound
Sets the mood for the night's first round
It might be end up in troubles
But hell I'm gonna taste that filthy side of the night

When I walk the streets, the road
Can lead to danger or fun, reload
The booze speeds up the mind
And if the riot breaks out you're gonna fight to stay

Give me two paths to follow
I'll take the one that's dirty and mean
Strong through the road I’m walking by my own
I’ll make my way like thunder
I’m winding fire, I just burn to be free
Without rules but to live hard and play rock 'n' roll

When I walk the streets, the night
Surrounds the hell beneath the street light
A loud noise comes from the shadows
It’s the roar of the cave where hidden pleasures awaits

When I walk the streets again
Can feel the constant combustion unchained
A never stopping machine
There's still a road to walk for another day

Music: Nito Mejía
Lyrics: Augusto Morales
7. To Hell (4:32)
To Hell

Charged with courage I come to bring back the only truth I believe
There’s one path that I must keep on, the one forged by titans of steel
Going down! There’s no way out, I’m not coming back!

The gates are open, must follow my instincts
Red evil eyes are guiding my journey
Chimes of the dead in unison screaming
The only law in this life is rock and roll

Master of evil, ruler of fire
Take my soul in exchange
Give me your force, force of darkness
Hand with hand, we seal this pact
Now I’m one of your army
Satan is calling tonight…I’m going to hell!

Descend and marching through the streets of doom, reaching my final stand
So I invoke you demons of rock, embrace me with your eternal flame
Satanas! The music’s ready, let the ritual begin!

Music: Nito Mejía
Lyrics: Harry el Sucio
8. Inner Demon (6:13)
Inner Demon

Father of war
Take my pain and anger, give me the strength
I will unleash the demon
Burning within me

I will destroy
Through the battlefield with merciless rage
'Cause I am a blaze from hell
Struggling with endless thirst for revenge

A rain of blood covers my path
Not even god stands in my way
A fearless demon is what I create
To take them down, deeper than hell
For their cowardice, heads will roll by my hand

Creatures of fire
With iron claws and black wings show me the way
To reach the eternal source of
Will for the fight, the hate and the kill

I won't hesitate
To tear apart the bodies of those who betray
I am the strongest warrior
Walking the earth from dawn to dusk

Death could take my pain away
But I’ll fight, I’ll prevail

Music: Nito Mejía, Andrés Rhor
Lyrics: Augusto Morales
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