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Departe Full Album Lyrics

Clouds - Departe cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Doom Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-17)
1. How Can I Be There (12:29)
Silence moving away from your form
Silent night closing in in your soul
Everlasting memories to drown
Endless nightmares to follow you
When you cannot wake
Pure life, entiwined in all these tears
How can I understand?
Real life, without you by my side
How can I wake up?
And though i wished
To turn the hands of time
How can I understand?
And though I wished
To bring you here again
How can I wake up?
How can I be there
To kneel when i need you
How can I be there
Just to see me for long as to who I am
How can I be there
Just to see my anguish
How can I be there
Just to see me longing one more time
How can I be there
For long for everything
For the years that i've lost just to be with you
How can I be there
Just to see my anguish
How can I be there
Just to see me suffer one last time
Though I wished and though i tried
I will bring you back again
Though I wished and though I tried
I will be for you right here
And though i wished
To turn the hands of time
How can I understand?
And though I wished
To bring you here again
How can I wake up?
2. Migration (8:38)
[Part I: Then]
Silvered white stone
The gorge slopes reach tall
Into low clouds
For a glory known only to dead things
And thus perhaps without value
Yet the diggers and the wanderers
In their hopes of extracting that very sliver
Of flaccid meaning
Every so often migrate

Trudging near-aimlessly
Along the gloomy banks of contrivance
Eyes darting to one side and the other
Resting only in halted progress
All the while longing
To cast off their robes
And tear off their ropes
Reformed in the clear light of day
And the black fear of night
Channels for what is and what is not

[Part II: Glory]
The drain
The fog
The undressed walkers pass
The lifeless downward streams
Flow upon their feet
The time was then
And now they wander
3. In the Ocean of My Tears (10:54)
So much I've lost
In cheerless life
So much pain and suffering behind
It's time to step aside
I used to think that I can fall
But now I see how fragile was I
How slashed all inside
It's time to step aside
It's time to leave this place
Here I am empty and alone
I gave my heart I gave my all
And now the bridge between two worlds is broken
The starless night that covers me
Softly whispering my name
Carry me away
And wash my sins
In the ocean of my tears
4. In All This Dark (12:57)
I could see all your despair
I could try to bring you closer
Past these walls I only surrender
And I'll know I won't escape
I'll leave this world and I'll come to find you
When nothing's there to bring me back
How will I know what lies behind us
How could I see in all this dark?
No reason, no hope
And the air I breathe stains my lungs
The sleepless mind surrounded by
The air I breathe pains my lungs
The hours stop by
Your voiceless soul
Hurts my heart
The wait, the memories
But there's no one there
No hope for those who are lost
5. Driftwood (10:34)
Floating around in nothingness
In the darkness of night and the sea
Like driftwood sailing these waves
Tell me who I am and who I’ll be
Lost at the sea of memories
On my way to shores unknown
Unbeknownst to my (final) destiny
I am lost and on my own As I am here
What comes next the future will tell
I carry my past
I know I’ve been through hell
And I was there
Drowning in this ocean of misery
Take me away
Let this water cleanse me
Drifting away, to a brighter place
Drifting away, from wretchedness
Drifting away, chasing my dreams
Drifting away, from my regrets
Drifting away, away from this hell
Drifting away
Drifting away
Floating on this sea of my memories
Will I wash ashore free from pain
What is my final destiny
As I reach these shores unknown
Is it a new begin
Is it a new life
Or am I coming home
6. I Gave My Heart Away (10:21)
Winter fell white
And covered me with its frost
And the light takes
The robe of the shivering tears
Once the night came
And all thoughts were drowned in white
I was nowhere
Nowhere to be found
Binding your hopes
While the snow is still here
Bring me your thoughts
To keep them forevermore
Bring me your pain
To keep it inside of me
Let me take you far from this cold and grief
I will find a way
To come to you
I will find a way to keep you near
I gave my heart away
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