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Use Your Brain Full Album Lyrics

Clawfinger - Use Your Brain cover art

Use Your Brain

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresRap Metal, Nu Metal, Alternative Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-14)
1. Power (3:13)
You're politically correct no matter what you say
Convincing us all in every single kind of way
Cos you frame the words so that we really believe
That there's a depth in the message that you're trying to achieve
So you twist your tongue to make it all sound true
Making us believe that we haven't got a clue
You tell us all exactly what you think we want to hear
With theatrical tactics to boost your career
Every promise you make is just a promise you break
And you can never admit that you could make a mistake
Because you say one thing and you mean something else
You only care about yourself and your wealth so all I say is

Power to the one who doesn't want it
Do you want it why do you want it

With your military mind you were born a leader
And discipline and order is an everyday procedure
Sp bring out the man in every innocent boy
And teach them how to kill so they can search and destroy
To protect and to serve and to die with honour and pride
You say you're fighting for peace but that's the biggest lie
You're preparing for war and your martial law
But you don't know what it's for any more so all I say is

Power to the one who doesn't want it
Do you want it why do you want it

Power is a sickness power is to blame
Power is a weapon and it's driving me insane
Power is an enemy, power is pain
Power is a war but to you it's just a game
Power is glory, power is gold
Power is chaos and you're out of control
Power isn't freedom, power is a cage
Power is your sin and it feeds my rage

Power to the one who doesn't want it
Do you want it why do you want it
2. Pay the Bill (4:20)
I can't complain I've made myself a name
And all I really want is five minutes of fame
Some material wealth and a life in good health
Cos all I really care about is myself
I don't know a single thing about the situation
But why should I care about the next generation
I've got everything I need but I still want more
I can't understand why you complain cos you're poor
I don't feel sorry for you we've got the same possibilities
It's all about taking your own responsibility
I took mine so I deserve what I got
I've got my name on the wall of fame I'm going straight to the top
It cost me a lot of money but I took my degree
And that's the biggest difference between you and me
There's not a thing in the world that my money can't buy
I can't understand why you didn't even try

So why complain I feel no shame I've used my skill
And the next generation has to pay the bill
So why complain I feel no shame I've used my skill
And the next generation has to pay the bill

You can't blame me because you're underfed
You should be glad that you've got a roof over your head
If you worked for a living you could pay your rent
Instead of begging me for help when all you're money's spent
You won't ever fool me because I know your type
I see you standing on the corner like a parasite
You're a loser and you know it but you don't even care
I can't understand why you say life ain't fair

So why complain I feel no shame I've used my skill
And the next generation has to pay the bill
So why complain I feel no shame I've used my skill
And the next generation has to pay the bill
Pay the bill pay the bill the next generation has to pay the bill
The next generation has to pay pay the bill

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't complain
I've done everything I can but it's still the same
I've got nothing to lose so why should I give a fuck
My life's a piece of shit and that's where I'm stuck
I never got a fair chance to even prove myself
So tell me why should I be nice to anybody else
You say you can't understand why I say life is a bitch
I can't understand how you can be so rich
So what do you mean we've got the same possibilities
I haven't even got your educational abilities
I dropped out of school before I took me degree
Cos the welfare line made more sense to me
I try to work for a living so I can pay all my debts
And I've come to realize this is as good as it gets
I hate my fucking life more than you hate me
I just can't understand why this is how it should be

So I complain it's still the same
We're standing still
while the next generation has to pay the bill
So I complain it's still the same
We're standing still
while the next generation has to pay the bill
Pay the bill pay the bill
the next generation has to pay, pay the bill
3. Pin Me Down (4:09)
I try to hide and deny my inner thoughts and true reactions
By fooling myself with ill-concealed dissatisfaction
I can't take it any more I can't stand the situation
I don't want to be a victim of another confrontation
I'll pretend that I know I need you to sympathize
I'm so unsure of myself so please don't you criticize
You can bend me and shake me you can twist me till I break
And whatever you do I'll take the blame for your mistakes

Pin me down I put my hands over my mouth
When I need to shout you pin me down
I learn to hate myself instead of letting it out

You want to shape me up so that you can mould me in
You want to fold me out just so you can fit me in
You feed me full with your discriminating terrible lies
What do you want from me should I believe in all your alibies
I don't know where to go so which way should I turn
I try to understand but you don't want me to learn
You tie my feet to the ground
there's not a chance that I can walk
I want to scream but you gag my mouth so I can't talk

You want to stretch me out just so you can pin me down
You want to dry me out just so you can watch me drown
You want to watch me starve so you can force me to eat
And then you knock me down when I'm back on my feet
4. Wipe My Ass (3:12)
From the white man's mouth and the white man's tongue
There's been hundreds of years of diabolical dung
So much prejudice piss has been trickling down
And I can smell the shit coming from miles around

You're so full of shit you're out of your mind
What the fuck is wrong don't waste my time
Waste my time

I'm not white I'm punk the but colour of my face
Represents a fucking farce called the superior face
White power bullshit I'll wipe my pink fucking ass
With your swastika flag cos it belongs to the past
You want me to believe that dark skin is a sin
Well wake up it's 95 where the fuck have you been
What are you trying to achieve with your racist crap
That shit's coming out the crack from the bottom of your back

You are making me sick with your pathetic ricks
You try to tell me different colours don't mix
You tell us so many lies that you believe them yourself
You spent your whole life blaming everyone else
5. Die High (2:33)
Going down slow, how low can you get
Before you break yourself and wake up in a sweat
On the killing floor with the damage done
You can pity yourself but your race is run
You can climb the walls without reaching the top
And the higher you feel the further you drop
But you just want to get high
Going one step further, slipping down the line
You're living your life on borrowed time
How much abuse can you take from yourself
Is your addiction worth more than life itself
When you make the bet you have to pay the debt
And if you're lucky you can live
with your own reget or you can get high

Get high push your luck to the limit
You're gonna die high
Get high if you think you can win it
You're gonna die high
Don't lie cos you're stuck right in it
You're gonna die high
Get high why the fuck are you in it
You're gonna die high

There's a lot of good reasons but no excuse
You can never justify your drug abuse
You can legalize the hit but the problems remain
You still feel like shit the effect's the same
You're wasting your time with that fucking crap
The choice is yours and I can give you that
And you still want to get high

You can never rely on the drugs you buy
You can never deny all the tricks you try
You can do anything just to get your fix
You can try anything just to get your kicks
You don't hesitate to cheat or lie
And bad excuse is a good abili
You say you hate yourself and you want to die
But it's all the same you still want to get high
6. It (5:21)
I can hear it in your voice I can see it in your eyes
I can smell it in the air I can hear it in your sighs
The way you look at me and the way that you act
The way you make me feel I have to react
Is it beautiful enough to keep you begging for more
It's painful to see I can't take it any more
I know what it is I can see it in my dreams
I know what it's like I know what it means
I can make it go away I can make it disappear
I can make it right I can make it happen here
Feels like I have to do it it has to be done
It's time to get it over with it's useless to run
It could have been something nice you said to me
But I can hear it in your voice you just pity me
You make fun out of me and every word that I say
And I can hear you laugh when I walk away
So don't try to be nice and don't you try to pretend
You don't know who I am I'm not your friend
You don't think I know but I can read between the lines
Don't smile I'm not your clown I can see all the signs
Nobody knows it and nobody can see
I'm not talking to you but you're smiling at me
I know it's gonna happen but I don't know when
But it's happened before and it can happen again
I want to do things to you that you'll never forget
It's not an empty threat you deserve what you get
7. Do What I Say (4:25)
Don't to this don't do that
Don't you ever talk back
Don't speak with food in your mouth
Just keep quiet while the grown ups are talking
I'm not being mean I'm just being fair
It's just because I really care
You know that I love you
But shut your mouth you just have to do what I say
I don't want you to lie
You're much too old to cry
You're just to young to know
But when you're older you'll understand
You are mine I own you
Look at me I'm talking to you
Don't use that tone to me
So shut your mouth you just have to do what I say

When I grow up there will be a day
When everybody has to do what I say
When I grow up there will be a day
When everybody has to do it my way

I've paid to raise you good
Done everything I could so don't you dare to say
That I ever cared about you anyway
I gave you good food to eat
I kept you on your feet
I gave you all my good advice
Not once did I hear you
thank me for all that I've done
You don't know anything
About my suffering
I went through a lot of pain
Just to get you where you are today
If I ever hit you
It's because I have to
You have done something wrong
And you deserve the punishment, you'll have to pay

Don't ask me why not
Be glad with what you've got
Don't tell me you're alone
You should be glad that you have a home
Just look me in the eyes
You have to realize
I make the rules that's it
It's for your own good so you have to do what I say
8. Undone (4:11)
When I was young I was taught to throw sticks and stones
Because sticks and stones they could break your bones
The only way to get ahead that made any kind of sense
Was to enrich myself at other people's expense
I could walk over corpses to make myself a name
I would cheat and I could lie without showing no shame
People tried to stop me but they didn't understand
I wasn't looking for affection or a helping hand

Why doesn't anybody listen
Why doesn't anybody hear
Why doesn't anybody see me
Why doesn't you interfere
Don't ask me why

I never told the truth cos I believe all my lies
I believed that if I made my own alibis
I would find a good reason and a better excuse
So I could justify my hate and my self abuse
I would satisfy myself in any way I could
Because I knew that I would always be misunderstood
I did a lot of mean things that are hard to forgive
But all I ever wanted was a life to live

Looking back at my life there's a lot I regret
I made a lot of mistakes that I can never forget
But I didn't know better I was insecure
I guess I never took care of my problems before
I feel bad about the people that I pushed around
I feel bad about the people that I let down
I put the blame on myself I can't look the other way
Living with my guilt is the price I have to pay
9. What Are You Afraid of (3:46)
What a scam, you see I'm living in a land
Where the present situation is getting out of hand
Racist brutality's an everyday reality
It doesn't take more than a different nationality
Or being in the wrong place at the wrong time
To get abused or accused of committing a crime
If it's a sign of the time then it's time to change your mind
And leave your fucking ignorance way behind
So face the facts cos that shit is played out
You haven't got the slightest clue what you're talking about
Because the problem is you and your racist buddies
Prejudice right wing small time nobodies

What are you afraid of
What's your prejudice made of
What are you afraid of

The only one that's coming with a threat is you
So what the fuck are you afraid of
It's about true the real problem is you
Because you've made up your mind to hate them all
Except you say send them all back to where they're coming from
But it ain't that fun to be living on the run
You wouldn't want to age a gun blow the brains out your head
So try to understand the shit they're going through instead
Because a woman or a man with a different face colour
Is exactly the same as your own sister or brother

So first we let them in and then you want to throw them out
Well I'd really like to know what all this shit is about
Is it you are you afraid of what's new
Are you afraid of everyone that doesn't look like you
It's just a colour and I'm colour blind
The only colour I know is the colour of my mind
There's only one race and that's the human race
And every human being's got the right to feel safe
So stop this insanity and take a look around
Get a hold of yourself and get your feet on the ground
Stop playing around this shit has got to cease
In the name of understanding in the name of peace
10. Back to the Basics (2:26)
Back to the basics supernaturalistic
Baby put away your make up and your lipstick
High heels tight skirts the rest of all your plastic
I'm telling you it's making you look even more spastic
Hanging at the hot spots looking for attention
Showing off your brand new silicone extension
All the men'll be staring but they only want to slam it
They couldn't give a fuck about your inside damn it
Back to the basics living as you earn
So forget about your money let it burn baby burn
You can't have it all how hard to ever try
No matter what you get there's always more you can buy
So walk it like you talk it forget about your street smart
The friends in your surrounding love you for your real heart
Spending all your money, boy don't waste it
Right about now we're going back to the basics

I know where I want to go
but in case you didn't know
I'm going back to the basics

Don't be ashamed about the way you might look
Because you don't read a person like you read a comic book
There's a whole lot more than meets the eye
And if you hear something else then it's a goddamn lie
The way you're going out is really getting to me
Cos people only see what they want to see
If life ain't more than money and a facelift
Right about now we're going back to the basics

I know where I want to go
but in case you didn't know
we're going back to the basics
11. Easy Way Out (2:39)
Introspection self perfection
Are you scared of your reflection
Suicide is no solution
Try to make your contribution
Don't believe in resurrection
You won't find the lost connection
Life is only what you make it
So decide if you can take it

There is no easy way out

Do you like the situation
Can you take the penetration
When you've made your reputation
Take care of your own frustration
Life is hard don't make it worse
Don't tell me your life's a curse
You can't regret the choice you've made
If you decide what chords are played

There is no easy way out

Can you feel your own frustration
Can you grip the situation
Do you feel determination
Do you feel the suffocation
Do you feel the sterilization
Do you feel the strangulation
Don't say that you don't want to live your life anyway
Don't say that you can't take another day
Don't say nobody cares about you anyway
Do you know what your friends would say
12. Tomorrow (4:08)
How many times will it take before we pull the breaks
Will we learn from all the past mistakes
That it's all about give or take
How many times will it take before we start to make
Can we make hope out of hate
Can we set the records straight
Now I want to get the message through to you
How can I make you understand
You've got to give a helping hand
What do we need, is it to achieve and believe
Is it that we've got to be true
Is it just a point of view

Some day there will be a tomorrow
Another day another vice another roll of the dice
Some way there will be a tomorrow tomorrow

Too many times there has been too many different signs
That too many people's minds
In the past have been blind
How much of our time can we spend wasting our time
Even all the biggest crimes
Are coming from inside our minds
It's up to you, will you do what can be done
Will you let the rat race be run
Do you think it can be won
So what's the cause, why do we need so many laws
We don't need another war
We can't win them any more

How many times will it take before we start to make
Can we make hope out of hate
Can we set the records straight
What can we do
What can we say
Is there a way
To get the message through to you
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