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Gods of Death Full Album Lyrics

Cianide - Gods of Death cover art

Gods of Death

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  -
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Submitted by level ― (2013-04-07)
1. Desecration Storm (3:27)
Belching fires blazing forth
The howl of evil minds
Foul churning seas of red
Unbridled furies humble

Desecration storm
Incinerate cinders of life
Plague of revelation
To ash all things remain

Sons of one thousand wars
Revel in infernal waste
Pathetic bounded dormant soul
No hope for human life

Desecration storm
Incinerate cinders of life
Plague of revelation
To ash all things remain
2. Forsaken Doom (3:58)
End this pain mental torture inhumane
Dreaming awake endless nightmare
Eternal grey

Ancient shadows
From devil fires rise
Reclaim their world

Demon whispers

Nameless beyond fear
Dark horrors of the earth
This undying curse
Is my forsaken doom

Madness takes hold
No escape
As I await my demise
3. Rising of the Beast (3:12)
Worthless slaves
Heedless praise
On their knees
Watch them bleed

All your gods are dead
The rising of the beast

In the grip of death
Extinction event
Cease to exist

Beware for your
Frayed existence
Welcome to
The Extermination
4. Dead and Rotting (7:35)
The countless rotting dead
Decaying in this hell
Forever damned ageless dread
In this barren earth I dwell

Coffin nails forbade within
Tombstone vision this graveyard grim
Last rites unspoken unconsecrated ground
Befallen one no rest dead soul

No more life nothingness
Death is rising shadow realm
Eternal consciousness
This final day darkness engulfs

Born with nothing with nothing depart
Let the funeral procession end
Now awaiting my final rest
Let the funeral procession end

Seal the crypt praise of sin
Grace from pain in my demise
Blind grotesque broken flesh
Mortal remains of dried blood and dust
5. Idolator (3:40)
This idol of my creation
To this god that I worship

Captive souls
Bow your head to the law
Preacher come forth
Obey your master


Self imposed self imprisoned
Devotion to an empty lie

Captive soul
Bow your head to the law
Preacher come forth
Obey your master


Praise your god
From this ground
Graven glory
Your false saviour will be crowned
6. Terrorstrikes (3:50)
False prophet's rage
These eyes are flame
Distortion of truth
Which none shall escape
Morbid deception
The beast draws near
In their waking sleep
Never to see or hear


Hordes of living filth
Doom closes in
Damned to endless darkness
End times arise
Torment appetite
Will be relieved
The enemy within
Vultures wait to feast


Blood lust feeds
The war machines
Constant warfare
Instil the fear

Hatred towards all
The power of war
Death will be
Their final judgment
7. The One True Death (8:49)
Dark forces elite the summoning of shadows
Serpent races of old gather among the altar
Blind inhuman instinct vessels of ancient knowledge
Condemned desolation nocturnal execution

Ritual sacrifice suffer the children of hell
To feed upon the fear flesh blood and bone

This supreme offering
Ripped from the womb thus defiled
Drink from the infant heart blood
Witness the one true death

Dead lost unborn
Consume energy and pain
To absorb the essence
Of the innocent

Dead lost unborn
Nameless face of sin
Shameless ones depraved
Rages from the insane
8. Contained and Controlled (4:59)
Unchained disease the lifeless damned
Power curse of ignorance
Obey the lawful impositions
Automatons not to reason

Only the dead shall learn
Sinking deep in this shit
Side by side
Line them up to die

Decline systematic
Enslaved life of fools
Fear lies deception
Contained and controlled

Followers your path is set
Suffer from your own resolve
End solution for your death
No one gets out alive

Blind empty stares
Like Chicago slaughterhouse pigs
Side by side
Line them up to die
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