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Dead Rising Full Album Lyrics

Church of Void - Dead Rising cover art

Dead Rising

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, Stoner Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-16)
1. Tristess (2:53)
Hear my words oh Tristess
Queen of the dark
There's no relief only distress
As the dogs of doom start to bark

Your grip is so cold but you my queen
Let the whole world burn
When I look into your eyes
I see the abyss of no return

I've torn all the pictures down
Of children under your arm
Their blood drips all over your gown
Although you promised to do no harm

Your grip is so cold but you my queen...

These aren't tears that I cry
My mistress I do not weep
Mercy's bane hides in your eyes
Oh Tristess you don't let me sleep

My soul burns but it's your rage
Oh no, it's not fire
Torment beyond the end of my age
Long after the funeral pyre
2. Son of a Witch (4:53)
His father was the devil
His mother was a witch
He was known by the name Hex

Thru the desert he rides
With two companions by his side
Smoke of Gunfire and Death

He walks thru the centuries
As the time flies
You can kill him yet he never dies

Solo A.D.

His father was the devil
His mother was a witch
He was known by the name Hex

Thru the desert he rides
With two companions by his side
Smoke of Gunfire and Death

He walks thru the centuries
As the time flies
You can kill him yet he never dies
3. Winter Is Coming (4:53)
Too long they've been living under the golden sun
Too long without the fear of the shadows
No one remembers the ancient ones
The ones who brought the wyrms from the Void

(Winter is coming)
Up in the north lies a great wall
Keeping the wrath of cold away
Facing the ghosts behind the gates
From the blood of the ancients

Descents of winter roaming free
They carry blades forged in the blood of their enemies
You must surrender of be buried deep
All hail the sons of north

(Winter is coming)
Up in the north...

Forever winter, the days of black and grey
Sorrow and sickness, we are the beasts of prey

Solo G.F.
4. Dead Rising (Subida del muerto) (8:20)
Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray to keep my sanity
If they come before I wake
Oh please let these horrors end

Darker than a polar night
Crushing weight on my chest
A dim light from demonic mind
A laughter that will never end

Abandoned - dead rise
Abandoned - dead smile
Abandoned - dead rise
Abandoned - dead cry

Solo G.F.

Is this reality?
Could it ever be unmade?
Is this illusion or insanity?
A nightmare that will never fade

No one will be there with me
Paralyzed in my cold bed
Forlorn I am meant to be
With a vain hope for eternal rest

Abandoned - dead rise...

Wake me up from an eternal night
Shake me out of this paralyzed mind
Wake up, wake up, wake up...
Awake, awake, awake...
5. The Owls Are Listening (4:45)
You can't say what it is
You can't explain what it is
But somehow you know
That beneath the trees
Lives a great evil
Too old to bear a name

There is a total silence
Even the leaves won't move
Everyone gets nervous and fears
The silence of the woods

Once there was a time
Of hope and joy
Days filled with children's laughter
Now those days are gone
Never to be seen again

There is total silence...

Not distant anymore
It overwhelms us
The days of grief are here
How come you feel so strange?
Look closer, no one is there

The owls are listening
From our hearts to our souls
6. The Magician (3:06)
When I first saw your hunger
You made me disappear
Into a Void of darkness
Beyond reality

Solo A.D.

The kingdom of your true self
Subscribes an agony
Pale words command a fortress
Masters of sorcery

An empty Throne inside you
Invites and opens to
A secret door to lands of
Madness and mystery

Take this drink
Take this crown
Raise the chalice
Taste the fire
Join the dance
Endless denial
I'm the Magician
Satan admires
7. Entity of Kalypso (6:11)
Seven years of misery coming
Am I still breathing?
If this is the end and I feel it is
Then why my heart keeps beating?

Here I stand on the shores of sadness
Staring into the Void
Mist surrounds me and like my future
There's nothing for me to hold on

What if I drown into sorrow?
The last thing my lungs will breathe
Deep waters all around
Birth here is spelled death

Is it my fault if I don't care?
Should I still carry on?
Can't find the meaning I used to live for
Can't find nothing at all

Trying to recall the one I loved
Her scent, her touch, her bloom
Fading grey memories of hope
All gone by the morning doom

Isolated, lonely and forgotten island
My prison forever to be
Kalypso's destiny sentenced me
Seven years turned to eternity
8. Little Child Lost (8:44)
For so long I've been waiting to be found

So many years I roamed
I was looking for a home
Where I could be at ease and still
Years it took to see
Until maturity
My dreams could never be fulfilled

I was lost in the woods
As I lost my childhood
You don't know the things I saw there

She said come to me please
I will set you at ease
But it was all a nightmare

For so long...

As I wander thru the years
Constantly facing my fears
I can never in my life have rest
But as time lingers on
Like a million miles of marathon
Death suits me the best

I was never quite the same
That feeling still remains
That feeling goes on and on

Solo M.C.
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