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Evoked or Not - Evil Will Come Full Album Lyrics

Church Bizarre - Evoked or Not - Evil Will Come cover art

Evoked or Not - Evil Will Come

GenresDeath Metal, Black Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-20)
1. Judging Eyes (Intro) (1:26)
Eyes of judgement
The demonic triumph
Hell becomes sentence
Eyes of lies
Eyes of the deceiver
Eyes of fire.....
2. Evoked or Not - Evil Will Come (3:07)
Prayers unheard - darkness consuming
The rotten core must submit - to reversed salvation

Evoked ot not - evil will come
Filth washed away - by demonic flames

Grey visions of death - bright visions of fire
Judgement day is here - the hammer strikes endlessly
Even blind eyes shall see - oh the deaf will hear
Doom of man soon unleashed
The hangman points this way

Evoken or not - evil will come
Wounds deeper than time - forced open by horns

This is it - the end of it all
Napalm is raining - all men will fall
Salvation damnation - the difference the same
Baptised in sulphur - embraced by his flames
Ashes to ashes - bones burned to dust
Death bell is ringing - the reaper we trust
Nothing can stop this - almighty the will
That dig our graves - our blood is now spilled
All life is broken - nothing remains
Downwards it goes - enslavement in chains

So it is written - so it is done
The great beast has risen - life now dethroned

Evoked or not - evil will come
Dark winds swept the landscapes
Endless void swept in silence
3. Chapel of Suffering (2:52)
Walking forbidden paths
Journey of sickness
Blood on these hands
Marked by the devil
Storm of burning flesh
Choir of the damned
Souls torn apart
In this never ending nightmare


Chapel of suffering
Lair of endless death
Chapel of suffering
Fucking chapel of suffering

Rapid inhuman visions
Of a grotesque paradise
Come meet thy maker
Prince of lies now arise
Plague shall infest
In the most innocent of minds
Mankind embalmed in darkness
Nothing but fear to find


Poison flows these veins
Pulled from this life
Inscribe me in the black book
Stabbed by the flaming knifes

Walked forbidden paths
My journey of sickness
blood on these hands
Branded by the devil
Walls of melted flesh
Choir of the damned
My soul torn apart
Wake me from this nightmare
4. Son of the Mourning (Dissection cover) (3:25)
Evil son...... / Spread your wings of deepest black / Spit on "god"...... / May his lies be forgotten / The son of the mourning / A gift to our earth / Christ stands tall no more / So bestow your force upon us / Gaze into the wall of those restless souls / Eternally, lost in fear of your godforsaken son / You have tasted suffering / That dove of life has died / Parallyzed and terrorized / by the fear you feel inside / Caught within the floods of blood / Evil, departed sea / Immortal but now it´s like to forever bleed! / We saw the truth / and it´s the draining of the blood / of your false redeemer / The mourning son has now control / So what if it´s evil
5. Return of the Gemini (2:44)
Dreams of a rose - falling down long flight of steps
Echo from the past - 15 years in the void
Corruption of youth and innocence
Fear the return of the gemini

Died in the electric chair - spirit endours
I am no one - yet many - a divinity to shape our end
A stumble block, a horror to - all men seeking faith!

Return of the gemini, come enter night
Decapitated heads replaced with a statue of christ
Confession in blood of a prist - marked by my sign
I am the author of pain, the devils eyes

Death be not proud
Though some call thee mighty and dreadful
Thou art not so - though best men with
Thee go to rest their bones
Die not poor dead, nor can thou kill me!!

Have you come to save your servant?
Can't you hear damnations bell?
I am the gemini - many hearts i've taken to hell
Rewarded for faithful service - commited to his will
In eternity i live on - through the blood i spill

Now i am a traveller - one who moves
Channelling my spirit - to whoever i choose
My work shall continue - in the masters name
Look through the eyes of faith
And thou shalt behold my art
6. Burning Sentence (Outro) (1:26)
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