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Pressure Full Album Lyrics

Chroming Rose - Pressure cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 14 Sathanas (2011-06-02)
1. Under Pressure (4:00)
Out in the desert
Cold and heat
Vultures over you
Almost feel like a defeat
But you gotta be strong
Situations in daily life
To face the sh*t around you
You need a lot of drive
If you wanna change it
Then shout it out
Under pressure, no more power
Decisions must be made
To survive
Under pressure, resignation
Find the will
To turn around and fight
Sometimes you can't fall asleep
It gets to be too much
Gotta draw that line
And shout it out
Shout it out
2. Never Ending Nights (3:57)
Hangover in the morning
What a pain in the ass
But when think about
Last night
I know I went first class
That's all I really crave
Forget about tomorrow
Livin' night today
Walkin' home
Through morning streets
Just 'bout seven
By the time I find my door
It's almost eleven
All the people passing by
Work for a livin'
Look at me but they don't see
What they are missing
In the never ending nights
That's when I really
Come to life
It's my time
And my new home
Never ending nights
Give me no more
Never give a slack at night
Our motors are running
We're just a chosen few
To party all night long
Don't worry 'bout money
Your friends will always pay
We're gonna rule the world
Rule the night away
Who cares?
About the little things
I don't give a sh*t
Living for the night ahead
Don't think I'll never quit
When the graveyard shift
Comes around to an ending
I crash until the sun goes down
And start from the beginning
3. Metamorphic Dreamer (4:16)
I'm not here
And world's waking up
I can see
Beyond the golden doors
No sense of time
No walls to touch
Now what I feel
Turnin' wheels
She is there
She is in my wildest dreams
Metamorphic dreamer
In my dreams
Like a mirror of my life
What I see
Each time I go there
In your world
I can follow anywhere
I please
There's no limits to livin'
Living in my dreams
4. Skyline Of The World (3:30)
Now picture the world
The mountains, the oceans
And the rivers
Reflect and round
Untouched by no man now
Times have changed
Now everything looks old today
Cold black rain
Is turning that picture to grey
Now look at New York
The buildings and canyons
Made of steel
Ain't man really great
As big as nature - it seems
Times have changed
And nothing is gonna be left
Cold black rain
Is falling we gonna get wet
In the skyline of the world
The mountains
The deserts are going -
Going - gone
It was our only one
Now look what we've done
A billion years
Are almost lost and gone
Now back to the life
Where oceans and skies
Never ended
Where air is for free
And water is clear once again
Times have changed
Now everything looks old today
Cold black rain
5. They Will Always Find A Reason (5:19)
Not one day passes
Those children
Aren't dying in the streets
They are all victims
Of all the hate in the world
In this nasty world
Yeah, in this nasty world
They're dying of hunger
Killed by war
Natural disasters
That and more
Killed by diseases
Lost by the world
Those to blame just don't care
They never understand things
They hold in hand
And they just don't mind
'Cause they all are
Spending their money
For weapons
They fight pushing their way
They show their might
Historical quasrrels
On those god is best
Change, people to animals -
They never understands things
They hold in hand
And they just don't mind
'Cause they all deaf
And very blind
But they will always find a reason
They seem to make
The same mistakes
Making by promises
They never bring
Robbing the poor to live like kings
Political systems
A spit in the face
A total destruction
Of the human race
They never understand things
They hold in hand
And they just don't mind
'Cause they all deaf
And very blind
But they will always find a reason
How will the children learn?
If we show'em the wrong way
Hope for the future
Is lying in our hands
But we must see that all the evil
Will never disappear
From this world
If we don't fight it
We'll all be losers
When will man learn?
But they will always find a reason
6. The Snake (3:09)
In the black of the night
You find snake and his boys
Sneakin' around
Now don't get in this way
'Cause everyone knows
He'll bring a good man down
When the city lights
Turn into the night
He makes his own law
He's the worst bad boy
They ever saw
Killing heard for time
Takin' a life for nickel or dime
You can hear'em now
A message clear and loud
The snake is out
And somewhere in his heart
He'd like to turn around
And make a brand new start
He'll always be the same
He doesn't know how to change
And now they call him insane
7. They Want More (3:33)
Walking down an L.A. street
Watching asses movin' sweet
Of girls that look
For just one thing
Which long haired boy
Is who now?
Which band get their jeans
Scratch the action for satisfaction
They want more ice cold feelings
They want more
They go screaming
Screaming for more
She wants a ride on my guitar
Got cotton brains and money
And a key for every star
Hit-up by a blue-eyed girl
Don't need her, don't need her
Messin' up my world
8. You Can't Lie Anymore (5:16)
Re-run your life
You finally see
The wrong you have done
The things that you feel
Can't turn it back once again
You can't escape
It's your judgement day
There's no deathbed wish
It's much too late
The countdown is on
Your sins were too great
And panic moves in your brain
You made the choice
Now hell has your name
The time when you
Can't lie anymore
The time when you
Can't cry anymore
No time to change it
Just time to regret
The devil is waiting
Right next to you
You killed, you stole
Year for year
Lying and cheating
You never cared
Didn't think 'bout
The consequence
You hour has come
For the wrong you did
Right now
9. Price Of My Life (4:00)
Hey mister
In your black-red cape
I remember you from
My sinnin' days
I know you're coming
Straight from hell
What it's my soul?
You wanna sell
You took me for a ride
In a wrong direction - I know
And now the devil sent you
From his financial section
Okay so
Tell me the price of my life
But give me 10% reduction
'Cause I wanna be free tonight
Let's make a deal
Let me sign the line
Now I see
You don't want no cash
Let's talk about an even match
What's your game?
I'll get you decide
Dice of poker
I have plenty of time
You took me for a ride
In a wrong direction - I know
Now it's my turn
To send you back in your section
Okay so
Tell me the price of my life
10. Temple Of Shelter (4:20)
Now they sailed across the sea
'Cause those bastards
Wanted me
And my new world full
Of gold
They were cold
Lies - they only brought lies
Somehow I just knew ahead
That my people would be dead
In the name of god, they'd die
But the name of lies
We only heard lies
I had a plan
Temple of shelter
Save what you can
And we took a lot of falls
Put in the chains like animals
But we spread the new like five
We're gonna fight
Yes we will fight
Hide the gold we gonna hide
Now I was always
A man with a plan
No one knows just where it is
Better lost that with Cortez
'Cause I hide it deep and well
Those who find it
Will burn in hell
Lies - they'll die for their lies
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