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Betray Your Own Kind Full Album Lyrics

Chine - Betray Your Own Kind cover art

Betray Your Own Kind

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-09-25)
1. Eight Pieces (3:46)
Don't hate me. I'm still the innocent, the lost and the one without a cause. Just let me wear your fruit as a mask to cover all the things I wish I were ashamed of. Monstrosity. The notorious icon they all stand in line to behold.

The bleeding suitcase contains an anti hero.
An ogre of lust ready to be released.

Teach them to share this catch I received.
So much beauty in decay, beyond the point of dust. Organic puzzle.
Eradicating notes of lament. The surreal silent paradox.

I'm alive. Persistent inside.
I'm alive by direction of my mind divine.
Eight pieces to survive.

The Mob sings. Calling my name. Calling me names. To them I am mucus.
So that shall be the truth.
I am not the only abomination.
When I die I'll be replaced by more. By many more.
I am the anti hero. An ogre of lust and I have been set free.
2. The Godfucked (4:45)
Subgods of the 21 century. Your slumber is no more.
To rule is to fight. I am bound to make the godfucked bleed.
Punish the obstacles. I serve this new era
licking the blood from their fingers.

To make inferiors restful I'm on my way. I'll betray my own kind.
People of the punctured wax, lend me your minds I'll keep you from melting.

Reach for me you'll make it. Turn away you'll burn it.
Reach for me, you'll make it. Progress that rapes a victimized nation.
The tentacleizated provides the slaughter.

All is mine. Hail! Give in to the lust, so what am I? Pain!
Sell me your trust thats keeping you chained. This one time I rise.
All is mine. Hail! The Godfucked denied.

I am your mind! Erosion Of the leeches
The Godfucked denied

Put a gun to my head and reclaim your bitches.
You've got nothing on me. I'm one of a kind you see.
Send in the cadaver clowns. Their visions went berserk.
Shallow wars to save the depths, controlled by entities.
3. The Sea Owl (4:02)
Down in the depth the cries of people live. Taken by a machine with no mercy left to give. I'm on my way down to this future concrete tomb to see what could have been saved. I can not be more prepared. Every second can change my life and all of my dreams. I hear in my head; Don't leave her down there. She's afraid of the dark please, please. Case closed. What we say that is your law. Deal with this. The damage is done. We'll seal this off.

Maybe I'll meet all her new friends as an uninvited guest.
Did I hear you right? This looks really bad. How do I find you? Couldn't say. This looks really bad.

Down in the depth the cries of people live. The lost city is mourning underneath. I'm trespassing in necropolis. A desecrater thrown to the wolves.

Minutes turn to several years, as I wait for the signs.
Dropping into darkness. I lift my head, its time.
Shattered, baleful beauty there you are.
I kneel to the majestic catastrophe
that sings to me with a mouth nailed shut.

Oh Giant silent ghost, you reek of rust. Still proud you lie.
Down in the depth the cries of people live. I'm fucked up, tied to me.
I'm on my way down. I shall never rise again.
4. Please That Bitch (4:27)
The decline of men. The way to our doom. We're rotting inside with awareness blown to pieces. The time to quit has come. I give up, I fucking surrender. With a body of mud and veins of shit I stand ready to be overrun and cracked by the insects of obstinacy.

Nag Nag Nag can't take it no more. The only way to get rid of this shit; please that bitch. A life in hell will make us blunt. With closed eyes you'll dive in.

Enticement. I Succeeded, still I lost. Imprisoned with unlocked doors that lead to the spiny ground. Ignominious entrapment. Unable to detect and receive the defect.

And reiteration is ascending. A numb and cavernous silhouette.
Going into entrance.

What once was accurate changed into fake.
Severe indifference gave birth to this spawn.
5. My Delusive Skin (4:01)
This night I'll dream about the beyond. At first one step aside and then the plunge. Learn things about myself then burn right through the earth.
Inverted to be deserted. I put my trust in my delusive skin.

I submitted my mistakes at the end of the line. Reached into my head. Something was awoken. Itchy finger. Honesty is?

Oceans of violence beaming out where nobody else ever gives a fuck.
How many Armies will break me now? I cum to die. To make me high.
Can always trust the shell to change.

Last night I dreamed about the beyond.
Discovered hidden potentials in the greatest lies.
The skin surprises me. Performed the quickest change and
endured the multiple suicides. My delusive skin. It reacts.

Thousands of delights become my flesh. Left behind all ancient prints.
New thought to new lives to make sure conquering is possible.
How many armies was left for dead?
It has been determined.
Transformation complete.
6. Discarded Dreams (3:47)
My eyes are still shut since I found out. Another attempt being dragged over the edge only to be drowned. Motionless. Expressionless.

Some sort of storm made me lose my head. Glowing while screaming,
the rebirth Begins.

It's time to raise the weapons while I work inside the shell. Digging in stone.
I hate myself for being worthless trying to create lives made of lies.

Why can I never catch these floating shapes when I try?
It's because I'm not worthy the entrance.

Discarded dreams I've molested. Tainted I'm washed away.
All this time fading to nothing. Sleeping visions save the day.
Discarded dreams I've molested. No purpose. Steal.

Closing. Silence.

Doubting that I can ever make it out.
I am below the ground watching my arms stretching, touching the surface.
7. Anti Soil Anti Sun (4:12)
Be still and nurse the illusion of good, broken since we lost all hope. How many eyes did witness the crawling fiend before it cut them out? I wandered in the swamp until I made it my home. Now I call myself enlightened. My foresight's coming true.

Leaning back in my restful throne with toxin in my glass acting accordingly while watching the fools organize their own demise. I'm anti soil and sun. When it all falls apart, what's waiting? How will it end?
Couldn´t care less. I'm anti soil and sun.

No last chances will be handed out. Apparition black. Set sail to the inevitable and allow yourself to be embraced by the inorganic force. No demands, no expectations.

With childish pleasure imagine death when every last fragment is erased by the unstoppable nothingness. The pulse of the coming storm is beating its way through bones and mind. When it all falls apart what's waiting? How will it end? Couldn't care less. I'm anti soil and sun.

Smite all you can. It won't save a thing. Release your loved ones and the bastards. Bite all you can. It won't save a thing.
Here's to the final end. The blackout.

Insight ending as it has done before. Complaints from the sick begging to be redeemed. Ignorance is bliss, I've done my part.
I gave it up. I'm giving in.
8. Greed Among Dogs (4:39)
The prey. The fight. Teeth sinking into soft flesh. Deceiving souls arriving.
With lidless eyes they collide. Learn by watching them eat to narrow the sight. Aim all thorns and make haste to be able to join.

I've seen this one too many times and I'm fighting the numbness.
In smoke and piss there is suspicion of the distrustful.

We are accused only by ourselves. With every breath an urge comes out.

A vile sight that stings in my eyes. Endure the stench of all regrets.
My transmutation became my leech. Endure the stench of all the
greed among dogs.

Out of our way good citizen, you'll never recover again. We'll crush the bones of every saint and every sinner. We sold our mother for the new rush.
True devotion counts.

In dreams our alterations started to breed and in an artistic way the new I was born. The new arrivals gathered and announced the septic revolting feasts as a brotherhood without bonds.

The incubation inside. When two become one. Feeding of each other as parasites. I need to keep this intact, or I'll be eaten by the plague.
Dissolved without a trace.
9. Incindiare (3:40)
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