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The Impossibility of Reason Full Album Lyrics

Chimaira - The Impossibility of Reason cover art

The Impossibility of Reason

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresGroove Metal, Metalcore
Album rating :  88 / 100
Votes :  8
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Submitted by level 12 dImmUholic (2011-06-23)
1. Cleansation (4:07)
What do you expect from me
Will I ever be what you want me to be
Will I ever live up to your standards
Will you always look down on me
Maybe I'm not who you are
Maybe I want to be myself
Live the life I've always dreamed about
This is not your path to choose

Yes I taste it
Yes I breathe it
Yes I hate it
Yes I feel strain from
Our separation
This is my life, this is my life
My Cleansation
Our separation
This is my life, this is my life
It'd not yours anymore

Why did you insits on ruling
Why did you try and control
Why didn't you ever listen to me
Ignored me like a dog
Maybe I'm glad we're apart
Maybe I'm glad we don't speak anymore
I feel better now
Now that you're gone
2. The Impossibility of Reason (3:42)
You preach to me as if it matters
Never worrying about yourself
Or the wrong you've done
Think you know the way
Want me to follow you
Selfish lies you're set out to prove
So what if you had your faith
You should realize
Realize that you're already dead

You fall [4x]
You fall face down at the sight of yourself
No one to pick you up
Look what our lives have become

I steal from you as if it matters
No remorse to me
Or the shame to come
Thought I knew the way
Never followed you
No more time to lose, does it bother you
So what if I had my faith
You should realize
Realize that I'm already dead

I fall [4x]
I fall face down at the sight of myself
No one to pick me up
Look what our lives have become (become, become, become)

And that's why hell
Is the impossibility of reason
3. Pictures in the Gold Room (4:26)
Dark room open
No light for years
No way to find out
How long has it been

Screams heard from a distance
The shredding sounds of pain
Looking for reasons
Slowly becoming insane

For eyes staring
Such evil eyes
Picturing them
No longer alive

Years ago
There was lose of control
Constant horrific nightmares
Life turned into a deadly maze
The haunting sounds play on
No more bruised feelings

Can it shine through this
Will it ever shine
The pictures in the gold room

No Light
Can be this bright
Death is only a way
Desire and temptation
I lost you

False hope and rejection
Revenge and repercussion

Rejection, revenge, false hope
Repercussion fade to extinction

No way to explain
The blame has to be given
A wrongful accusation
Only stirs the rage
A fire that cannot be put out
Can only enjoy the insanity
To become the nightmares
Will end the dreams

Cold winter chills
No escape
Will this ever end
This is the final maze
4. Power Trip (2:48)
Face to face
No time to waste
This is the time for revenge
Your claim to fame
Of crushing dreams
Your control has no hold on me

I hate the way
You have no shame
You act like nothing's happened
It's time to rise
The final fight
This is the last time

I will not fail again
I will not let you win
Fuck your power trip

I'll throw away
The wasted days
The chance for revenge
My claim for fame
Ended in vain
This was the last time

You are the one who's forsaken us all
Nothing has changed so together
We fall
I am the one who's led us to believe
You can't change me
5. Down Again (4:20)
How many times can it change
How long will I be restrained
It's appalling to think that
All my time seems to be wasted
Will it stop or is it inly beginning

Here on the inside
My life is not over
I'm down again

Fake smiles surround me all day
No more can I tolerate
These excuses or all this
Constant pressure overloading
Make it stop the fire's always burning
6. Pure Hatred (4:18)
I have told you things need to change
You never listened or came to my aid
The vicious cycle has not changed
My time's spent rearranged

Motherfuck it all
I can't stand this
Remember when I said
Everyone makes me sick
Well nothing has changed

I hate (I hate) everyone [x2]

This vicious cycle still remains
Constant clusterfuck, bloodstains
Ignorance, you kill for God
Expression not allowed

You fucked it up
With your motherfucking games
Remember when I said
I was so ashamed
Well nothing has changed
I hate (I hate) everyone [x2]
I hate [x2]

You have to
Pick and choose your fights
You have to
Come out of this alive

I have told you things need to change
You never listened or came to my aid
The vicious cycle still not changed
My judgment fades away

You'll never change me
Remember we are through
I am staying here
To betray all of you
And nothing will change

I hate (I hate) everyone [x4]
And I hate, and I hate EVERYONE!!
7. The Dehumanizing Process (4:10)

Clear the way the new king has arrived
To take your place while I've got you on your knees
I always had this vision of who I'd become
A powerful giant who could rule with ease
And who would

Bring the truth
I will bring the truth
Your time is up-there's no chance left for you

Bring the truth
I will bring the truth
Your time is up as I end it for you

Was it me or were you just afraid
When you promised me nothing but a throne
When time comes you will hide the fact
That you will only be one way
A fake liar

You can try to hide
It will all come back to you
You shatter dreams before they're fully dreamt
You're a pig and should die
I would feel no remorse
I honestly absolutely fucking hate you
Hate you

You can't change this
The only thing you have to remember is

Bury my dreams... I will bury you
8. Crawl (3:30)
As I lay this all to rest
Shadows appear reminding me
Of all things left unsaid by me

Maybe one day you'll believe
That I will crawl
I will crawl on broken knees

It's beyond what you really need
Forcing it all out of you
Will I make your life complete
Come Clean

Am I the sorrow
That you won't reap
Am I the secret
That you can't keep
Well I won't stop
Until I'm complete
And I won't stop
Until you believe
I won't stop until you need me
9. Stigmurder (4:38)
Ever want to commit murder
Feel the rush as you kill
Looking into dead eyes
Collecting their last thoughts
Sometimes I feel no remorse
Sometimes I want a taste
Why am I so different
Than those who can just do it

I want to change what I've become
But I can't kill the urge
But I can't kill the urge
You are now mine forever
Walk with me one last time
You'll walk with me one last time

I feel you embracing
You wish it would end
I feel life for the first
Time I ever have

You cannot fuck with me
Like you have in the past
This time I will stop you
Dead in your fucking tracks
Your eyes close away
As I feel salvation
Now you pray
Light, the final vision
Your eyes are blank

I want to commit murder
Feel the rush as I kill
Looking into your eyes
Collecting your last thoughts
I never feel remorse
Now I want is taste
I know I'm not different
Then those who can just do it

I want to change what I've become
But I can't kill the urge
I can't kill the urge
You are now mine forever
10. Eyes of a Criminal (5:16)
The rage has overcome
No more will I shun
These thoughts I've had
This lie I've lived
I let them put the blame on me
Engulfed in hate
You can't conceal these thoughts
You can't disguise this rage

You have
Your boundaries
Now I've got

I've got your back against the wall
Forever trapped
Staring though the eyes of a criminal

A broken home
Left alone
An excuse you used
Don't bullshit me
Save all the breath that you can breathe
Engulfed in flames
You can't conceal my thoughts
And you can't disguise my hate

Staring though my eyes
11. Overlooked (4:10)
Closing comments made you wonder
What was the start of it all
Hunting to find the answers
Unavailing attempts to be me

Did we distract you
Did we prevent you
Did we bore you
Did we stop you

And I'm
Betrayed by you
Won't be overlooked by you

Hoped you were thinking of redemption
Found out you erased the memories
Erased the thought of me
How can I believe this untrue

I know I'm not insane

Come take a look in my eyes
12. Implements of Destruction (13:30)
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