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Scraps of a Being Full Album Lyrics

Chemical Disaster - Scraps of a Being cover art

Scraps of a Being

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-04-05)
1. Cup Formed from a Skull (1:44)
Start not – nor deem my spirit fled:
In me behold the only skull,
From which, unlike a living head,
Whatever flows is never dull.

I liv’d, I lov’d, I quaff’d, like thee:
I died: let earth my bones resign;
Fill up – thou canst not injure me;
The worm hath fouler lips than thine.

Better to hold the sparkling grape,
Than nurse the earth-worm’s slimy brood;
And circle in the goblet’s shape
The drink of Gods, than reptile’s food.

Where once my wit, perchance, hath shone,
In aid of others’ let me shine;
And when, alas! Our brains are gone,
What nobler substitute than wine?

Quaff while thou canst: another race,
When thou ant thine, like me, are sped,
May rescue thee from Earth’s embrace,
And rhyme and level with the dead.

Why not? Since through life’s little day
Our heads such sad effects produce;
Redeem’d from worms and wasting clay,
This chance is theirs, to be of use.
2. In Hell I Will Burn for My Acts (2:37)
Enter the darkness domains
and hear to the dismal breathing
of those who´s tried to leave here.
Join me, dear sinner!

Refrain: Like decayed viscera, your body
is already good-for-nothing.
The dying smell kindling your
nostrils delights me more & more.

Eternize your life by taking my hand,
or suffer in this hell built for
who are irrational just
like larvae that corrode corpses.

(repeat refrain)

That´s neighter a dream nor musing
it´s the truth behind a wall
of catholic hypocrisy, blinding;
feel the cursed time lost in vain!

Box a hypothetic enemy to
fly into your inner rage
along your dull life led
that drowned you in carnal misery!
3. Meeting... (1:38)
Feel the inner frozen touch of your soul,
something dismal but too purifying,
sleeping, relaxing enough to leave,
to try to get rid of the stretched body.

Believe your Dark Angel´s power´s higher;
believe your repulsive life is worth.

Feeling like repressed without doing
what´s subconsciously begged is wrong.
There´s only a morbid void slowly
caught on this odd vast dimension.

Believe your regrets won´t be in vain,
but believe even alone you won´t be lonely.

Carnal trouble gets unimportant
as an intermediate phase gets pierced;
nor dead neighter alive, or none?
Evil will decide on your future.
4. Spiritual Death (2:17)
Open my eyes and see the dark.
Try to remember what happened,
but my mind is empty,
just void, too senseless.

What comes after death?
The unknown´s an enigma.
Many have gone not returning...
Must have found the answer.

Wake up and scream!
Your life hangs by a thread.
A ticket to hell
you´re about to get it.

Lights blind my eyes,
tearing me in pieces with bright.
Winged beings held my hand,
while Satan was attracting me.


Doubt about going or staying...
No strenght to resist,
end up taken thru the air.
Repentant I look at below...
5. Eternal Sacrifice (2:29)
Black clouds cover the sky at nightfall
thick mist falls blindin´ us to facts
livin´ with solitude teaches a lot
Man is Earth´s worst enemy.

Progress brings infecting devastating diseases
aversion to decomposed carcass disgusts me,
feeling constant presence, like the breath
expeled by the envoy´s repulsive mouth.

(repeat 1st and 2nd stanzas)


Fall from the unreal abyss crossing the void,
perpetuated by understanding infamous slowness.
I resort to this infernal suffering where
disembodied souls afflict my lucidity scraps.


(repeat 1st and 3nd stanzas)
6. Sexual Maniac (1:14)
He's a sexual maniac.
He can't think of anything else.
For him life here...
is summed up to screams!

Sexual... maniac. (2x)

With sluts, he feels as with witches
from his time, when they lived in lust.
For girls who live here...
all is summed up to fear!

Sexual maniac. (2x)

Incubus is free - can you hear it?
Incubus - here - maybe inside of me!
Escaping from the void - to menace you.
Escaping from hell - to fuck you!
7. Evil's Reborn from the Dark (1:36)
Darkness is a morbid salvation;
black bitches bark into the night.
Shady breeze casts - in my eyes
corpses that mock before the stars.

A tragedy?... No!... Madness!
Getting a life whisper in this grave.
When the night comes, I awake,
searching for my meal, my nectar.

"Under sunbeams dies the sneakin´ dog..."

The sun rises, so I retreat;
I lulled on my bed´s breeze.
In the grave I rest, I´m the Prince of the Dark.
Just afraid of the light, which emerges.

Such as Satan inciting the World,
kiss the virgin who succumbs,
sipping blood, sucking life.
In my alcove forget I the coming day.

"Under sunbeams dies the sneakin´ dog..."

I´m the Prince of the Dark.
8. They Killed for Christ (4:36)
Has the fire sanctified any soul?
Purification?!? They killed in the name of God!
Apostasy, sorcery and magic
led o confinement and torture.

Dying by fire were usual.
Lombards yielded heretics
to the Justice of God!
Has the "Officium Sanctum" exhorted?

Accused heretics to the blind...
Even neighbors, parents and
mothers... they tortured them!
Plucked their viscera for
Torquemada´s fame & glory.
Took hold of the convicts´ lands
and assets, raised the
Vatican, with blood and fire.

They killed in the name of Christ!
9. Amazed by the Words of a God (1:23)
What´s Religion for?

Knowing of death and
meeting with suffering
push anybody
to such a narcotic.

Their splendor witnesses
Man´s material need.
Middling fables are
enough to benumb their hearts.

Temples... Churches, Mosques.

Trusting a feigned world;
is it our coming salvation?
Demons, Gods, Saints,
fiction and reality blind their
eyes away, hope for the best.
Religion´s a handbook
for begging Heaven...
or Hell!
10. Shiva (2:53)
The Destruction God will come
with his skulls´ collar
so he´ll tell to the beings:
"Death´s the inspiration genius.
Live, for your very
Unimportant individuality
won´t save you."
Listen to the wisdom words!

Returning to Nature´s womb;
the long boundless night.
Lack of existence - nothing;
Where´s that nothingness whose abyss you fear?

Death needs badly to overcome
for we belong to her,
just because we were born.
Certain destiny.

And free of care, only
with a prey before eating it.
11. The Ruin Agony (2:03)
On the clock minutes never end;
blows a morbid strong wind.
A moment of extreme tension
like any painful crying.

End perfume gets unveiled;
light like souls hovering over us.
Insomnia fills up my mind
with forebodings, madness; Grave´s Keepers.

Oh, apocalyptical smell, tell me "Good night"!
Come, redeemer morning, bring me the Day!
Wanna forget my horrific ruin.
Wind, is there any pain compared to mine?

I say to the passing Night,
with the wind caressing me:
"Cursed Dawn, where´s the end?"
Close? Far? It delays to come?

It delays to come?

Like a grunted voice she answers me:
"Death comes, but does not say from where"
12. Scraps of a Being (2:17)
What´s always been, shall keep on strong
´cos what´s bad suffers and vanishes
leaving unlike images to appear among
rubble and scraps of useless... material life.

Regrets reach my ears like whispers
too irritating running thru my head
stunning me enough to forget to live;
suffering´s a way of... brand-new pleasure.

Nothing to fear when it´s about grief
´cos I always feel this sorrow chill
remember disillusions by other people,
who will get what they richly deserve.

Day by day his presence grows stronger and annoys
the weak-minded who deny... his very existence.

Fear, what´s felt since they don´t dare to see
explicit reality to his regressive understanding.

Words making the lazy succumb for blaspheming
for someone not knowing surely if...
what exists is an effect of hazard or evolution
that gathers the mob treading on Earth!
13. The Sinner (1:20)
Luxury never stops being 'cause
it's always been my life.
Now I grab a body, all offered to me.
Ever knew they'd pay heed to me.

Our pleasure time will last forever
'cause I'm gonna be around evermore,
since I come every night
to disregard thy souls' presence.

You'll serve me all the time,
even after your frozen
and sculptural bodies
are completely rotten!

Damned women who never loved me!
Feel the eternal suffering now
as you're raped night after night
unable to refuse or scream!
14. Daybreak Clouds / Iron Fist (Motörhead cover) (7:36)
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