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Chelsea Grin - Desolation of Eden cover art

Desolation of Eden

TypeStudio Full-length
LabelsRazor & Tie, Artery Recordings
Album rating :  82.5 / 100
Votes :  6
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Desolation of Eden Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2011-12-27)
1. Judgement (1:13)
This is your last judgement
Time to pay the final price
2. Desolation of Eden (3:52)
How can you believe the lies bestowed upon you by a false creed when the truth is right in front of you?
They consume and hide the real truth to a superstitious fear and stitch the mouth of all who interfere
You look into the world with blind eyes, always fearful of your demise
But you people don't seem to realize is that your fearing a fucking myth
A tale that you comply with or be condemned to torment
Your loving idol would conflict woe and pain?
I won't be deceived by serpent lies or cry out to the sky
This goes out to all of those who've ever feared to really live because of all the sin and blasphemy
Pursue what you really want and don't let anything stop you no matter what get what you want.
Nothing bad will ever come from getting what you desire
Forget the ruler no one will ever find out
Living your life this way will only bring great satisfaction so take it all and give nothing
Or are these the words of a snake?
Now it's gone and you will feel the pain of life
You were blinded by your greedy mind and now it's time
This is now your new reality hope you enjoy the choices of your mortality
You will then feel what its' like to bleed
You will feel the pain everday
Every ounce of blood you spill is real
No more tree of life and it's all your fault
Desolation of Eden begins.
3. False Sense of Sanity (2:45)
Looking in the mirror you begin to contemplate your sanity last nights horrors were far to much for you to fucking take
You cry out in terror, corpses all around but you can't remember a thing
Who caused this crime?
Just then you look down and see the blood stained on your hands and clothes
Panicking you begin to run this can't be it must be a dream
But you're not just going to let this happen so you turn your back you won't accept this
So you put the bodies in the walls and under the floor boards no one will ever know what went on this horrible night
Sitting in the corner you don't know what's real are all these things just in your head?
No way to tell you try to forget it and get it out of your head you try to convince yourself nothing was true
It's just a dream nothing is real you awake and sit there in fear Never to speak of this again because it's all just in your head.
4. Sonnet of the Wretched (4:15)
This is the sonnet of the wretched
Can you hear their screams?
Your prayers won't be heard
They will rise
When daylight dies they come and bring an abrupt end to your sinful life
There's nothing you can do to stop them now, it's too late
Just run and hide and hope they will never find you until it's over and they're gone
You think this is hell? You don't know the half of it.
And this is just the beginning of the end for you
There's nothing sacred here. Everything you once lived has been defiled
There's only pain, and sorrow
They bring the end
And there's nothing that can save you from the cruel fate
But it's your fault, it is you that brought them
They felt the presence of your blackened heart
And smelt the stench of your abject existence
They've come to cleanse your soul of its affliction
You can't repent because it's far too late
Just wait until they have you in their grasp
Now you will feel what it's like to be in hell
And your only company will be the horde
This is now the end your soul is cleansed your mouth is stitched your eyes are blind
And your blackened heart ceases to beat anymore.
Now they have gone. Disappeared without a trace.
This is the sonnet of the wretched
Did you hear their screams?
Your prayers will not be heard
They have cleansed all sin and evil
Lay to rest
5. Cheyne Stokes (2:50)
This will be your bleak dissolution I will rid the world of your filth
And I will scourge you with no remorse and I'll abolish all the pain you caused by your pillage of the innocent
And your fate will not be very quick grisly horrors will fall burn
I'll make your insides on the fucking outside
I'll rip through your skin and watch you rot so where's your pleasure now?
It's not so pleasing when you are the one at the end of this misery
Oh but it is for me to sit and watch you bleed so say your final prayer but I will promise you
God can't show you where to hide.
6. The Human Condition (4:02)
Why are we here?
A question that no one will ever answer so think for your fucking self
Don't believe something just because someone told you to and don't be scared into living someone else's way
Don't just say the things you're suppose to say speak for yourself and never give that right away
I'm so sick of hearing people say how I should live my life and if I don't follow their rules I will suffer the consequence
I will live the way I want to and there's nothing you can say or do that will change me or the way I think
So save it for someone else
Never be afraid to open up your mind and look at the world through someone else's eyes
This is something you should never forget
If so then it's not really your life anymore
Don't just say the things you're suppose to say speak for yourself and never give that right away
Don't just say the things you're suppose to say speak for yourself and never give that right away
Speak for yourself
7. Elysium (2:28)
8. Recreant (4:26)
Unfaithful backstabbing coward
I'm fucking sick of all the lies and all the treachery
I was always by your side and this is how you repay me
And after all these years you turned your back on me
I can't believe I ever considered you family
I will never forget this knife you placed in my back
Say it to my face no more fucking games this is where you pay
Step the fuck back and just bleed you're a worthless gutless pig
Now you'll see that I'm not just something you can fucking cast aside
My whole life I stood right by your side you fucking hypocrite
You make it seem like it was my fault
You lied
Don't forget I know exactly what you did
I'm fucking sick of all the lies and all the treachery
I was always by your side and this is how you repay
And after all these years you fucking turned your back on me?
I can't believe I ever considered you family
I will never forget this knife you placed I my back
Say it to my face no more fucking games this is where you play
You are dead to me.
9. Cast from Perfection (2:43)
Who are you to decide what the meaning of perfection is and what makes you so high and mighty?
You're just like a weed slowly getting bigger but killing a beautiful rose
At the same time by taking all it's light and smothering it
I hope that feeling of being better then anyone else was worth it to you because
She's gone and can't ever come back
It's too late nothing can bring her back
It's worthless people like you that destroy something truly beautiful
You've caused innocence to die
Someone who didn't fit in with your bullshit ideals and finally came
To the point where she took her own fucking life
I hope you think about it every second of every day and you see her face when
You try to fall asleep at night
I hope it fucking haunts you
Perfection is what each individual makes it
Be in charge of your own life not everyone else's
Just yours
10. Revenant (4:12)
I'm inside your head
I am the reason you cannot sleep I am the voices in the back of your head
I know the secrets that you've never said I'm always with you and I'll never leave
You see the world as your own, and you don't give a damn about anything other than yourself
You won't stop until you have your greedy hands on all that ever brought anyone happiness
This is how you accepted my presence, and now you will never get rid of me
Scream as loud as you can it doesn't make a difference, you will never be without me l
I am inside your head I won't leave until your dead
I am inside your head
I'm the reason that you bled
I'm the reason that you bled
It's too late to turn back now, the world is not your own, another minute put to rest
I have your soul you will perish
11. Wasteland (2:28)
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