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Another Life Full Album Lyrics

Chaos Frame - Another Life cover art

Another Life

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-09-19)
1. The Distance (5:33)
I've seen the way it ends
Viewed from the safety of my home
Another day
And it all begins again
I've heard the breaking news
Another crisis bearing down
But I don't mind
When tomorrow comes too soon

One more day
And when the night falls did you live it your own way
Debris falling down around me
As I sing a song

(Somewhere in the) dark
Folds of time
Patience by my side
Eyeing the faraway Now

Back and forth
You've been here once or twice before
Another normal day
Or another life, you can't be sure
I've watched you die
I saw you rising from the fall
And now you're back
But you're no different after all

All the time you've wasted living in a lie
Everyone is running
From the things that make them real

(Waiting in the) dark
Folds of time
Patience by my side
Eyeing the faraway Now

(Safer in the) dark
Losing time
The Distance burns the stranger's mind
Waiting for Now
2. Dogma (6:25)
Day one of glee since the new gods came
And they're building up the walls
Where the offer is made
There's no way but ours
And it's come time to pray

Bathed in the glow of the cold machine
We're the heirs to all we touch
Independent preapproved thoughts
Made manifest, rid of the brain
The years course through these veins

No more promises from god
And who can say what lies beyond
Hands in the darkened corners find their way
Not for heavenly highs
Not for earthly escapes
Searching for parallel truths, passing through
All the while we knew:

Man or god, it's all the same
Faith with different names
In a quest to fill the blanks
We forget ourselves

Over your heads, the ever-promised doom
Stray and you're gone forever
So bow your heads to the one who writes the rules

No more promises from god
And who can say what lies beyond
Am I insane or just finding my way
Not for pleasures divine
Not for treasures mundane
Searching for parallel truths, coming to
Vision clear and true
3. No Answer (5:39)
Going back to where the first choices were made
(Just one more time)
Here I’m free to nurture this weak peace of mind

If I stay
Then who will ever know
And if I go
Then all I've done will fade away
So if you think reason reigns in this land
Saves us from sin
You don't know where I've been

There's no way
(The mission is lost)
Falling further
There's no will
(And no more to say)
Close the door
There's no escape

Looked behind, saw everything that used to be
All scorched remains
Now at the end, don’t know why I can’t walk away

The first day
Had faded long ago
And the last night
Was marked by promises of pain
So if I thought logic left us behind
Heads in the sand
Maybe you'd understand

Since the time we left our worlds for a new way
Did something change?
In my mind, the words that you spoke never came

Answer me
Answer me
4. The Good Fight (4:09)
°Standing at the center of the world we knew
I'm waiting for the words to come and light the way
You never made a sound
And now the chance to mend has gone
The silence that assured us won't return

▫I know
Nothing happens without an end
They'll never take your soul again
Safe in the light of the day

Come with me
And we'll right all the wrongs you see
The promised paradise born
Look to me
And remember what we're fighting for

°Ever since the storm things haven't been the same
They never told us how to hold the world alone
Every time I tried it crumbled further
So all that we can do is save ourselves

Can't go back yet, I'm needed here
If all's well you'll know when I'm near
The future was written in your eyes

Come with me
And we'll right all the wrongs you see
The promised paradise born
Look to me
And remember what we're fighting for

°The last time we brought the night
Now this time we'll get it right
5. Sunken Boat Equilibrium (3:58)
6. Predamned (6:01)
No one's here
There's something in the air like fear
In this gilded cage, it's hate
That makes the world turn
More fuel for another golden age

(So) take a bow
And show me how
To envy the dead
In your stead
I know just where this road leads
I'm damned before the deed

Stare at what you've all become, won't be long
For this broken dream
Quick change from human into beast
Dead hearts in a crumbling machine

You know
You've seen
No need
Conscience clean
Still truth
Has fled the scene

Where you are
Where your fears are
In the cage
Waste away
Where you lie
Where the end lies
In the cage that you made

Now alone
Set in stone
And who is to blame
All the same
If you hear my undead plea
I'm damned before the deed
7. Becoming the Past (6:54)
Don't say time heals
I saw its true face
Rusted angels
They never come here anymore
They lose their shine
Consumed by time

All the battles
They were forgotten
Weathered smiles and
Cold handshakes burnt away
Too late we learn
There's no return


So I stand before the gate
Where hope lingers near
Ghosts in flight, strangers passing by
Cause you'll soon disappear
And so will I

Some memory remains
Don't let me go with them today
This is me, never see
Their faces clouded by time
Their names all were lost to the years
But I'm standing right here, right here

Only I still record the story
Stay behind and bury the dead
Just a little bit more time would save us all
Just a little bit more time before the curtain falls

One by one the spirits washed away
Leaving nothing but the task that must be done
Still can't explain
Only the stories remain
Spread under dying sun

Ages past, another day
Clockhand sweep this dust away
8. Another Life (19:20)
A palace in the dust
A garden hewn in stone
A sanctuary in the deep
For me to call my own


(Lost - an army from below
On the hill where land meets sky
See its next target:
The tower in the sand will fall)

You've forgotten where you're from
(I do what I must to go on)
I reject what you've become
(There's no room for your whimsy in my world)

It's a war of wills in my memory
Standing on hallowed ground
Red all around, chaos bleeds
Don't let it fall
This place is the key to it all

(Dry your eyes
You'll learn to be content in time
Forget this "art"
It's just entertainment at heart)

Now my shadow's growing tall
Keeping me in line
You don't know my mind
(I'll crush you if you come near me or mine)

Day turned into night
Night sky filled with fire
The ground is giving way to void
Like a dream

It's a fight to retain my clarity
Feel the old power slipping away
Now it's plain: the age-old mountain will fall


The sun's the same
But somehow the arid landscape subtley has changed
I fool myself when I still can
But it still calls me from
A thousand feet under sand

There's something left behind
I saw the signs, where are they taking me
An image burning still inside
A sanctuary
A garden hewn in stone

(Look around
Demons breaking down the world you knew)
Nothing left to say
No one left to hear

Night fell:
The sky shed tears
The same day in instant replay for too many years
Your facade - it's not enough
That pleasant grey won't keep me from fighting
It came back all at once

This world is filled with figments
Of the fragments of our shattered selves
The truth is on the other side
I remember all
The journey's just begun...


(So it's come to this at last
Every day, the same old song and
Dancing in the fire, you'll burn
You made your choice, there's no return
Till the hands of time have run their course...
Once you said there must be more
Liar, I'm the only Way
Back then you made a vow
Your words were empty then as now)
"This isn't what I wanted
This won't become my life...

...Cause we've got a charge to speak our voice
A duty that passes you by -
(Tried but yesterday's gone) -
My body's burning but my ideas will live on
So make a choice, it's simple:
You create or die"

You loved not thinking of the past
Doing what's before you
Never dwelling on the task
When the day is laid to rest...
I fed you, led you
Took care of all your wants
Your faith will lead you nowhere
And your art will be forgot)

If my work should follow to my grave
I'll laugh because I am complete -
(Though your grave may go untended) -
Every ripple is felt in time
And every step we take from here will be
A flower that's placed at its feet

It's a voice that speaks an eternity
Promised myself I'd reach your walls again
And not let you fall

(If that's the way it's got to be
Take your ideals and go to hell
There's more like me who know what's real
And this world won't run itself
It's death out there without a guide
The blinding sun will burn your eyes
Don't say I didn't warn you;
You'll die in the desert alone
Get out of my sight!)

A frantic dig through barren earth
Uncovering my future past
Visions of another life in my head
Was it real?
Dirt runs through bloody hands
Till the final revelation:
A single brick staring at me from the sand

...And I don't know what lies ahead
Let another chapter begin
I've found the meaning of my life
And I will never look back again

A palace in the dust
A garden hewn in stone
A fortress standing tall over the winding wastes
A truth that lies below
It's growing deeper still
And now I know that
It always will be here
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