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Aegaeon Full Album Lyrics

Centimani - Aegaeon cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 5 Hermit (2012-06-27)
1. Titanomachy (2:48)
2. Serpents Coil (4:52)
As boulders collide into the tall city walls
We gather at the gates crumbling in awe
Eternal fire in the hearts of us all
The ever burning plights in the cavernous hall

Sliding into mud and shadow coils of
Blackness surrounded like eyes
World in cryptic malice below
Out of the sky and into our minds

Broken shields splinter across the fields
Castles of corpses, our battles build
So the sun burns into our eyes and lands
Sinking pits of fear burns inside each man

I reside I rain, a serpent form I shall remain
Serpent crawling onto our lands
We are more then broken and slain
3. Self Aggrandizement (3:23)
Neglecting my ruling ends in blood basking in the glory of the wars I ignite.
Worrier's eyes burning with our fearless pride
The lands I forge from sheer brutality
My war, new age, my country forged
You will all flea, I plan my siege
On you
My hunger of blood, my worries loyalty my rain my name will keep on bleeding
Through time
4. Thyestean Banquet (4:58)
Out of the blackness two evil eyes
Serving up the main course
Betrayal of brothers, shrouded revenge
Lets settle the score

Retribution on a plate, satisfy my hunger of hate
Burning slow and young, lets turn it up

Caterers of cauterized flesh
Cannibalistic retribution
Overcoming the horror
I will serve you now

Turn my chariot into a hearse
Now all you'll know will now be cursed
5. Flames of Gehenna (3:38)
6. Fields of Karelia (3:52)
Come into my fields and horde the torment feel
Eternal madness, tortured soul
I'll show you your eyes until they start to bleed
My dark and twisted realms

Living with insanity, hoping you'll be moving on
Every demon lookin for you, hoping for the light

Lost in psychotic lands
Draped in the blood of the vanquished
All who resides shall not return

My fields of torment, psychotic lands
Waiting is your fallacy, never will you see the light
Wave out to your land and say goodbye
7. Non Servium (6:20)
Judgment upon you for all the steps you've taken
You will know my agony, after what all I've done

My look of disgust, now you will hang to dry
Allegiance was broken, you severed my wings
Now I shall burn

Now held in high esteem, you favor the sheep
You know the horrors of…
As they will know about it all, horrors of the deep

My earthly realm, inheriting corpses inflicting pain
My will my fate, out to just rot

Helpless to the inevitable, in witch you'll fail
Violently force feeding you your own ecstasy of betrayal

My earthly realm, I plan my smite
Inheriting corpses torturing all
Now all shall burn

You have become my enemy, all alone w no company
Longing for judgment, till you will be slain
A demon I shall remain
8. Sacramentum (9:15)
The fury of the sun unleashed into our breasts
The iron fasces displayed on high
As solid our century stands
My heart swells with pride
As I stand with brothers
Under the standards we shall die

An endless sea of spears
Begging for flesh and bone
To the north we march
Into the lair of the beast

Aeolus shepherds wind
Relentlessly snaps out at our heels
Night falls and bone chills

We live on, my sacrifice lives in all
I my oath shall reside in all

Our swords meet flesh
We fight the last man
We give our lives
To honor our ancient blood

Scarlet, my blood spews forth
The light dims from my eyes
My heart beats for my homeland
As I now slowly fade away
The great river awaits now

The northern wolf draws us into its jaws
Screams pierce the still night air
Chaos breaks the line and spirit
brittle hands pulls us to Pluto's domain

My oath fulfilled!
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